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Haha, thanks!

While the limit of 1 simulator per try is a bit harsh IMO (you get unlimited tries in any given level anyways, after all, and some of the levels are basically impossible to get down first try with how precise they are), that's pretty much my only complaint here.

Good difficulty curve, a humorous plot-line, fun gameplay about placing objects out of the way of an object moving in a fixed (and sometimes amusingly odd) path, nice graphics and music, a satisfying conclusion, the game is just the right length where it doesn't overstay its welcome yet doesn't feel like it's potential went under-used... the game even introduces a fun new mechanic part-way through. Oh, and it's a pretty creative use of the "cycles" theme, as an added bonus. Surprisingly polished given the amount of time it was made in, too.

Really good, fun game you have here. I'm just getting started on playing these games and this was certainly a wonderful first impression on the Jam's games.

Seriously, any game ranking below, like, 18th (out of 71 games) has a really low score for some reason. A lot of the lower-ranking ones also mostly seem to be ones with, like, 5-8 or so votes? did somebody basically go around giving every game a 1 in every score because that would explain some things, such as the lowest ranking games only having 1 through 2 votes

Confused person is confused.

P.S. Congrats to the winner! With how many people were voting on Delunky I was not expecting somebody else to win. That being said, having played it, my goodness I see why it won.

A decent little shoot 'em up with nice graphics (though sadly no explosions, so it could be better in that department), and okay soundtrack, and which generally feels pretty well put-together, though the action does feel like it could've been better-paced admittedly, especially earlier on.

Aww, this could've been really cool had it been finished! The gameplay is fun, the graphics and effects are nice, the explosions are satisfying, the level design, while it has some empty spaces that probably should be fixed up, is pretty decent as a whole... I kinda wish this had gotten a chance to be finished. Also, sadly it doesn't have any music or sounds yet.

I like the music. Visuals are decent, though given the nature of the game, having larger sprites and tiles would probably be appreciated more than more visibility, since it'd be more fun to explore nicer-looking environments and all that. Gameplay is, well, it is what it is, it's not for me but I can see what you were going for. Overall, given what it's a demake of, I'd say it's a pretty successful demake.

this is



There's very little game here, which makes this pretty hard to accurately judge. However, from what's here, I guess I can only really say that it seems to do what it set out to do.

It's a bit buggy, with a lack of ability to deselect attacks rather negatively impacting how it plays (and my attempts to work around that being how I discovered the bugs, mainly it glitches the heck out if you select a unit and switch back while in attack mode). But honestly, it's not half-bad as a whole.

Visuals look pretty nice, but it can be hard to differentiate the bullets from the background sometimes. Gameplay is pretty solid as a whole despite that however. Music kinda hurts my ears unfortunately, though I appreciate the attempt. All in all a pretty successful demake of the first level of Ikaruga.

Awesome audio, good graphics (though the planet rotation does make the pixels look a bit odd), gameplay is good, but the jumping and gravity switching could feel a bit better. I kinda wish there was more than one level, this is pretty fun to play as a whole.

So I think I found a game that's breaking the rules of the Jam.

Mainly, this one uses actual Sonic sprites, actual Sonic songs, and as a result is not only not a proper demake to the best of my knowledge (going against the spirit of the Jam) but also goes against rules that have been clarified/established in other discussions (mainly, no copyrighted content):

So uh, what exactly is going to be done about it, if anything...? Does it even really break the rules, or just guidelines/things that are highly recommended to be done/etc...?

P.S. Creator of the game, if you're reading this: I have nothing against you or your game, the game seems to actually be a pretty neat idea, but rules are rules, even if they admittedly weren't explained perfectly, and I couldn't find any non-public communication options for discussing it.

