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Pretty solid so far!

I really like how the slide feels, the weapons are versatile and varied, the visuals look great, I like the soundtrack so far, you can rebind the controls which is always a welcome inclusion, the enemies are decently varied, I like the branching paths, there's a lot to like here for what is so far only a prototype.

 If I may make a few suggestions for things that could be changed, or perhaps more accurately things that could be added if you feel they fit the game and/or aren't too beyond the planned scope of the project:

-What if you made it so, when you hit an enemy with an attack, the projectile, in addition to exploding, also had debris particles? And if you do that, what if the number of debris particles were based on the amount of damage the attack did? Might give the combat more of a punch (it already feels nice don't get me wrong) and while conveying information to the player, if you think it wouldn't be too hard to implement/too far beyond the project's scope/etc.

-What if the player could adjust the height the cluster bomb fires at using up or down? It could potentially make it too good admittedly, so I can understand if implementing that wouldn't make sense for balance reasons, but it has the potential to be fun so I thought I'd suggest it in any case.

-Perhaps adding a slide cancel button could make sense? As it stands there isn't any way to cancel a slide early after it's been started best as I can tell, so adding a button mapping for cancelling a slide could be helpful as an option. Alternatively and/or additionally, perhaps pressing down could cancel a slide? It's not really necessary, the game controls fine as-is, but not having to commit to slide speed (keeping in mind you keep slide speed if you jump while sliding until you land) would potentially make the game a bit more forgiving.

Ah, yeah, that makes sense.

I considered adding something like that, but I figured that a particularly slow reader might need a bit more time to make the choice, so I decided against it in the end since I don't have an easy way to accommodate for that. I did however place a cap on a certain thing that otherwise could've made the game impossible to clear in 2 minutes under certain circumstances, so there is that at least, it's always possible to beat in 2 minutes barring a particularly slow reader on the choice (it's like, about 4 sentences to be clear).

Heck,  if you never stall at any point and instantly act every time you can, the game would be over in only a few seconds more than a single minute if I recall how everything is timed correctly. I feel like I left enough time that the average player will finish the game in 2 minutes at most. The part where you hold a button (and alternatively can mash a different button), there it maybe would've made a bit more sense to force the player after a certain point, but given the context, automatically finishing that part wouldn't have quite the same impact, so as with the choice I didn't feel it fit the game very well to force the player through faster.

(1 edit)

So let's say I've made a game which is most likely to be over in 2 minutes, but a player choice or two can take as long as the player wants if they so choose. Is that enough to no longer count as a 2 minute game? Would I have to put a time limit on the decision to 100% for sure ensure gameplay doesn't go longer than 2 minutes? My game's a bit unconventional, so what does and doesn't count as "gameplay" is, admittedly, probably a bit debatable to begin with, which admittedly doesn't help matters.

There's also a gameplay segment with a similar problem, if you just hold down a button it'll always be over in like 30 seconds tops but if you purposely do nothing it won't ever end. Does that need a time limit?

thanks! I'm glad that people seem to mostly be enjoying this one

(this one has a price tier that gets you the game's soundtrack but is free as a base, if it's possible I want the OST version included with the bundle)

ahhh, okay. well, it's an interesting balance to strike because is free but Steam costs $100 per game, and on people can pay extra for games and takes a smaller cut than Steam by default, end result is, both have ups and downs, and while you should probably expect higher sales numbers on Steam based on the sales of my previous Steam game (Flashover MegaSector, if you're curious), you may not necessarily make more money depending on the exact numbers and price. it's kind of an interesting situation where exact numbers can't really get across the nuance of it, so basically I'd advise going with both, and maybe start with since it doesn't cost you anything.

you uh, pretty much registered just to ask this it seems?

I am curious why you'd wanna know, are you a game dev trying to figure out whether or not it's worth putting games on

(1 edit)

I don't know the exact numbers since I don't have access to the statistics, but when I asked a week ago it was, at least, definitely purchased more than once, and it's probably only gone up since then making an exact number kind of hard to know without asking my publisher again.

Game only released on a few weeks ago, it hasn't even been a full month, even less a year.

(1 edit)

There's a way to remap the controls yourself, though I don't remember how you do that off the top of my head.

EDIT: So I just booted the game and you have to press the "special move" button on the menu screen. The game will even save your button mapping and even tell you your current mapping on the title screen.

