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The combat in this actually feels pretty good and I really like the atmosphere of this. Sometimes you just gotta explore a place with a neat atmosphere with a satisfying long-reaching melee weapon, and this game does kinda deliver on that, heh. While not my favorite game I've played in the jam, it is one of the better ones I've played so far all the same.

Unfortunately I did run into one issue: As far as I can tell, the boat doesn't respawn if you die in the section after it. But I do like basically all of the rest of what I experienced here (though I admittedly did kinda give up after noticing that problem since I don't admittedly feel like replaying everything up to that point just to get back there again). Would love to see this expanded on!

Okay, this is pretty neat. The physics are funny and contrast in fun ways with the ominous, creepy atmosphere, the looping idea is kinda neat, the upgrades are pretty cool and unconventional and creative, I like the visual style and sound design...

...also, my curse of running into obscure bugs nobody else ever seems to has striked again, I managed to get stuck on this ledge and had to restart the game after.

Still! I really like this. Actually probably my favorite game I've played in the jam of the ones I've tried so far, which in fairness isn't that many but still.

Okay, I'm admittedly not sure I've played nearly all of what there is on offer here, but I've had fun with it and gotten the general idea at this point. I actually am having a lot of fun with the concept here. Though, unless I'm missing something, there isn't any sound, which is a shame because it'd probably be nice to have some driving sounds in this, but I actually like the art style, the driving physics are a bit janky but it's fun to try to platform around with a car like this.

Would love to see a more fleshed out version of this some day, actually! Actually had a lot of fun with what I did play of it.

No worries! I probably sounded harsher on myself than I meant to with how I phrased things, I tend to be... not the best with using as few words for things as I could get away with if I thought about it more. As some context, in the past I literally won a jam that landed me a publishing deal before (things got complicated from there but eh, it was a learning experience), so it's like... and uh, I know I'm about to be wordy again, I had a hard time, not being wordy again, whoops...

I know I'm a little bit rusty, and that's probably part of how I made the mistakes I did that kept it from being a better game than I already managed... but I also know people have said my game is neat, and like. Based on that I knew I made something good. I mean, me being rusty is not the only reason it didn't turn out as well as it could've, but part of it. And I'm okay with that! I just need to learn from what I did right and what I, didn't. And I need to derust a bit maybe.

...well, I say that like this game didn't already help a bit with derusting a bit, heh...

...though admittedly, given the aftermath of that one GameJam where I won and ended up landing a publishing deal uh, well, let's just say the confirmation you thought the game was good overall is still appreciated because I do admittedly still have some lingering confidence issues leftover from that. Which uh, maybe was a bit overly apparent from my comment earlier already and the way I phrased it, admittedly.

Way, way too short. Looks neat visually. Isn't a Metroidvania at all as is. I also think the shooting sound is a bit too loud. Hard to comment on beyond that, there's barely anything here at all to a point I'm having a hard time even calling it a tech demo...?

Way, way too short. Looks neat visually. Isn't a Metroidvania at all as is. I also think the shooting sound is a bit too loud. Hard to comment on beyond that, there's barely anything here at all to a point I'm having a hard time even calling it a tech demo...?

Unfortunately, not only is the itch download broken, but the google drive download requires requesting access. Since the game isn't actually possible to download and play from itch, it's kind of effectively impossible to rate the game fairly and make sure more work wasn't done on it after the deadline.

And unfortunately, the Google Drive link makes it impossible to even play the game as of now because that can't be accessed right now either.

...for what it's worth, if this helps you feel any better, iirc I once uploaded a nonfunctional build of a paid game I have on Steam for a few minutes before realizing my mistake, so, it's not like I haven't been there. People make mistakes, it happens.

Yeah, I kinda noticed late in development that it was starting to get a bit repetitive. The game was actually intended to be longer, but the first few iterations weren't different enough to me and I couldn't come up with enough iterations that I felt would feel different enough, so I decided to just, make it a bit shorter than I originally planned and hoped that'd help make up for the game's lack of variety, by hoping it wouldn't overstay its welcome too much.

So, suffice to say, it's a problem I'm aware of and isn't something that likely would've remained in a game where I had more dev time to smooth out the issues. Sometimes when making a GameJam game one just runs out of ideas and doesn't have time to come up with more though, heh... ah well! Kinda knew it'd probably keep the game from being as good as it could've been, even if I'm still pretty happy with what I was able to make given how rusty I am with GameJams at the moment.