CONTINUED: As I was writing this post, I think I found a few more iffy games that miiight potentially break the rules too. They're not quite as concretely in the "it breaks the rules" zone, but I'll still note them in the chance they are:

Wyvern's Crest, which if the screenshots are anything to go by, it might be on the border of NSFW, though admittedly it partially depends on how you define it (e.g. do you define it as 18+, which this very much isn't, or do you define it as something that might get you in trouble if you looked at it at work, which this possibly could be depending on who you ask):

Ghost Story, which... doesn't appear to be a demake of anything in particular? The only thing that hints at it at all is the mario-64 tag, and uh... the graphics certainly aren't a downgrade from Mario 64's graphics if that's what it's supposed to be a demake of. In essence, it's not really a demake from what I can tell? I could be mistaken on that, and if so, feel free to point out what it's actually a demake of, but best as I can tell this at least doesn't go by the spirit of the Game Jam, even if it may not technically break any concrete rules:

P.S. I have nothing against the makers of these other games or the games themselves either, your games seem to be pretty neat too, at least for how much progress was made on them (particularly in the case of Wyvern's Crest, which was apparently rather unfinished), but once again I question if they followed the rules of the Jam.

Graphics are nice and clean. No sound, unfortunately, I would've really liked some nice beeps and boops for when stuff happens. Gameplay is okay but the paddles are way too slow, and if the ball moves too close to straight up or down, it becomes near-impossible to properly track it. Limiting the ball's possible angles to about 60 or so degrees as the steepest angle in any direction would probably mostly solve the latter issue, and the former issue is solved by, well, making the paddles faster, or maybe making the player's paddle mouse-controlled to allow for more precision while also allowing for fast speed, and then adjusting the enemy paddle accordingly.

Fixing those issues would make the main twist of the game a ton more fun for the record, and speaking of which, the main twist of the game is actually a nice touch. :)

All in all, a fairly decent attempt at demaking Pong out of all things, a game which by all accounts is not one that is easily de-made.

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I actually prefer this to the original Flash game it's based off of from what I've played of both of them. Graphics and music and such are a bit on the simple side of things, but with the gameplay working this well I don't care too much. Nicely done!

Cool concept, and definitely earns massive points on the demake scale for taking a highly 3D game and trying to make it 2D, but between graphics that don't mesh well with each other and gameplay that feels incredibly un-fun, glitchy and tedious, I can't say I'm a fan of the execution. Song that plays during it is actually pretty decent tho. 

That being said though, best as I can tell you don't have much experience with making games, and honestly? This is Super Mario 64 if my older games are Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, and GameJam games can be hard to make even if you do have experience, so I've gotta give you credit where credit is due: You put out a game with gameplay that functions at all, and managed to do it in an incredibly strict time limit. And it's very possible, if not likely, you managed to have fun while doing it! And really, if you made something playable, and had fun making it, I think that's what counts most. :)


It was definitely inspired a bit by Alien Soldier, heh. Probably some subconscious Mega Man inspiration as well with how much I like the Mega Man series.

Also, there isn't anything for beating the secret boss, but if/when we do an expanded version, we might add something for it. The reason DIE5 doesn't work for everyone is because it requires holding more keys than some keyboards like having held down at once, which is why the other options are there to begin with, haha.




Ah, fair point.

Also, I think I know what recently released and very popular boss rush game you're talking about, lol.

Oh, and if you're looking for some originality: Try fighting the hidden bonus boss. ;)

Alas, I've already done all of that (except maybe destroying the asteroids for those crystal things), and then I got stuck in a seemingly impossible to progress in state.

Thanks! :)

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1. Yup, fully aware of that issue. A last-second buff to the ice weapon combined with a last-second nerf of the rock weapon kinda resulted in that, since the ice used to be way too weak and the rock way too strong.

2. They're primarily intended as a way to let you gather HP before bosses. Most important in HP rollover mode (doubly so in game reset HP rollover mode), where your hitpoints are carried over from stage to stage (and in game reset mode you start the whole game over if you die once). It was also done to move the focus almost entirely over to the boss battles, in a similar vein to Alien Soldier. It's a good thought that the enemies could possibly be set up to teach you about some concepts that some of the bosses use though.

3. The checkpoints in the final boss were an anti-frustration feature, as there are a few final bosses that I was this close to liking in some games but then they had way too many forms with no health restores and no checkpoints. In other words, I did it because there are some final bosses that I felt were ruined by not having checkpoints between phases. I may have gone too far in the other direction here, mind you, especially since most of those games required you to replay super-long final stages if you even died 2-3 or so times between the boss and the stage.

Overall, those are some fair criticisms you have, maybe I'll be able to keep them in mind for the future.

A decent little platformer where the main selling point is pretty much just the artstyle. It looks good, but the gameplay is a bit basic. The story is simple but rather charming from how much of it I've seen so far.