Glad to hear you like it! Diamond pause "glitch" is actually intentional because I thought it'd be funnier that way. Characters being cheap is because I don't want the player to have to take too long to unlock everyone so you can more immediately get into trying out all of them.

However, I probably should've had more characters that are slightly more expensive. I don't really want to go and change it now, but maybe if I ever add more characters or make a sequel with more characters or something...

Thanks for the feedback!

First boss has already been nerfed for the final product thanks to some feedback I've already received, I won't be updating the demo but just rest easy knowing that it won't be quite as ridiculous there, the lasers are a lot farther apart now.

Sound effects are something I always seem to forget to work on adding, I can't promise that the sound design will be easy to fix but I might see about it at some point.

The small scythes actually all have the exact same behavior, they just aim based on when they first spawned instead of aiming at where you are now, which makes their behavior somewhat bizarre.

As for the weapon balance, it's... complicated to explain, so bear with me for a bit if you don't mind (I've saved it for last for a reason).

First off, notably, some players have mentioned that they instead opted to exclusively use the boomerang weapon, so I guess some players will opt for one for bosses and some will opt for the other.

Second off, the purple weapon, at a glance, seems to be the best option for every boss. In practice, the boomerang is capable of slightly higher damage output than the purple weapon... as long as it's in constant contact with the boss in question. So against larger bosses, the boomerang is slightly better (at least in theory, been a while since I tested exact numbers on that). Otherwise the purple weapon is. But there's only one large boss in the demo.

The boomerang also has the niche use of collecting health pickups from a distance, which can be very useful in stages sometimes if you're unfortunate enough for an enemy to drop a health pickup out of reach. Which doesn't really happen much in the stages in the demo.

Suffice to say I didn't fully think through the stage choices when it came to showing off the boomerang's capabilities against bosses. To that end I don't really feel like it's a good idea to make adjustments to it yet. If people still have gripes with it in the full game, that's when I'll see about trying re-balancing it. for the ice, yeah, that one is pretty weak against bosses. It's mostly intended as the absolute best option for defeating enemies in the stages, which, well, with how short the stages are... yeah, it's perhaps a bit under-powered, but I'm really not too sure what to do about that without making it too powerful against enemies and/or making it the ideal weapon for bosses instead of the purple weapon by going too far (it's the easiest to use weapon after all).

...the shorter version is, each weapon technically has a niche, but the purple weapon's niche is "does high damage to all bosses", so it's understandable that it's the most immediately obviously useful one. While I'm still not 100% sure on the balance of the weapons, it probably won't change for now to keep another weapon from becoming a legitimately blatantly OP weapon which outright removes the niches of the other two... but I'll think about it.

Sorry about the wall of text to respond to all that... uh, thanks again for the feedback, glad to hear you enjoyed the game overall!

Hey it's fine, I actually realized you were talking about player health and not boss health. The bosses already have health bars, which I'm pretty sure are easier to track in the heat of battle, so I (apparently correctly) assumed the problem was player health.

Thanks, glad to hear you enjoyed it!

As for the health thing, to solve that, hm... so I'd add a health bar, but the health cap of 999 is, well, quite a lot higher than most people will get their health on average, but I can't just make one that caps at 100...

...hrm, well, maybe I'll think of a good solution to keeping track of health at some point... kind of focused on other things though, but hey, we'll see, if I can think of a solution to that I might add in something to try to help. If not, hopefully it doesn't end up as too big of a deal for most players...?

Xenogunner is an upcoming boss-focused run-and-gun with short stages and tough bosses, and an expanded version of the GameJam game of the same name. This demo version features 4 stages and bosses to challenge, without story context. I've been working on making an expanded version of the GameJam version of the game for about 2 years now, I really do hope that everybody enjoys the demo, and I really hope that everybody enjoys the full game when it releases!

(...I still don't have a release date for the full game, to be honest...)

Watch the trailer below!
(Clickteam, the makers of the engine I used to make the game, is publishing the game, and even will be porting the game to the Nintendo Switch, so the trailer is on their YouTube channel, rather than mine.)

Here's where you can try the demo for yourself:

I really hope you enjoy it!

Heck if I know, though I do know that games made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 seem to like to be picked up as false positives through heuristic analysis. I'll run it in VirusTotal to see what other scanners might also be complaining, and then see what I can do to get it all cleared up.

