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Beautifully done

very cool concept- would love to see it more fleshed out and completed! Very fun game play.

I LOL'd when the spooky skeletons turned into fluffy bunnies :)

I beat it, but I had to restart to do it because I lost an item needed to accomplish another task. Did things out of order. Fun little game- I remember you working on this at GGJ.

Great work - love the art style. Play is pretty fluid. I have the same complaint about transfer time, especially the level where you need to get 2 with 1 ball- takes way too long between transition and made me lose interest. Should have a quicker retry. Great work for a game jam though!

i didnt register and voted on several of the entries- good job guys

I agree with your comment- the no code is pretty deceiving, and deters a lot of people from looking into it, especially those that want to learn some programming or know some already. Ive been enjoying it!

Beautifully done! I had fun playing through the puzzles. The way the game rendered the rooms as you changed perspectives was very elegant! I enjoyed it a lot. Bravo!

Thanks for the laughs-

"also, you can beat up rats"

haha - I appreciate the play and you making the video. You just gained another subscriber :D

Looks beautiful- Im a windows guy though and dont own a mac so I cant play it. Fantastic job on the asthetics at least! :P

Thats a long list! Might be a long stream. Some of them i can see being fairly quick though- like most of my entries :) not a lot of depth to them. Good luck!

Interesting Prototype. Not a lot to keep you playing as is- but a good proof of concept and shows you are learning the skills needed to develop bigger games. Nice work for that! Keep at it!

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Pretty fun little prototype. Just wondering why it got shelved? Why didnt you finish the game? What did you learn from it?

Keep up the good work!

I appreciate your idea and admit that I too had a similar attitude. Not that I was expecting tons of attention or anything- I mean these are my failed projects after all. It is fun to dust them off and display them, but I agree that if we wanna get some love, we should be more than willing to give a little too.

I will try to play 40-60% of them and add feedback as well. I think that is a fair sentiment. I do apologize for posting so many too! I have a lot of unfinished, shelved projects, and I never saw the right opportunity to share those until this game jam so I took advantage.

Pretty cool prototype. I could see 4 player being pretty fun! I just did the 1 player and beat the level- not super engaging by yourself. Maybe I will play again later with my son when it can be competitive :)

Pretty cool concept. I had fun poppin off a few baddies for a few minutes. Nice work