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Redemption at Outpost 56

A topic by Midnight Mastodons created Jun 16, 2016 Views: 251 Replies: 2
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Hi all, we've made our first release via a game jam entry: Redemption at Outpost 56. It's a Metroidvania style platformer that we put together in about 10 days. Not sure on total gameplay time, I would guess somewhere around 30-45 minutes. Game is timed as well for speedrunning. Would love to hear any feedback, and if you like it leave a positive review on the jam entry page :)

Get it here:

Screenshots & gifs:

Love the retro gfx!!!!

thank you :) really excited how it turned out in the short timeframe. Gonna work on a "revamped" version with larger levels and improved graphics and re-release later this year!