...I've run it through VirusTotal and VirusTotal doesn't seem to pick it up as being scanned by Windows Defender (a select few other scanners do pick it up though apparently)? Weird. Well uh, feel free to submit a false positive report here if you want, or you can tell me what definition version of the program is causing it to be picked up and I can do it myself (the definition version isn't required but will make it faster):

(Here's how you can find out what definition version you have: )

For what it's worth, the Five Nights at Freddy's games also have issues with being detected as false positives, and were made in the same engine. As with many other Fusion-made games. It's always a few random scanners, McAfee appears to be a particularly bad offender there though.

That being said, I have no idea what the heck happened here and if you want to remove it just to be on the safe side, I can't blame you.

an amusing button masher that can be cleared rather quickly.

a simple, charming, and relaxing present delivery game. calm song, nice graphics, simple gameplay. pretty fun!

a rather quite fun shoot 'em up you've got here. the soundtrack is nice, the visuals are nice, the sound effects are nice, if i only have one gripe it's that the game doesn't really have much of an ending to speak of after beating what i'm pretty sure is the final boss.

either that or i died when i thought i beat it.

in any case it was pretty fun.

a decently fun platformer which is unfortunately a bit buggy. but still, i had fun playing it! the roll move is pretty nice.

well, first off, I don't think I encountered any bugs, so that's nice. that being said, the game is... definitely a bit on the simpler side of things. there's really not much to it and little reason to play for more than a few minutes, but it has a neat concept. i just kind of wish it did more with it, things like having a bit more room to move up and down and adding in stuff that's trying to fight you while you throw down presents, or stuff you otherwise have to avoid like maybe birds which accidentally knock all your presents down or such if you don't want the game to have combat of any kind.

i did notice a lives counter in the upper-left corner though, so perhaps it simply takes too long before things you need to dodge start spawning...?

ah well. congrats on making a game in 48 hours!

the game appears to be broken? it opens a file browser then just closes...

an amusing and very, very short point and click adventure game that appears like it would have a fair amount of replay value. small gripe is that while the controls are listed on the game page, they are not listed in-game (not enough to change the score to be clear, but i feel it worth a small mention). also, i love the song, honestly part of why i'm giving it the score i'm giving it, hahaha. that and the sound effects. the sound effects are really funny.

nicely done!

my game was a bit weird

especially the finale

but here it is anyways

people seem to really like the feel of the shooting in this i'm noticing


i went back and forth on whether or not to add a walk cycle and eventually decided it wasn't a high enough priority, heh

Great minds think alike apparently. This game is definitely very different from my own project for sure, don't get me wrong, it's just amusing to me that I wasn't the only one who thought "what if Metroidvania but you gave the upgrades to other characters" would be a good way to approach the theme.

My personal amusement of the coincidence aside, this is a pretty fun game. Admittedly I have yet to solve the puzzle of the game's layout but I'm sure I can figure it out eventually, it's fun enough just trying to work my way through it only to see that I missed something and reset.

I do have to wonder if the dig is supposed to basically be a freebie like it is though, given that you can just... dig everything first, then go back and give all the gifts. Might be easier to actually solve if you go about it as though it weren't a freebie though and used it as part of the basis of the solution, lol.

Anyways, nicely done!

Charming and functional, but sadly, clearly unfinished. Pixel art is decent and so is the sound (including the song).

...kinda hard to comment on it much more than that given the short length. Making a game in 48 hours is tough though, so I can totally get how it ended up the way it did. Suffice to say, I'd be curious to see what an expanded version of this would look like in action.

An impressively charming platformer for 48 hours. If I'd change only one thing, I'd probably consider making the pounce a bit faster and/or weightier. I like the pounce as-is it just probably would be more satisfying to use that way.

Still, can't really say this game didn't do what it seems to have set out to do, it absolutely did and it did it well even.

Infiniboss is an arcade-y endless boss battle score attack game with multiple playable characters.

A shoot 'em up with simple controls designed to look like an older browser game.

D-R-ooM is a short parody of the recent incident where a certain game's modern console ports required making an account when the original released all the way back in the '90s and had no such requirement, and a satire on always-online DRM in general. Gameplay-wise, without spoiling too much, it's a bit like an on-rails shooter, a bit like a run-and-gun, and occasionally has elements of a typing game here and there, but overall it's kind of hard to classify as much more than "shooter" without things getting tricky to define safely.

