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Would like to see a Linux version but nicesh....Nevertheless!!!!!

I viewd and rated it on your game page.  It's good nostalgia for me.. Hybrid AtariST/Amiga/Arcade concepts.. Good work.

LOL... Hilarious....

Well done for this genre. Keep it up!!!!!

Niceshhhh classic look..

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Niceshhhh gameboard scheme if I must say...... :).     Need demo....Hopefully, for all OS formats..

Nice pics,. Would've liked to see multiple OS versions... Regardless, good work for LDJ43.

Niceshhh video!!! :)

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This definitely is classic with the minimal shooter gameplay.  Good HTML5 usage....Loaded very quick.

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These are very neat for the style!!!!  I really enjoyed viewing them.....

Good concept; What did you make this with?

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Good models and rendering.... Enjoyed the video.

You did a good job. The color comes much later in the original Ultima.  Your version is Very GOod.

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Pretty neat! But like to see DEMO for windows 32/64/LINUX/32/64bit... 

Like your artwork, like the classic feel. Good nostalgia. 

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This reminds of one of my buddy's favorite classic games:...ULTIMA.. This is really nice for that genre.

You must really be inspired by the 'GAMEBOY' effect.  This is a really good reminder of that.... Good work.. Good RETRO!!!

Very good for a mini-tool.

This really looks good. Very nice work.

Very nice presentation. :)

It's very good artwork for the age group.... Very niceshhhh......:)

In that, I'd say it is done very well.

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Nice Pengo translation with neat snow flake effects..

Take it Gradius(Konami) and others gave you inspiration!. :) 

Very good for this style. :)

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LOL. good one! Runs great Outta of BOX with Xenial PUP 64(LINUX).

Nice run. Would like to see Linux 32/64 bit version.

Strike&Oppose is a retrofied creation of a 
PUSH game idea that came across me early in
2018. It's made to be simple in concept. PUSH
back the enemy tank and make it to the finish line
first or destroy the enemy tank!!!!

I've disabled the comment(s) and ratings due to 
it being a fixed project in completion. The extended 
documentation and other specifics about this game
are on the game page.  It's very straightforward
and made with simple classic concepts in mind. 
I hope this gives some good ideas to others as other's 
have done the same in the gaming community
over the years.

Very well done for this genre.

Game style is reminiscent of the good ole dayz.


Hilarious looking!!! :)

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THIS IS AWESOME..... GREAT WORK!!!! Specs too HIGH for me!!! Which you can build a LINUX version...

Great GFX!!!!

Cool asset pack!!!.

This reminds me of a KNOCK OFF bootleg of a nintendo cartridge!!! LOL.. What a what if style in your game!!!!!

I would take leafo's second approach because web pages will change. Especially, for different devices that are running different OS's. Perhaps, consider the legacy of things before the future of what might happen.  With his suggestion of the second approach you can encapsulate your game idea in it's own format. Therefore, preserving your original idea(s).  As long as HTML5 or what not, holds true. You'll preserve your idea.... 

Good job!

Non pirata!!!....Sì. Nella memoria del passato. Molto bene!!!!

BTW, Your english is GREAT!!!!! Più meglio del mio italiano.... :)

Game is very nice and takes me back to  the day... Good work!!!!

I like your 3D approach.  I hope you complete your project and best of luck to you!