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Harri Jokinen

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Thank you! :) We'll see if I make some more challenge maps to it. I've thought about re-skinning it into a non-Star Wars style game :)

Thanks! :) Actually it's made purely with active objects, just with positioning and resizing. This way the code is usable with the mobile platform, but of course Mode 7 object would give you turning around and 360 positioning. 

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Yup, that was an oversight for sure :D It's gonna be fixed in an upcoming version, but I'm releasing that after the jam, just to avoid confusion between the jam entry and the later version.

The concept was really interesting, with different planets and gameplay bits. The shooting parts and the graphics were really solid :)

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It's okay! That happened to me once when I was developing my first game with Fusion. I advice you to use backdrops, quick backdrops and active objects for pretty much anything :)

Nice to hear that! You know a game is decent, if you care to try it again, and not just press "quit" after the first death. :D

Glad you liked it! :) I made it in five days, so there was no time for different challenge levels, but that could be a good idea for future updates.

Thanks! :D I have considered continuing this. Would be nice to see a wampa / yeti character randomly appearing and devouring the player, for example.

The atmosphere was nice, but the view was a little too zoomed in for my taste :) I think it could easily be ported to mobile also :D

Yup! I made it windowed at first, with the option to Alt+Enter it to fullscreen, but then then had feedback that it should be fullscreen from the start. But I might do an update to it later, since there's no options in the game, just arcade style "Start game" :D

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For some reason the cat could only shoot upwards :D And the backgrounds in the screenshots are different from the game. It was only a grey background with all the active objects in front of it :)

Dang this game is hard :D I'm not so good at arcade-style platformer games. The presentation is nice tho!

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Thank you! Yes, I did make Kalaban, but didn't know it's anybody's favorite game :D I made this game jam entry for fun and to test out a pseudo 3D view without any special 3D extensions.

Thank you very much! :) I'm trying to get sounds in as well, hopefully before the deadline.

Cool game, but you should at least change the name and remove excessive SW references :)

It's probably not worth the trouble then. If the 32bit version won't work, chances are the whole game will just not run on your machine. It's also available on Android at GooglePlay. https://play.google.com/store/...

So what did you think about the game?

What seems to be the problem? When I try to download the game, it just starts without any trouble. There is only the .exe included in the package.