Here's some screenshots:

Ah yes, the title screen- wait, login screen? On the title screen? Boo! BOO! Get out of here, forced login!:

Screenshot of the gameplay once "logged in" (side note, no internet connection is actually required to play the game, nor is any account actually required):

You can download the game here:

If it makes you laugh or you have fun playing it, then my mission is accomplished, and I'm super glad to hear I pulled it off.

If it didn't, well, I made this game in, like, 24 hours, I'm surprised that the feedback I got from my testers was as positive as it was honestly, so I can't say I'd be surprised if some people dislike it.

But hey, may as well find out which one ends up being the case for you. I mean, the game only takes, like, 5 minutes to beat. at least theoretically. So what do you really have to lose? I mean, it's also free, so...

...anyways, hopefully you get the picture by now on what the game is all about.

<shamelessPlug>Feel free to give my other games a look while you're at it if you want, somehow I didn't quite realize this forum existed back when I first made those so I blew my chance at getting those on here.</shamelessPlug>

So for those of you who haven't noticed, the game has a multiplayer mode! However, you may have also noticed it's local-only. Well no worries, Parsec to the rescue!

To be honest, this was my secret weapon while play-testing the game's multiplayer with my play-testers, and it worked pretty well in our experience. I didn't mention it sooner because... well, because honestly I wasn't sure how to best go about announcing it. But hey, better late than never, and now I'm here to tell you how to play the game's multiplayer online using Parsec! This isn't a detailed guide, so if anything isn't clear, there's plenty of places where you can find help online, or you can ask for clarification here and I'll try to do my best to help!

Step 1: Download Parsec at
Step 2: Run the program and create your account, then get your friend, rival, frenemy, or bitter mortal enemy who you plan to play with to do the same.
Step 3: Send a friend request to the person you want to play with.
Step 4: If you wanna host, set your computer to be able to host in Parsec's settings. In the settings you can also (optionally) set which programs your friends/enemies/etc. can actually see.
Step 5: If you wanna join, find the friend (or "friend" if you're trying to settle an argument with a bitter enemy or something using the game, not judging) who you want to play with and press the button to request playing on their machine.
Step 6: Run the game.
Step 7: Make sure the host has enabled keyboard control in Parsec, or that the host has a gamepad-to-keyboard program set up!
Step 8: Remap the controls to each player's liking.
Step 9: Have fun!

I don't have experience using Parsec's party system, but from what I understand, if you want to host a match publicly which other people can join, you can use Parsec for that too! But that's beyond the scope of this guide, I just thought you might want to know.

Have fun!



I'll start with the biggest positives:

I like the procedural level generation, and I like the sound effects. I mean, really, the procedural generation sometimes doesn't feel entirely procedural even, it's pretty neat.
Also a rather ambitious idea to make something with procedural generation in such a short time span.
The shooting in the game actually feels pretty nice with how fast the bullets are.
The upgrade mechanics seem pretty neat, even if I haven't been able to get all of them yet and thus can't comment on the quality of all the upgrades.
The game controls pretty nicely, with fast and responsive movement feeling rather nice.

Not everything I have to say is positive, so I'll do my best to voice those issues in a constructive way, since it sounds like you wanted feedback:

The homing projectiles are a bit annoying (that might be something of an understatement, any room with too many homing projectile enemies pretty much requires you to stand at a distance and attempt to snipe them), I feel like just having the enemies simply shoot projectiles that moved in a straight line would have been more fun. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong but I admittedly wasn't able to beat the game because of it. Maybe I just suck at the game though. XD
I also wish the enemies were a bit more common, because like I said earlier the shooting mechanics are a decent amount of fun. I tried using the dash but it doesn't seem to do anything but leave blue particles behind, I tried holding the button and nothing seemed to happen at all. I'm probably just doing something wrong though, heh.

Even with the negatives in mind I overall liked it! Would definitely love to see a more polished version some day.

thanks! yeah, the hitboxes in the last game probably needed a bit more fine-tuning. i figured that the pattern was forgiving enough that it wouldn't matter too much if i didn't have time to do that though, especially given the tight time-frame i had (most of the game, concept aside, was made yesterday).