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Good art-style.... Is there a stand-alone version??

Yes, nice style......


Will I need any libraries to play this ... It looks cool.

I'm both.

Enjoyed the demo.

Action starts as the game begins. I Wanna try on a few other platforms.

Living through the era. I must say these sounds are rite on.


Very straight forward platformer..

Yep, like to see a trailer since no demo.

What is it compiled with?


At the moment visual novels are not my thing. However, the artwork is very well done. With 'No Time To Play's' suggestion. It might be a good thing to target the visual novel community.

As for as your friends supporting your game.... Do they develop games too? Do they play games? Do they have an open mind about games outside the commercial audience... Or, towards games reaching a different concept from the norms?

Far be it from me to judge your circumstance with your 'friends'. But honestly, it's not very hard to click on a link these days. But nevertheless, don't give up on your idea's and pursuits in the future..


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The test was very good. Though, I was thinking it to be more of a platformer. Instead, it seems to be time based(some what like dragons lair in the earlier 80's). In fact, if this will have more puzzled based scenario's in the future; Where tapping at the rite moment or moving the cursor to complete the scene's that merge a broader story-board concept. I think this would be a great source of increasing a retro audience. As I myself, grew up in the era that you've grasped well.

Again, Good luck with your future endeavors.


BTW, I did like the art style.

Unfortunately, no. I did watch the videos and without a demo to test against my system specs. My current system specs probably wouldn't meet the requirements needed play it.

Nice art. Reminds of classic turbo gfx game.

Lol. Feels like someone is walking in an awkward world of choices.....

Video presentation and artwork are very nice.

Very enjoyable. Nice sound track.

K, It's more likely my build. Not to worry..

That's ok. Just wandering in general.. When I meant 'language'. I was referring to programming language.

Thank you.'

Will take a look.

Art is nice but a small demo would be nice. What language and what other librarys are required for this.

Have to take a look at it.

Worked great on my linux system. Though, I do not know if you added sound to this yet because most unity games have no

problem with sound my current system. Still could be me....But not a problem seeing the stage of development of the game.

The action is a bit quick for this old bean but might not be for others. Can't wait to see when it is complete.....

BTW, I will rate and follow on the game page.

Good luck.

neat. :)

nice art!

Quick retro stealth. FUn.

I'm downloading the demo and I'll check it out. How is it compiled or what utility was it constructed from?

Graphics and concept are really cool.

Great nostalgia.

Great art and interesting concept!!



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Like your re-hash and style of many classics..

Unable to download the free demo.

LOL, great video presentation!!

Didn't see demo though.

Having played it I must say that I like the concept of a big sandbox universe but I too think immersion and story is key.

With that being said, I really enjoyed playing it. :)

On another note: when installing and running I had to acquire the 'MSVCR100.dll' for the Windows XP platform.

I don't know if this is required due to Visual C licensing but it was a minor. Though, some might complain due to it not being a complete package after downloading.

I also must say it ran impeccable on VMware(Oracle's). 60 FPS being passed through my nvidia driver's through Puppy Linux Precise 5.7 on a mini ITX setup. So, I can't see any complaint's running on a faster setup.