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the one negative I can think of after the demo was I had "save anxiety" - I never knew if at any point my game was saved or if I was just about to finally find a save point..  I assume walking past those black blocks that light up was some kind of save/check point.. I'd like to press Up on a terminal/stone etc. and press save.. along with a nice little sound effect to put my save anxiety to rest >_<

Nice work mate.

I lol'd - original idea for the theme "conspiracy" .. and you know, it might actually be true!

Nice graphics / overall presentation!

Yes I also don't really understand how to play. The graphics/presentation is all consistent in style which is a plus.

I like the silhouette art style, reminds me of games like Within A Deep Forest or Limbo.

I like the physics hair! the faces in the background are pretty creepy. The platforming is a little rough, but I like the puzzle idea of moving the platforms to advance.

haha nice game. I liked the variety of enemies, the giant demon dog things were pretty intimidating. And do appreciate a good pun.

I don't really understand what to do.. I can read a note and I can keep getting +9 interest by repeatedly clicking.. not much else yet..

dayum! potato! haha quite random, pretty nice overall.

Solid effort, I just wish it wasn't so hard so quickly >_< I had a very hard time making it past the very first set of spikes!

Not a bad start to something here! It feels like it needs more work, the camera is a little odd, missing sound effects etc. Also I think the tank should automatically slow down if you're not holding the accelerator.

One thing to note is if you have a joypad plugged in, the arrow keys won't work, you have to use the joypad! That took me a while to figure out.. quite difficult to hit the little enemies with the slow sword attack. I'd try to make that a bit more forgiving.. if you worked on this more it could be really cool.

Nice work Aenever! It's quite tempting to hit the little kid running across the screen.. it reminds a bit of the dog in duck hunt >_< I think by Wave 3 the speed is good and you feel like you're really playing, it should probably pick up a little bit faster because it's a little slow in the beginning.

I really like the smoothly animated sprites, the character designs are great. It's a bit of a mouse killer with the constant clicking, it'd be nice to be able to hold down the button to shoot. Maybe having random power ups dropped around the level to tempt the player to risk being hit for the reward of better weapons / bonus points etc.

This game is probably my favorite out of all the other entries.

Nice pixel art, consistent style, nice colours etc. GFX do their job.

I'd like there to be visible checkpoints, it would be nice to know I'm "safe" when I make it to certain points. The collision detection was maybe just a little too unforgiving, but at least it is consistent. Perhaps you could add teleport pads or something to help solve backtracking.

I didn't realise you could slide for a long time, so I spent a lot of time frustated with the thwomp-like things XD

Nice little Wario-Ware-Like.

I would recommend the usual things to improve, add SFX, Music etc. Also reduce the size of the players hit box. Maybe try to make the dodgeball a little less random, I kept failing until I stood in a corner and didn't move.

I also got stuck on the login screen.. strange indeed! haha

Nice Ikaruga-like. It's a bit slow to start because the enemies are kind of bullet sponges, but it picks up on the third level. I think adding an animation/sfx for when you get hit would help.

Thanks for the comments! I'll make a trailer/video this weekend.

I'm curious how people found the difficulty / how long it took to complete / how many times you died.. if anyone wants to leave that kind of feedback ^_^ I had 10 levels / 3 bosses planned.. but it ended up being 4 and 1.

Looking forward to playing the other entries on the weekend!

Hey mate, glad you liked it ^_^ I hang out on the Clickteam forums - lots of helpful people there to help you when you get stuck.. you just have to keep trying to make stuff and keep learning!

are these 4 directional sprites? or 1 perspective?

I noticed on the main page one of the Jam locations is Perth - I live in Perth! So if the stars align I'd like to join that mini jam if possible.

(1 edit)

I sent my info but didn't receive the software side of the prize, have an x-box ready to test!

edit. nevermind, jeff sent them!

Congrats everyone, thanks CT - I used the web form to send my shipping info.. hope that's what you wanted!

nice game mate! the boss in the cave is very tough.. I'll have to keep trying XD

I know now, but when I made that post 5 days ago I don't think that info was disclosed..

Thanks for playing! Let me know if you beat it / your thoughts on difficulty etc. Cheers!

I can understand CT don't want to retroactively change the rules/results.. as far as the prizes go I say meh! But to be clear, I think everyone was counting on the weighted averages to keep the scores realistic and when it didn't happen CT simply swept it under the rug and didn't even acknowledge it until pressured to.

The creator of SCIME (long time, valued supporter of CT community) pulled his entry from the jam in protest, presumably because he sacrificed hours of his time with his new family to work hard on his entry and then lost to a game anyone could make in less than 30 minutes..

Likewise, there came a point during the jam where I thought to myself "I've already spent hours on this.. I can't stop now (the fallacy of sunken costs XD) I'm going all in and it will be worth it when I win!" this is the lie I told myself when I turned down chances to spend extra time with visiting friends and family etc. when I went to bed at 2 am and got up for work at 5am..

What I'm saying is I worked hard, so did the Authors of Outpost 56, Timers Overdrive, I Bearly made it, Escape, Whale Wars, The Greys are Here etc. all of which weren't just a little bit better than the winner, but were objectively, way better! I would have been happy to lose to any of the quality/real entries.

I'm not gonna lie, I was kinda seething at the results when they were posted.. which is why I'm only posting now, it leaves a bad taste for all the real creators, the people that CT should back.. When people ask me what Fusion is capable of I guess I'll link them to "MNasons"?

I probably won't enter anymore comps because (I know, my choice, my risk) I derailed my serious money making (hopefully) project to partake in a rigged game. The one silver lining was this comp helped me to realise how hard I can actually push myself in such a short window.. so at least there's that!

Clickteam and staff will judge each game and provide 40% of the score, 60% comes from the user votes.

QUESTION: Regarding the judges scores, were they implemented and when? Can we see what the judges scored us?

I'm quite sure anyone on can vote, but for everyone involved, I'd hope the rankings are not just a popularity contest. I thought I read somewhere that the score is taken from the average of the user ratings, so it might mean a game with 10 votes could rank higher than a game with 50 votes.. maybe.

I'm not really looking for a team atm, maybe looking to partner up with an artist in the future though.

an anarchy ball? XD

thanks mate!

You legend! this the first real "lets play" of a game of mine, it was great! Keep it up and good luck with your YT Channel.