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love your splash screen illustration! Beautiful work

Love your color pallets and pixel art! Awesome game- very impressive for 48 hours! I love the creativity of your health bar-

Beautiful artwork-  game looks really cool- would be fun to try with some other players- really impressive work! Fun to see a fellow construct user as well :) Keep up the good work!

Angler Fish OP-

Beautiful jam! Pretty long level for 48 hours! Great job all

Lol loved the intro sequence! Awesome concept- I think this could be a fun little game with more polish and levels / obstacles etc.  The art style in the intro is fantastic! Would love to hear sound and music! Awesome jam guys

Ive since figured it out- and your art pack is awesome-  I just dont think I will use it.  Maybe it will come in handy one day- I am happy to support you at least a little for the help figuring out AI.  I dont remember exactly how I fixed this but I got it working in my project to use the same AI with more enemies utilizing the same code.

I will make a pack for Females :) Thanks

pretty rad - nice work-  very playable/enjoyable for a 48 hour game jam

wow.  Very impressed for a GGJ game! I hope u put more work into it- it was a lot of fun-  and I absolutely LOVED he music.  Art style is awesome too-  you have a dream team there! Keep making games! 

Looks fantastic- awesome work

download the file attached :P

I thought I was getting your C3 file  but it was just an art pack.  Ive followed your tutorial step by step and watched it 3 times but for the life of me I cant get it to work-  my enemy just stands there in the idle state.  

It is beautiful artwork but I have no use for it-  I just need to get this working in my game :P any advice?

whoa I just hucked my baby across the room!

Very impressive for a game jam game- looks great 

Hilarious :) Nice work

Very cool! And the artwork was very impressive.  It was pretty challenging! I played through 3 times and didnt get too far-  but I had fun playing.  Awesome work for being a game-jam game! You guys rocked it! 

Just posted a male-heads asset pack for you to use in any sort of project or game.  They are pretty stylized and unique. Create your own fun characters from these eyes, ears, mouths, noses, heads, and extras. I would love to see what you come up with! These were a lot of fun to draw

very cool start- i enjoyed the music when it started playing.  I like the idea of building blocks to help complete levels.  Animations were cool too-  nice work

Just played through the whole game- it was a fun experience- thanks.  I tried the give the crystal option after losing to him once,  but I would have liked to have tried fighting him again.  I just wanted to see what would happen.  Im not playing through all of those levels again tho! :P

There were some clever puzzles and things to work through.  nice work.

Woohoo! I finally made the top 10! it only took me 8 hours to do it too! :) multiple play-throughs 

Nice work Greg! I had a lot of fun running away from guards and juking them into the walls. The randomly generated levels was great too.

Loved the lighting effects. The controls were wonky, hard to control the direction you shot the fire. Great work for a game jam.

despite being brutally tough this game was pretty impressive. I liked the music choices, helped pull the player in and feel the ambiance and setting of the game / world you created. I played for quite a while - nice work!

The game is hilarious, and very challenging! The used car salesman made me laugh. I kind of hope you finish it some day!

I took 9 tries to beat the second level, and after about 10 tries on the third, I gave up. I think you need to scale up the difficulty a little slower. Great retro nostalgic 8-bit feel with the art, music, and sound effects. I enjoyed this game.

Beautifully done

very cool concept- would love to see it more fleshed out and completed! Very fun game play.

I LOL'd when the spooky skeletons turned into fluffy bunnies :)

I beat it, but I had to restart to do it because I lost an item needed to accomplish another task. Did things out of order. Fun little game- I remember you working on this at GGJ.

Great work - love the art style. Play is pretty fluid. I have the same complaint about transfer time, especially the level where you need to get 2 with 1 ball- takes way too long between transition and made me lose interest. Should have a quicker retry. Great work for a game jam though!

i didnt register and voted on several of the entries- good job guys

Beautifully done! I had fun playing through the puzzles. The way the game rendered the rooms as you changed perspectives was very elegant! I enjoyed it a lot. Bravo!

Thanks for the laughs-

"also, you can beat up rats"

haha - I appreciate the play and you making the video. You just gained another subscriber :D

Looks beautiful- Im a windows guy though and dont own a mac so I cant play it. Fantastic job on the asthetics at least! :P

Thats a long list! Might be a long stream. Some of them i can see being fairly quick though- like most of my entries :) not a lot of depth to them. Good luck!

Interesting Prototype. Not a lot to keep you playing as is- but a good proof of concept and shows you are learning the skills needed to develop bigger games. Nice work for that! Keep at it!

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Pretty fun little prototype. Just wondering why it got shelved? Why didnt you finish the game? What did you learn from it?

Keep up the good work!

I appreciate your idea and admit that I too had a similar attitude. Not that I was expecting tons of attention or anything- I mean these are my failed projects after all. It is fun to dust them off and display them, but I agree that if we wanna get some love, we should be more than willing to give a little too.

I will try to play 40-60% of them and add feedback as well. I think that is a fair sentiment. I do apologize for posting so many too! I have a lot of unfinished, shelved projects, and I never saw the right opportunity to share those until this game jam so I took advantage.