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yeah that also bothered me...bit intense

Hey, this is Jason, the guy who did the majority of the art. I'm just popping in to let you know I completely agree with your assessment of the art. I wanted to attempt a style I haven't before. However it wasn't as polished as I wanted because I only got to do one pass on it. I was hoping to do four passes total. I didn't get to spend as much time on it as I hoped. If we continue on with this project after the jam I'm hoping to do an art update for sure. Thanks for the comment and as always THANKS FOR PLAYING!

Thanks for the feedback!  Yeah we weren't left which much time to balance difficulty since we spent most of the time getting the random generation and AI to work right but those are definitely all things we plan to revisit after the jam is over.

Thanks! Yeah spent most of the time on AI and random generation it didn't leave much time for balancing...may try to balance it a bit more after the jam if it seems like it needs it...definitely adjusting the boss fight a bit though

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Thank you! Glad you liked it! :)

Was pleasantly surprised to see you participated in this jam! First off, thank you for your tutorial videos! I've learned a lot from them over the past year or so .  Actually utilized the custom platform enemy movements tutorial for this jam as a base then added my own AI.

This was a very impressive scale of a game for a game jam- even though this one was 2 weeks I can tell this took a good amount of the time just to get the base game in place with the random generation, dungeons, map system, etc. Gameplay overall was a bit of a grindy experience gathering resources but still very immersive and had a lot of fun exploring the randomized maps. 

Couple suggestions I might have though would be adding some enemies on the over world map to fight when exploring (if that wasn't already planned) - would add to the immersion and sense of urgency. Maybe even some damage to the enemies when drilling them...I assumed it would for some reason and tried it on the face-hugger-jumper things since they were below my line of fire but found out quickly it did not do damage lol might be worth a try if it doesn't make it too easy.

Honestly can't wait to see if you take this game further! I think it has a bit of room for improvement in some aspects but a lot of potential!

Interesting art style...Loved the trippy feel some of the worlds had. The shadows on the backgrounds were an interesting design choice though - makes it pop forward a bit but also makes you notice it's flat so wasn't sure how I felt about that. Personally am not a fan of jumping puzzles but for what they are they were well done here...challenging at times but not impossible. Favorite aspect was discovering and exploring the various planets and sectors. Overall pleasant experience...enjoyed it!

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This is true. Definitely stood out so clearly wasn't a bad idea - smart marketing

Had a lot fun playing the combat levels - loved that! Space feels a little empty though but that is space lol - ran into that issue ourselves with a previous Ludum Dare game jam game we did (Plutus). Great visuals and audio - might suggest a 2nd layer of stars with a slight parallax. Also loved the coordinate navigation/teleport system, was a good touch. Only complaint was that the ending for me also closed abruptly  before reading it

This was a very interesting concept. Liked the assembly line. Only thing I'd suggest is during transport it does feel a little slow paced and repetitive. Might suggest adding enemies and less asteroids or a way to speed up and slow down maybe.  But definitely original and nicely done! Enjoyed it!

Probably still  just a bit of an IP conflict as mentioned. But even with that aside - gameplay was challenging and fun! Only thing other then removing copyrighted content that I might suggest  is making controls a bit tighter.

LOL I laughed pretty hard at this one when I booted it up...partially because our current game in production contains a lot of poop humor as well (Gardyloo - Catch the Poo).  But that aside the gameplay itself was pretty fun - felt I might of been given too many bombs at first but then realized later I should have saved them lol. Like the other comments mine also did not have the same backgrounds as in the screenshots which would have helped with the ambiance and presentation but still made me laugh.

I had fun with this one! Love the random generation, was a nice design choice. Biggest complaint though is the sound effects audio levels. At max volume settings I could barely hear them and it would add a lot to the gameplay if they were increased but glad there were volume settings I could adjust. The gems freaked me out at first too because I thought they were projectiles lol but after the 2nd or 3rd time seeing them I figured out they weren't (maybe because I need more sleep? idk lol).  More enemy types might be a nice addition too but aside from the audio issue, I really enjoyed it!

Very interesting concept and style choice. Loved the map system!

Definitely rough as you mentioned but also a great prototype start. Basics are there and with some work I could see it being something very fun. Just had one bug to report (since I  know I appreciate when people report them)...wind magic didn't seem to be pushing enemies for me. But good job and hope you keep at it! Would like to see what it could turn into!

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As mentioned no IWantToCreate splash screen :/ Had some nice ambiance though and was definitely challenging with the lighting design.

Had a lot of fun playing this! Was hoping for more levels but the one is definitely a good challenge and made me want to beat it.  Nice work!

Once I figured  out what to do in the first level I had a blast - thought the ship was glitched and I couldn't get in because it kept saying "E" to Use but then realized I had to go perform the other tasks before I could get in. Only suggestion would be not have the Use command pop up until you can actually use it and maybe a player health bar for the intro part.  Other then that had fun with this one and great visuals and audio! Nicely done!

Definitely feels a little slow outside of the mini-games but they are a lot of fun and has some great visuals. Very interesting concept! Enjoyed it

Very well polished and well made. Easy to see how this would work well for mobile. Although not sure how it fits in the sci-fi fantasy theme but I enjoyed it. Had only one minor glitch in the second or third room (the one with the lever) where the exit spawned even though I had missed one gem but I'm not complaining lol. Great submission!

Lot of fun and challenging...wore out my space key lol.  Like others have said it's a bit too zoomed in....other then that very immersive and fun.

Very nicely done! Fun gameplay and great art...only complaint was the levels were a little shorter then I would have liked but the boss fights were well done!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! :D

Thank you! :)