That being said, I'm planning to participate in Metroidvania Month in the future, maybe next time I'll try something less experimental- who am I kidding I can't help but try to experiment at least a little when it comes to GameJams lol. Mind you I probably won't try for an idea as odd as this one, but I guess we'll see what inspiration strikes me when I see the theme of the next one in a few months.

done! sorry again about that! i even tested to make sure one of the things i was most worried about works right, though it's still not thoroughly tested so i can't promise anything for sure.

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oh! i... forgot to set the game to run in directx9 mode before release. lemme uh... lemme compile a directx9 version real quick. it won't be the main version in case there's bugs new to it since i'm not gonna bother testing it, but. it should be fine? sorry about that!

Okay, I at this point have played a fair bit of the game (some bugs made progress difficult so I admittedly gave up after the, admittedly rather fun, grappling hook started phasing me through walls so much that I could no longer progress as intended easily anymore) and I think I have more I want to say.

Having seen what the game has to offer, I actually really like a lot about its concepts, but I feel the execution needs a lot of work. I actually highly recommend other people give it a go and give feedback on what changes could potentially help though: There's a looooot of potential for this to become something really cool if it ever gets fixed up more, and as-is I think there's some neat ideas here worth a look.

So, let me start with this: At first, I honestly didn't think the power management mechanic was doing the game many favors. I feel like until you have more abilities, it mostly just makes the game feel clunky.

At this point though, I understand that that's actually possibly on purpose, given how the game picks up once you start getting more abilities. Even if it's an accident, I'm a lot more cool with the mechanic now that I've seen where it goes later.

That being said, I might suggest making the melee combat, short lived as it is, slightly easier to avoid taking damage during, even if it's not a focus of the game.

Alternatively and/or additionally, it might be worth making checkpoints visible so the player can know where they'll be respawning when they die, making it less of a worry of "oh no how far back am I going to have to go if I die to this early enemy?" Unless that worry is on purpose, of course, in which case I might suggest at least placing flying enemies in places where they're less likely to get in the way of attempts at platforming before you have a proper weapon...?

Oh, also, I recommend putting a sound for when you properly land a melee hit, and particle effects for when you land a hit in general. It's a bit hard to tell when a melee hit lands as-is, and it'd make the ranged combat more satisfying.

Just some possible thoughts for tweaks to make to make the early game potentially leave a stronger first impression than it currently does.

Once you have a double jump and a gun though, the game starts feeling pretty fun actually? The game feel isn't the best, the gun could do with some reload sound effects and/or a shooting sound possibly, things like that, but I think the idea of managing power is a lot cooler once the game starts using it as part of a really neat reloading mechanic instead of just for the early game movement and melee combat, it actually adds some unexpected depth to combat I expected to remain pretty straightforward.

The double jump is of course mostly a pretty basic double jump, but it also actually makes power management on the movement feel more important instead of just feeling like you have to have power at about 80-100% at all times on both legs, so it works really well here.

Unfortunately, this is where I get to the part where I have to talk about the grapple arm thing. It's a really fun ability on paper actually, but unfortunately the programming on it is really buggy and it can latch onto walls behind other walls, allowing you to sort of phase through them. And sometimes, this happens entirely on accident on the player's end due to it being a bit tricky to aim it at the exact wall you want to sometimes.

It's an ability with a lot of potential, but it did make climbing up to an area I needed to access a bit overly difficult, so while I have a feeling there's more neat abilities awaiting me beyond that point, I think I've seen enough to generally get the idea on the game to where I think this is where I'm going to call it for now.

In summary, the core of my thought on this game is that it actually has a lot of really neat ideas, but broadly the implementation of most of it is too buggy. Though in fairness, it's a gamejam game, so it's not like bugs are exactly unexpected for the territory. Especially for a first time gamejam game maker.

That all being said, I look forwards to seeing either a more fixed up version of this and/or further games from this developer in the future! I think the creativity is there, it just needs more time and polish, and I feel like the developer can absolutely pull it off given more time. If it ever gets updated more, I'll be sure to say my thoughts on the changes and any parts of the game I didn't really get around to here or in my previous comment.

