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Thanks everyone for the feedback!

Breadatarian, REALLY appreciate your specific feedback. You are right, the enemy graphics were definitely a result of the deadline and our limited pixel art abilities. We're very likely going to do a revamp of the game to build on what we have, and I would expect that we'd redo the enemies

The backtracking will be re-looked at too, it was hard building the levels under the deadline in a way that promoted exploration but also kept you on a path. Dead ends are where we had originally built the levels to either pick up weapons or learn skills, but again with the deadline we decided to go weaponless (which helped to focus more on skillful platforming, or at least that was the goal) and to provide all skills from the beginning (wall jump, wall slide, ground slide).

Thanks again everybody for playing our game, very excited to get something out there!

Hello all, we've just released the public beta for Rocket Core, a retro-platformer inspired by classics like Jumpman and Bubble Bobble, and modern games like Super Meat Boy and Spelunky. Jetpack your way through 15 levels in this beta, shooting enemies and dodging hazards. Lots of fun ludicrously gibbed, exaggerated deaths to be had. Screens and video below, check it out at

Greenlight page here if you feel inclined to help us get Greenlit!

I totally get where you're coming from, it would certainly be cool to see what people come up with creating everything literally from scratch. But, that's not how it is and it sounds like you're putting a constraint on yourself that's unnecessary since it's not one of the rules.

I doubt any of these games were created weeks or months in advance aside from the one that was submitted to the last jam that CT hosted, but a general ground rule I've seen is that you can use pre existing art and code for your project, the caveat is that you don't know the theme prior. If your pre work doesn't match the theme, then you need to redo it, so it's to your advantage to wait.

I think that's saying you can't use ripped graphics, music, etc. If it's your own, it's public domain, or you legally have license to use it, it's fair game.

the game I'm working is 480*264. It can be whatever you want as far as I know. The last jam, the resolution was even lower. I just scaled the graphic to fit, I think that normal and acceptable.

thanks dudes!

oh gotcha, I didn't know that was an option

Nevermind! Didn't look hard enough and found it on the #iwanttocreate jam page.

I thought I had it from the last jam on my computer but I can't seem to find it, and can't find the full size image to work with anywhere...anybody have a link?


Sounds good! Thanks!

Weirder Stuff community · Created a new topic Jam length

Hi, I'm confused on the length of the jam. It mentions October 1-2, but then says there is a month long companion jam? Are these two separate ones with separate judging/scoring/prizes/etc? Can you participate in one but not the other or do you potentially miss out on something? Thanks!

Thanks guys. I see the confusion too with the big 0 on the entries page and then cumulatives on each game page.

One quick question - are the original votes going to be cleared? The entries all still say "Rated by X number of people". Thanks!

thank you :) really excited how it turned out in the short timeframe. Gonna work on a "revamped" version with larger levels and improved graphics and re-release later this year!

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Hi all, we've made our first release via a game jam entry: Redemption at Outpost 56. It's a Metroidvania style platformer that we put together in about 10 days. Not sure on total gameplay time, I would guess somewhere around 30-45 minutes. Game is timed as well for speedrunning. Would love to hear any feedback, and if you like it leave a positive review on the jam entry page :)

Get it here:

Screenshots & gifs:

Hi all, my name is Chris Perry from the Seattle area - been a long time user of various klik products over the years, basically starting back in 1995 when I was 12 with Klik & Play. I think I've owned almost every subsequent product since, currently using MMF 2.5 Dev. My last releases were something like 14 years ago, Astro Man and Super Gravity Balls. Look a long hiatus from game dev and started picking it up again off and on over the last 6-7 years and now am back in it at least a few hours a week. Wife and kids prevent it from becoming an obsessive hobby :) I'm currently working on Retroflect (solo) and Below Horizon (with a friend), and jumped in on this jam since I've never done one before. Looking forward to seeing what everybody comes up with!