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A futuristic game where a cat soldier prevents demons from wrecking a toilet
Submitted by paulomatos with 50 minutes, 16 seconds before the deadline

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It's rather fun for what it is, though feels very basic.  I didn't see any point in using one weapon over the others, though I might not gotten far enough into the game that it mattered.


Thanks for the feedback! I didn't have much time to work on a tutorial, I planned to give the weapons as the player was progressing through the waves. But the difference is that the first ice ammo slows down enemies, the second fire ammo shoots faster, the third moves slower but has a greater colision space and deals double damage (it takes 4 shots from the other ammo to take down the skully and only 2 from the third one). I had planned more enemies and power ups but I couldn't get them into this first release, sadly


thanks for all the feedback guys! This was my first game with Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and I must have screwed up in the build, so the background picture wasn't embed together with the game files. I did get a warning first try saying the file should be in the folder, and I changet it to the same folder structure as the .exe file. Second try to build I didn't get any warning and when I opened up it had the background so I just assumed it worked, but apprently it didn't. Wish I could just update this detail cause makes such a difference, but since it's a game jam I'm pretty sure I can't. I'll try to update if further, after the result of the jam. I'm glad even buggy it could bring some joy though =)

Thanks for playing it!


LOL I laughed pretty hard at this one when I booted it up...partially because our current game in production contains a lot of poop humor as well (Gardyloo - Catch the Poo).  But that aside the gameplay itself was pretty fun - felt I might of been given too many bombs at first but then realized later I should have saved them lol. Like the other comments mine also did not have the same backgrounds as in the screenshots which would have helped with the ambiance and presentation but still made me laugh.


Strange, buggy, and despite this surprisingly very catchy and a lot of fun. First game of this jam that made me laugh out loud. Loved the way it played, the humour, and would love to see more. Really cool.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

For some reason the cat could only shoot upwards :D And the backgrounds in the screenshots are different from the game. It was only a grey background with all the active objects in front of it :)


thanks for the feedback! The cat is supposed to shoot only upwards cause it's meant to be ported to android in the future maybe, so I didn't want it to have even more buttons. Thanks for the screenshot as well, I screwed up the build with a large background file that somehow was locally refered by the game and didn't notice until it was too late, my apologies

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

It's okay! That happened to me once when I was developing my first game with Fusion. I advice you to use backdrops, quick backdrops and active objects for pretty much anything :)


Strange yet fun :)