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...Let's see if I can get the screenshot uploaded in this reply...

EDIT: There we are!

Okay, so... I have some thoughts on this game, but before I give this thing more of a try... I kind of wanna know: What's the red gun-looking thing after the early game door supposed to do? (I tried uploading a screenshot but itch complained, so...)

I haven't been able to figure out what to do with this, if anything is supposed to be done with it.

I'll say for now that I do like some of the ideas but I do think there's a lot of a way to go on a lot of it. I do have thoughts for some specific improvements that might help too, but I think I wanna see the bigger picture before I say too much.

That being said, I will say right now that jumping would probably feel a lot better in this if there was mid-air deceleration.

Like... if you stop holding either directional button, slowing down a little bit mid air would probably feel better than maintaining full speed, but if you keep holding, full speed should probably be maintained as-is.

Anyway, I do actually like aspects of the visuals that were, from what I can tell, specifically made for the game instead of used from other sources. I actually rather like the main character's animations for example!

That all now being said, I'm gonna hold off on finishing the game and giving more detailed thoughts until I know what this thing is supposed to do, in case it's supposed to be like, a weapon or something I can somehow equip and just haven't figured out how to, since that's what it looks like it is, but I can't figure out how to equip it if so.

Okay, so, what I will say is, the tentacle being slow and easy is on purpose, for reasons I'd rather not elaborate on too much in case you (and everyone else) haven't found certain secrets in the game, but will happily elaborate on some day in a devlog update thing (with appropriate spoiler warnings) if I ever see footage of somebody finding some specific secrets.

Anyway! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

ski lll eleven


I really like this game overall, but I do have some gripes with it.

Full disclaimer, I helped playtest this game and the dev is a friend of mine, but I'm not gonna let that stop me from trying to give my serious thoughts on it.

Before I get into that, here's what I liked... First off, the art style. I actually kinda really like it? It's rather charming. The character designs are too. I am especially fond of Jeff. Everybody seems to be. Jeff is a good character. No, seriously, look at him, in the screenshots over there. Rollerskate bunny! Rollerskate bunny rollerskate bunny rollerskate bunny- ahem, anyway.

Also, I kinda like the soundtrack. Some good songs in here! Don't like it strongly enough to particularly have any favorites yet, but I can't say there was ever a song I felt didn't fit or a song which ever got grating in repeatedly attempting the game over and over and over again...

...Speaking of which... score attacking the game is also a pretty fun prospect, though one aspect of the game makes me unlikely to do that for the moment in practice (more on that later). The game has a quick way to restart back to the title screen to get a new game started, and the game is short enough to make restarting over and over again and refining your run down to actual perfection actually really really fun. I highly recommend anybody who plays this to go do that after they've done a regular run of the game.

Also? There's a nice variety of enemies and they're used well in combination with the level layouts, the platforming setups, etc.? It's some good stuff. They also have charming designs. Lots of robot dogs here!

I also mostly rather like the level design, though there is the occasional moving platform setup I'm very slightly iffy on whether I like it or not, and one pit placement (the dev already knows exactly which one I'm talking about btw lol) that is way too easy to die to when you don't already know the exact layout of the game.

But like, seriously. One minute you're fighting enemies in a larger area, the next you're fighting them in a more enclosed space, and then you're jumping across pits while trying to repeatedly jump over a laser back and forth and it's kind of a lot but like it's a late game level so it's okay because late game levels can be hard and that can be fun too.

Anyway, the story of the game is also quite charming. I won't say too much here in the interest of not spoiling it, but I rather liked the ending, and the implication that there's also more lore to the story here that we're not seeing. Please make a sequel, I really wanna see more of this!

...oh yeah! The core gameplay. Turns out shooting at stuff while jumping over projectiles and platforming and all that, is actually a pretty fun time! That's actually another reason I wanna see a sequel, while there are a few other games out there with some similar elements of the gameplay here this overall is a pretty unique mix of ideas that I'd really, really like to see more of.

Oh, and it's a relatively smaller thing, but. The UI? Charming, and overall clarity on it is pretty decent for the most part. The hearts on the UI on health are charming. The text on the level name uses an interesting font. And I like that the dialogue boxes make sure to tell you which button skips the cutscenes.

