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Hi there!

Please list any bugs or issues you encountered in this thread.


yes, like all games, this one has bugs. Some i could fix, some I could not. Here is the main one:

If you cannot press the attack button, simply flee or use magic. I could not find a fix to this and i apologize.

any more? put em' here.

hey there. I joined really late ( a few days ago) so here' s to hoping i can actually finish my project lmao

gosh darn i love that color palette! I just wish there was more to the game. still awesome!

hey, so those blocks don't use the bombs, they use the dash. you can hold down shift once you get the dash boots in the station.


also Z is for the bombs once you get them. thanks for playing!

so the manual i made doesn't tell you everything.

this is why i don't make manuals.

so here are the changes and additions:

z- bombs

HOLD shift to activate the dash boots in level 3+

TERATINE community · Created a new topic Questions

Post all your burning questions here, por favor.

TERATINE community · Created a new topic Bugs

Please report any bugs you found here.

Sadly, 7 days wasn't enough to squash every evil bug. In fact, some i know exist but simply couldn't fix on time. So, if you do find one, report it here and I might just fix it!

TERATINE community · Created a new topic Criticism

Please post all criticism here.

I would prefer if it was constructive, but this is the internet. So whether you are here to give me important lessons that will help me in my development future, or just to say "game suck,you suck" thank you for your criticism.

i believe what they mean by gameboy theme is 8 bit graphics and dont make it something a gameboy wouldn't have ran. i.e Dont go off adding a green filter to your fps and call it a gameboy game. but i dont think you have to be as specific as having a tile limit, etc.


Pokémon Alpha Sapphire introduces needed updates and a gorgeous new view of Hoenn, but a clearer view reveals its dated holdovers.  While i found the story to be one of the most cinematic experiences of all time, Your friend dying in the second act was just too much of a roller coaster of emotions for me. Also the wild amounts of sexual content in this game make it NSFW definitely.

  • Gorgeous details
  • Post-game content
  • Some smart updates
  • Too much water
  • Too many HMs

pretty fun game, nice effects

really nice my only real critique would be the zombies feel a little buggy but i think thats CTF 2.5s capabilities not yours :)

lots of fun and i like the graphics good job

Great graphics but the UFOs keep kumping beyond how far the bullets are allowed to shoot. Also while i am going to give it a high rating for the theme, Aliens and UFOs dont count as parnormal trust me i wanted to use them too :(

i don't want to rate this yet but, im not quite sure what to do, i just walk around aimlessly for a long time.

Hey! cool to see somebody else used the CRT effect on their project, and i guess for all it is it fits the them very well, but the randomized areas have screwed me over multiple times with certain jumps not being possible before he catches up to you. other than that, really great!

the animations are great, the game play is simplistic but multiple occasions the shots didn't detect which is a game breaking bug. also i'm not one for toilet jokes but overall great game!

while it isn't very paranormal, and that background repeating feels kinda funky, i really like it! the aesthetic is amazing. good job!

and just to be sure, i don't have to have a made with fusion logo  on my games if i own the developers edition ( i have the weirder stuff logo on this one but i mean in general)

its on the main page. its that huge poster art i guess, at least thats what i used.

Very good! However for the 441 MB I feel i wasn't offered much for what i got. Glad to see you will continue it!

holy moly thats Awesome! Thanks for trying it out!

and if you pre-order it, you can get the game an entire week early!

NOPE! 120 Levels will be made! a story too!

If you don't win then there is a fluke...




I totally get it!

(I don't get it.)

is there a game?

Really reminds me of Older Games like NES Games, I like it!

Graphics aren't nice, but its a very nice game.

Same, I could not understand what i was doing or what the goal was. I still liked the graphics, the monster was nice.

Awesome game! If you couldn't tell by my game, I love Narratives and really REALLY hope you win something!

Awesome! My score was 3585, I wasn't very good.

best i've seen in a while. Better make it cost money, it would be worth it

yeah let me explain why all i entered was an unacceptable pile of garbage...

So I had worked almost all day and night Saturday on something that at the start was really good, and was very high quality and everything. What ended up happening is my projects save file ended up getting deleted (I thought it was a different file) and all that work was gone. In the last few hours i piled together basic images and other things i am not proud of.

I was not proud of what i did, and i know you all were not either. My apologies to all!