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'Greed is good,' especially for Vikings!
Submitted by aenever with 15 days, 32 minutes before the deadline

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It's decent fun, and I can see that there's potential for clever level design. But I'm not quite feeling the spirit of the theme for the jam. 

*I have just the teeniest nitpick to add. I think it would be better if the skulls looked less like collectables, as I can see it as something that you want to pick up in a game with a viking theme.


Thanks for the feedback. Good Suggestion about the skulls, I might replace those once the Jam is over. I just liked keeping the style similar.


Really nice graphics, gameplay was solid although Erik got stuck on the door that you open with the red leaver lol. I was hoping it was going to be a classic style platformer but still liked what you did with it.


Looks like Erik might have had a few too many Meads over Christmas and New Year and got stuck in the door lol. The collision detection is mainly set up for background objects, yet this is no good if you want something like an animated door which has to be an active. I simply forgot to add an event that when the player collides with door to switch on the alt value for the auto fall movement. Thanks for the helpful feedback as it's helped me debug my game so I can release version 1.1 after the Jam.


Very well polished and well made. Easy to see how this would work well for mobile. Although not sure how it fits in the sci-fi fantasy theme but I enjoyed it. Had only one minor glitch in the second or third room (the one with the lever) where the exit spawned even though I had missed one gem but I'm not complaining lol. Great submission!

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Yeah I noticed that glitch too, you can see it during the demo video. Thanks for the feedback, I've just fixed it by making the warp invisible if the timer runs out and only allowing the warp sound if it is visible. Just needed a double check in the events, thanks.


Science Fiction Fantasy is very broad. Most of jamers stuck with a Space Sci Fi  theme, yet even 'Game of Thrones', 'Dungeons and Dragons', 'Steampunk' or Super Heroes' are classed as Science Fiction Fantasy. I chose a Viking doing the deeds of a Viking God 'Odin'. I'm sure it fits the Sci Fi - Fantasy theme; it's just with the Phantom Menace  poster on the Jam page that most people thought of Space games. I purposely chose to be different.

Submitted (1 edit)

This is true. Definitely stood out so clearly wasn't a bad idea - smart marketing


Although I barely got past the third room, I can really feel how well the game plays. Someone may say the controls are not very good, but I say the opposite. It makes you feel like you're in control, and that's important. This game was way too hard for me, and that's why I had to play it over again and again, and I could really see how many details went into it. Most people wouldn't even notice how all the treasures you collect go into the chest, not talking about all the particles and animations. Very solid work. Keep it up.


Thanks for noticing the chest animation, a small touch yet I thought it looked nice.



That's the high score I got after half an hour. I'm not that good at these games. This was certainly well made. (Do the animations use Spriter by any chance?) There's a buggy room with a switch. Sometimes you'll get stuck on the door. Otherwise everything seems to be working well. There seems to be a large difficulty spike from the room with lots of fire (which is very sensitive) onwards, which I think is the room after the aforementioned one with the switch.

Great presentation and very challenging gameplay. Probably sets out what you intended to do though for those who love this type of game.


I got it to bug on the door, I took a look at my events and forgot to set the auto down alt value on. Fixed for when the Jam is over. Thanks for the feedback :)


The animations are spriter animations it's a life saver for quality animations :)

I'm glad you sorted the bug, and yeah, I thought so. Are you using the Spriter extension or are they imported into active objects?


This game is fun.

Seriously, probably one of my favorites in the Jam so far.


it’s certainly a challenge, it took me a few tries to get a clean run for the YouTube promo. if I get the chance to build more levels, I’d remove the lives and have a progression system somewhat like angry birds.  So you could retry levels as much as you like.


Dang this game is hard :D I'm not so good at arcade-style platformer games. The presentation is nice tho!

Developer (1 edit)

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