That being said... there's two things about the game that I'm really just not fond of here. One is a small but weirdly complex issue, and one is a large issue that's easier to explain the basics of and which I've already told the dev about in more detail so it can hopefully get fixed at some point, and so I won't waste too much time on explaining more than the basics of it here.

The first is the megashot. This is something I've kept trying to push the dev about, but she never really seemed to feel it needed changing for some reason. At first, my issue was mostly a matter of game feel. To me at least, the only thing about it that makes it feel more powerful is the fact that it's a larger projectile. The sound for it is kind of weirdly soft and it doesn't have much of an impact when it hits something.

But then after the game released, I decided, y'know, I'm gonna actually try to use the megashot more this time and see if maybe I was too harsh on the gameplay implications. Through that, I realized, maybe I should've actually done that sooner, because the megashot tends to get caught on walls and that turns it into somewhat a liability to try using.

The second issue is... the level 5 boss. Oh goodness me. Oh dear. Oh my. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think that a boss that requires this much multi-tasking in a game that previously did not require much multi-tasking at all is exactly quite the right note for a boss fight to hit with this gameplay style. It'd probably work fine over the span of a much longer game, but in a game this short it kind of comes across as a bit much. In my last run I got a D rank, having gotten hit 116 times and having spend 1094 seconds on the game. And I'm pretty sure that at least 800 of those seconds and 100 of those hits were just the final boss alone.

Also, that was the first time I was able to actually properly beat the game without turning on an auto-fire script that made me able to fire every frame and thus able to cheese the entire final boss, because I had that hard of a time with it and the dev wanted to see my reaction to the ending at least so I did it as a way to sort of skip the fight. The final boss, by the way, is why I'm a little iffy on whether I personally will score attack the game quite yet. I wanna at least give it some time and see if there might be a nerf to it in a patch or something.

Anyway, overall though, a pretty good, fun game! And a bit unique too! I definitely recommend you check it out. Just uh... if you also have a hard time with the final boss the way I did, maybe make a comment about it so the dev can better gauge if it's too hard or not. And if you don't find it too hard, also make a comment about it, again to help the dev gauge if it's too much or not.

Thanks for reading this if you got here btw. And thanks to the dev for making this game!

I made it with Clickteam Fusion 2.5.

But hey, maybe some day I'll make a game like this with GB Studio.

Yeah, an Android port that specifically requires a gamepad would work just fine, I just really don't wanna require that. I don't like feeling like I'm making something half-baked, I wanna make an actually good port, adaptation, etc. for Android users, preferably with controller support and a good touchscreen-based control scheme. Like... I dunno, remember the Game Boy Mega Man games (...if you've ever played any of them and/or heard about them...)? Remember how those kept in mind the limitations of the Game Boy? Ideally, I want to make an effort as high quality as that if I can help it.

And, yeah, twin stick is what the game uses on console and on gamepad on PC, it's just a really unconventional setup since twin stick isn't precise enough for everything on its own actually, I needed to implement two separate twin stick aiming styles that you can switch between at the press of a button for different situations. maybe some time when I'm stumped on what to do with my current project or feeling tired from working on one project too much I'll look into putting together a proof of concept one episode demo-ish thing of an adaptation for mobile and see what people think, and then go from there...

Also... believe me, I haven't been forgetting Linux. More, just been crossing my fingers that Valve's Proton can cut it for my games for now until I have reasonable means with which to make Linux ports, and barring that, I'm willing to see what I can do to get it up and running in such things. I wanna screw around with trying to run my stuff on the Raspberry Pi I have around using Box86 and Wine for the heck of it some day, I've thought about trying to set up a dual boot setup on my current computer, and if I ever have the money, I have my eye on the Steam Deck. I like Linux and have it on my mind a lot, just don't have the means to port to it natively at least for now, sadly.

Hopefully some day! any rate, my next project also might potentially be easier to port to Android... though we'll see in practice I guess, it's kind of an odd one...? I don't know how to explain.

I have a rather complicated answer for this, since it's something where for a while I've tried to gauge in my head how feasible it'd be and how much it'd be worth pursuing it, and if so, how.

The game's control scheme was not designed in a way that is feasible to make work directly on Android between the sheer number of buttons used and the precision the game expects with both aiming and movement.

