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I love this game, just wondering is there any chance of making a walk through or publishing hints? 

Thanks for the feedback. Good Suggestion about the skulls, I might replace those once the Jam is over. I just liked keeping the style similar.

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Great news, I've uploaded a bug free version of 'Erik the Greedy' that includes a 'GOD' mode for those that wanted to check out all the levels without having to restart the game (simply hold down the G, O & D keys together on the logo screen. If you haven't voted yet, please look at the comments section to see where bugs pre existed and ignore the 'GOD' mode as isn't an original game feature.

Looks like Erik might have had a few too many Meads over Christmas and New Year and got stuck in the door lol. The collision detection is mainly set up for background objects, yet this is no good if you want something like an animated door which has to be an active. I simply forgot to add an event that when the player collides with door to switch on the alt value for the auto fall movement. Thanks for the helpful feedback as it's helped me debug my game so I can release version 1.1 after the Jam.

The animations are spriter animations it's a life saver for quality animations :)

Thanks for noticing the chest animation, a small touch yet I thought it looked nice.

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I have already fixed the bugs that other jamers found. I would also like to know if it's an ok thing to upload a fixed version. All other gameplay is exactly the same, just bugs removed.

Science Fiction Fantasy is very broad. Most of jamers stuck with a Space Sci Fi  theme, yet even 'Game of Thrones', 'Dungeons and Dragons', 'Steampunk' or Super Heroes' are classed as Science Fiction Fantasy. I chose a Viking doing the deeds of a Viking God 'Odin'. I'm sure it fits the Sci Fi - Fantasy theme; it's just with the Phantom Menace  poster on the Jam page that most people thought of Space games. I purposely chose to be different.

I got it to bug on the door, I took a look at my events and forgot to set the auto down alt value on. Fixed for when the Jam is over. Thanks for the feedback :)

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Yeah I noticed that glitch too, you can see it during the demo video. Thanks for the feedback, I've just fixed it by making the warp invisible if the timer runs out and only allowing the warp sound if it is visible. Just needed a double check in the events, thanks.

it’s certainly a challenge, it took me a few tries to get a clean run for the YouTube promo. if I get the chance to build more levels, I’d remove the lives and have a progression system somewhat like angry birds.  So you could retry levels as much as you like.

Strange yet fun :)

The shooting part is good enough to be a game all by itself, nice work.

That's a cool game, it vaguely reminds me of mission impossible. Nice work :)

Wow love the atmosphere, this is a top game :)                   

OMG you also made Kalaban it's one of my favorite games. 

Nice work Esbol, definitely has longevity. I couldn't stop playing :)

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Music link:

Music Licence link:

It was a challenge to find out the controls yet rewarding, the magic effect looks really neat :)

Neat Graphics, the star wars scrolling is a nice effect.

Nice choice of color pallete, I like the player movement choice.

A lot of thought must have gone into the game variables, nice work.

Love the graphic style.

Wow this is a neat game :)

Thanks for the feedback Jimmy, your right I kind of got a bit obsessed  with the bow mechanic :)

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Year 5, ages 10 to 11, I've got some future budding game creators in my group :)

I’ve played every game and rated. I’m very impressed with the up and coming talent, my students at school have also enjoyed trying your games too. Well done fellow Fusion Community 😀

Tip: Hold the mouse until you need to shoot (this will load a plunger and be ready for a shot, just like a real bow).

The shot detector is invisible and the size of the cross hairs, it is created as soon as the plunger is at it's smallest and destroyed as soon as the plunger animation finishes. It's not a bug it's a deliberate challenge, otherwise the game would be too easy. You can only shoot the poop while it's in the pop up (poop up) animation phase, after that it's too late. Glad you liked my game, and thanks for the feedback :)

What a clever effect :)

The dialogue system is very good :)

Whoa!That jump fright at 1000 was insane; ), love the sarcastic commentary :)

Atmospheric, cool torch effect :) 

This was challenging, love the look of the bike character :)

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Fun game :)

Cool, reminds me of King Solomon's Mines c64 :)

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When I upload the buttons were blank, I can't see what version of Fusion you asked for that I developed with. I also don't know which button is yes for click store permission (I’m assuming it’s the first choice). For those interested my game was made with Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer, and it’s ok to be uploaded to the ClickStore.

Thank Jupiter_Hadley that's cool :)

Well done.