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Love the pillow man/women???


Very classic and very well done!

Trailer looks nice....

Good runner concept!

It's a good revision of many themes....

Very good classic feel.  Not bad at all!!!!

Activision comes to mind... Subhunt,. etc.

Like your video presentation of this game..

Living during that time I can you hit it on the spot.. I wasn't much for these type of games but you have honored the idea well.

Very good presentation.. :)

Very good.  

Wonderful..... Reminds me of a hyped version of the arcade: RYGAR!

Very good.  

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What else do you have planned in the future?

very nice art....

Interesting concept....


What a quaint set. Nice job.


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Very well done... What is it programmed with?

Nice presentation!

From the videos.... Very nice :).

Nice video but could not download the game...

Trailer is hilarious.  Great work....


I understand,  It holds up so far. :)

LOL, great video!

I sense inspiration from the 'CALL of Duty' series....Otherwise, nice video.

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Works great thru my Virtual Machine.  SO far, so good...

Not much into RPG type games but this one seems simple enough...  I'll give it a go..............

Emmsil, you've hit the essence of classic RPG!!

Nice work!

Neat and classic concepts...

Nice video!

Need a demo and more information what this was built on..For compatibility reasons.... Thank you. ..... NICE video....

More like OVERLORD dude!...

I feel like I'm being possessed by watching the video.. :)

Pretty neat for Ludum dare.

Very IREM and Konami like....

Well, nevertheless. I thought your idea was interesting....

Created a new topic Like the Concept!
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This does take me back... I like the concept and the style and was playable outta the box on basic browser...