But more importantly the performance would almost certainly be dreadful given the game wasn't coded to consider that possibility in advance, so even barring that, it might be flat out impossible to port the game as-is (more on that in a bit) without recoding the entire game from scratch.

However, I have thought before about the possibility of how I'd go about making a mobile-focused adaptation or spinoff of the game before, with more mobile-friendly controls and gameplay while still feeling as close to the original as possible.

I just haven't ever really come up with any idea that I find satisfactory to being true enough to the original while also taking advantage of the upsides that a touchscreen can bring to the mix, while minimizing the drawbacks that a game like this tends to have on such devices.

Platformers with more complex control schemes, from what I've seen, haven't had the best history with being adapted to touchscreens, so admittedly it'd be an interesting design challenge to try to overcome some day...

Unfortunately I'm at present busy with another project and can't really look into that, since it'd probably take at least months to actually make and my current project is somewhat time-sensitive.

Though, now that I know there's any actual demand for it... I'll try to keep in mind that there's actually any reason to bother pursuing such a mobile adaptation or spinoff, part of the reason I hadn't bothered pursuing it before was out of uncertainty on if anybody would even actually care.

Keep in mind, the dev team mostly consists of three people, and I'm basically the only programmer and designer on the PC version of the game, and likely the only programmer/designer who'd be working on such a hypothetical mobile adaptation, so I can't exactly just get a bunch of people on that to put it out in like, 2 weeks or something, sadly. But re-using assets from the PC version and knowing roughly what I want out of it would save a bit of time over making a fully new game at least, so there is that...?

I'll try to remember to let you know if it ever happens though! It just... probably is gonna be a while if it ever does, I'm really sorry about that!

You're welcome, and again, I'm sorry it's not the answer you probably wanted to hear.

I should probably keep a closer eye on the comments section here so I can remember to reply to these things.

Admittedly one thing that doesn't help is I'm working on a project that I haven't even announced yet that... interesting circumstances have led to becoming my highest priority for the time being, pretty much until it's done.

Though, I mean... hey, maybe I can look into how hard it'd be to port to Mac some day... y'know, when I can get together the money needed to get all the prerequisite things for that... no promises of any kind though, not to mention there's some other things I'd probably wanna patch in this game first if I were to do that since... there's some things I wanna consider tweaking in the game that would be a bit easier than a Mac port.

But I'm still not sure what to do about that one, a lot of the biggest issues have been fixed and it feels like it'd be weird to just suddenly release a patch with a few relatively smaller fixes and nothing more after so long of not updating the game... hm.

...sorry, getting a bit sidetracked, whoops.

If you try running the game's demo via Wine and have issues though, lemme know and maybe I can try to help sort out any problems? Still no promises on that front mind you that it'll work, but I wouldn't mind at least... trying to help with that. I've actually messed with Wine a bit before, albeit on a computer that's no longer working or else I'd test it myself right now and let you know how it went and what I personally did to get it working.

Hey, lead dev of the game here!

I'm a bit late, but the engine only supports exporting to Mac of the two, and exporting to Mac requires having Mac hardware, and having Mac hardware requires space and money I don't have.

Mac would, as a result, be financially unfeasible at best, and at worst the game might flat out not run properly on it.

Linux, meanwhile, Clickteam Fusion does not at present have a Linux exporter at all. However, while I haven't tested it, I see no reason the game wouldn't work with Wine, or, at worst, Proton! Heck, I think I remember a friend managing to get the game working on Mac using Wine at one point with relatively few issues...?

The game does have a demo you can use to see if you can get Clickteam Fusion games running in Wine and/or Proton (the latter I think requires running the game through Steam I should note)! It should be a way to then also gauge if the full game will work in those, though I think it was compiled in a slightly earlier Fusion build than the full game from what I recall so I can't make guarantees there admittedly.

Sorry that this isn't the answer you were probably looking for. Just, kind of the reality of things right now.

I see... I see... that's probably the issue due to how the game's controller support works. If you use some sort of controller rebinding program (booting the game as a non-Steam app through Steam might work), you might be able to get the game's controller support working with your controller that way.

I could potentially, in the near future, test to see if the game even needs an adapter to use a Switch Pro controller, the input handler I'm using may have already handled that out the box, but I'm not 100% sure. And I'm not sure the Switch Pro controller even works properly at all on PC without some kind of adapter or program, so I'm not sure there's any kind of solution here other than that.