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I have no idea what happened here, but I apparently need -5 more white gems before the game will let me win. :/

Pretty fun overall, even if I haven't actually taken on any of the dungeons yet.

UPDATE: I have now played a dungeon. They're pretty fun too, albeit they all seem to have similar layouts thus far.

It's a shame this game is unfinished, since what is here is pretty solid. Movement is nice, attack set is fun, etc.

I was loving this game so much, it's a pretty fun run-and-gun platformer. And then I realized: The levels are randomly generated. (I only read the description after playing the game.)

Then I loved it even more.

I think this is my new favorite game of the Jam. Nice work!

The game doesn't appear to be letting me start any more levels now. This is the closest one, and it seems it's still considered to be out of range or something?

Okay finally figured it out... but you can fly the ship backwards when it's supposed to fly out as a cutscene. It looks pretty ridiculous, especially since it can phase through walls.

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FLY AWAY LITTLE SHIP! BE FREEEEEE! much playtesting did this game have? Kinda curious, since it's a bit hard to figure everything out and I've discovered gems of bugs such as this one.

Oh, also, the settings button on the main menu doesn't work.

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So, I've heard that you have to get certain items in order to use the ship, but why did the game just lock me in with it when I apparently still don't have everything needed to use it? Like so:

The enemies can't kill me either, so... :/

Also, I just tried using the arrow keys, and... I can move the ship? Even though I'm not in it? Isn't the game controlled with WASD?

I'm thoroughly confused.

Screenshot with the ship now moved with the arrow keys:

Haha, fair enough. If it wasn't clear, BTW, I enjoyed the game. :)

Sorry, was kinda at the end of a session of playing several games from the jam when I posted this.

Let me give some more in-depth thoughts now...

The graphics and soundtrack are good. The gameplay variety was nice, though I would've appreciated it if the shooting sections did more than "here's a few almost identical enemy patterns over and over again" (they never dragged out too long thankfully). The ending came basically out of nowhere and I still am not 100% sure what words describe how I felt about it, if the right words to describe it even exist in any language on the entire planet, though I can say that, given that you needed a way to end the game logically at that point despite how early in the game it felt, it certain was a good way to handle it. XD

A tweak I'd recommend making for the "thanks for playing" screen and the cutscenes: Make it so the game won't let you skip lines of dialogue until about a few frames or so have passed. That way the cutscene won't progress just because the player was already holding a button the frame a cutscene started.

Also, don't get me wrong: I did enjoy the game. There was more that could have been done with it (if nothing else the shooting sections could've used a few more kinds of enemies), but I'm glad that I played it. :)

That ending was just plain bizarre, there was some kind of thanks for playing screen I could tell but it didn't show up for very long before the game spontaneously closed. XD

Also, this isn't really an RPG. What it does manage to be is a decent game.

"I know I'm only supposed to use Clickteam fusion for platformers and FnaF clones"

Just because it's what people usually use it for doesn't mean you have to use it for those things. Nice to see somebody trying something different. I'd play a nice, quirky game like this this over a FnaF clone any day.

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Not the most fun game in the jam, but oh my goodness the way it is all presented is amazing. A more finished version of this would easily be my overall favorite game in the jam. As it stands, a game with strange difficulty curve, a few grammar errors, and a sudden ending (which from my understanding is because the game was made in a few days) mean that, while I still kinda love this game in its current state, I unfortunately can only rank it so high.

Would love to see a more finished version of this. :3

Doesn't include an IWannaCreate logo screen. :/

It's pretty cool that you were able to make a roguelike/lite in such a short amount of time.

There are a few issues: The lack of sound effects hurts the presentation, there is exactly one enemy attack pattern in the entire game, unlocking the last weapon is a bit too grindy for my tastes, and it can take a while to figure out everything that you have to work with.

However, let's put all those issues aside now, since this game is pretty enjoyable as a whole. It controls well. It has a neat idea where you can fly around in your spaceship to avoid enemy fire (super fun, too). The levels are generated nicely. The soundtrack is great. The graphics are good.

This is a flawed but very enjoyable game. I'd recommend everyone participating in the jam to give it multiple tries, since it may take a while to figure out everything the game has to offer (such as the fact that you can re-board your spaceship mid-level at any time).