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Sypher Game Studios

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Created a new topic A New Dawn For SGS

hello everybody, big news!

We have began to get bored of the old theme our webpage has taken on (lime green and black). We believe it is time for change. Starting sometime soon (as we are all on vacation, happy summer!) the theme takes on a bit more minimalistic yet colorful and retro design and we believe this theme is the best so far. the profile picture on our profile will be changed and then the rest will come later!

Very good! However for the 441 MB I feel i wasn't offered much for what i got. Glad to see you will continue it!

Actually, He used this the LAST Game Jam.

holy moly thats Awesome! Thanks for trying it out!

If you don't win then there is a fluke...




I totally get it!

(I don't get it.)

is there a game?

Really reminds me of Older Games like NES Games, I like it!

Graphics aren't nice, but its a very nice game.

Same, I could not understand what i was doing or what the goal was. I still liked the graphics, the monster was nice.

Awesome game! If you couldn't tell by my game, I love Narratives and really REALLY hope you win something!

Awesome! My score was 3585, I wasn't very good.

best i've seen in a while. Better make it cost money, it would be worth it

Created a new topic Just removed my game

yeah let me explain why all i entered was an unacceptable pile of garbage...

So I had worked almost all day and night Saturday on something that at the start was really good, and was very high quality and everything. What ended up happening is my projects save file ended up getting deleted (I thought it was a different file) and all that work was gone. In the last few hours i piled together basic images and other things i am not proud of.

I was not proud of what i did, and i know you all were not either. My apologies to all!

You do get the game 1 week early, but future projects will definitely have better enscentives

Final Score: 730

Never in my life have i shot missiles at bacteria

Good, But i wanna say that we can just use the Weirder Stuff Logo. It contains #IWantToCreate.

So this is the 2 Day Jam, The Companion Month Long Contest they are talking about is on the website, not here.

Created a new topic Month Long Contest IS NOT here

So Clickteam didn't really mention it but,

The Month Long contest is on Clickteams Website at: http://clickjam.clickteam.com/

What you see here is the Two Day contest.

Created a new topic Will be recording my Progress
(Edited 1 time)

The whole Jam I will be starting a video series on youtube of me doing the jam. I will also be giving a reaction while viewing the Fusion 3 Demo. The purpose of this is to just hang out and chat with everybody while i am coding, which i will be trying to do all night as well.

Youtube (WHere is will be streamed): Sypher Games Studios

Any questions about the stream? Just ask!

EDIT- Not Livestreaming, got stuff to do, but i will record the Month Long Jam.

Replied to Clickteam in yay!

will do!

Created a new topic yay!

This one looks awesome! can't wait!

Will all the previous winners still get that copy of CTF 2.5 Standard like you said?

Game url


I'd like feedback on

- Gameplay

- Level Design

I need help on

- Finding Bugs and Glitches

- Finding Grammatical Errors During Game