I hope one of us can find some sort of solution (either on your end or by fixing something on the game's end or something else like that), and barring that, can live with weapon switching on the face buttons or enjoy the game on keyboard + mouse, depending on what your circumstances are in why you're using a controller and the specific choice of controller in question.

oh, I see. yeah, really not sure what's going on, but the next update (whenever that actually releases) should make F5 another option, which should *hopefully* fix it. but also I made some changes to how it detects F9 (it used text and only checked lowercase "f9" and not "F9" so I wonder if that was the problem), so F9 itself could work in the next version for you too? we'll see I guess, hopefully one of those two fixes works for you either way once it's out! sorry about the inconvenience in the mean time.

Well, regardless of what the cause is I added a line in the code so now F5 works as well. Hopefully whatever the problem is that'll be sufficient for fixing it whenever the next patch releases.

that's... quite odd. I'm not quite sure what's going on there.

...wait, does your keyboard have a function key or a function lock key or something....? like, is this a full desktop keyboard or is this a laptop keyboard, or what...? if it's a desktop keyboard can you perhaps tell me what keyboard it is so I can look into the keyboard in question...? I probably can't afford to get one myself but I can at least see if the f9 key not working in some programs with it is some known issue with it or something.

it's the only thing I can think of, f9 works just fine on my own keyboard so I have no real way to figure out what's going on over on your end. also, are you sure f9 works in other programs? perhaps the f9 key is simply broken on the keyboard...?

wanna help however I can, I just need to get as much info as possible before I dive in with potential solutions. wouldn't even mind sending you some private test builds to try and diagnose it that way if it comes down to it as a last resort. could start with, say, adding f5 as an alternate option for pulling it up if I do go the test build diagnosis route. or maybe I can find room to add another proper button for it somewhere... hm...

Do you have the latest version? Try downloading "", it wasn't a feature available at launch after all. Also, the demo, unfortunately, was never updated to have the feature at all, neither was the GameJam release. Also I just checked, the key is F9.

What controller are you using...?

There's honestly only so much that can be done when there are some weird driver-related issues that cause triggers to work completely differently on some systems entirely arbitrarily, even for the same controller, but at least if I know what controller you're using I'll have some idea what's going on and if there might be some kind of solution.

There is one! Keyboard I'm guessing, right? It's explained better for controllers. But if I recall correctly for keyboard, you go to the settings screen and press one of the function keys, probably F7, F8 or F11? Can't remember for sure though.

The unusually easy levels and hard bosses were admittedly intentional as the game is a spiritual successor to Alien Soldier, which did basically the same thing, even if I know it limits the appeal a bit to people who aren't fans of that game.

Though in fairness, this game and Alien Soldier aren't the only two games I know of that purposely put most of the difficulty into the boss fights. Metroid Prime did something like that for example. Love that game too btw, though it wasn't really inspiration for this one, and the reason it did that is quite different since that one was supposed to be about exploring, so bosses being the only hard part just kinda made sense.

Though uh... this one maybe kinda didn't put enough into making the stages actually interesting, which I feel is a much bigger problem than the stages being too easy compared to the bosses. If I make a follow-up, more than making the stages harder, I at least want to make sure they're fun. Fun is the priority, if I can get that down then I feel like it'll help out a bit, heh. That and having more difficulty customization that specifically applies to the bosses, that's also something I've had in mind.

Lead dev of the game here! The game's main inspiration was Alien Soldier, which was another Treasure-made run-and-gun for the Sega Genesis... with some similarities to Gunstar Heroes. And hey, in fairness, I love Gunstar Heroes too and the game is a bit inspired by it too, heh...

Glad to hear you enjoyed the game! A steep learning curve is definitely something I'm aware is a bit of a problem in this one. If/when I make a follow-up I'm kinda hoping I can find a way to make it a bit easier to get into, though admittedly with the ideas I have in mind that may be easier said than done.

climb up the ladder that looks like a wall (the hitbox isn't where it looks like it is, try standing a bit to the right) and making a jump to the right.

that being said, this game sucks, so I can't say I'm surprised somebody got stuck on the first level, since the first level is not exempt from that.

Thanks, I'm trying my best.

Just hoping my best is good enough to do my concepts justice...