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Thank you so much for the encouraging words.

Thank you. Happy to hear that.

Thank you! I Had some negative feedback about the controls, so I'm glad to hear a different opinion. Might rework it anyways, if I decide to continue working on the game.

Simple and cool. Liked it. Had a few issues towards the end (soldiers getting stuck), but that's understandable for this jam. Keep it up!

Awesome! Out of the jam games I played, this one was the most fun. Has potential. Keep it up :)

Thanks! The  sprites were made by - check him out. He's an awesome guy that does all sorts of public domain game art.

Thank you so much for the kind words <3

Here are the bigger things I noticed, that if you could rework a little, would make the experience more fun. For me at least.

Biggest thing I found, is the amount of enemies during the spaceship game. Maybe I'm mistaken, but it felt like it's always the same, for both long and short distances. When I travelled to a planet right next to me, it ended up being an auto-game-over, since there were just way too many things do dodge. When I tried it again, this time only travelling very far away, the game took longer, but barely had any enemies in it.

The shops and item prices. I just didn't know what's a good price and what's a bad one. Every time, I just ended up being broke, since I either bought and sold everything, or tried to memorize the prices and failed anyways. I would love to see just one more number in the shop: an average price. This way you always know if the deal is good or bad. Maybe I'm just a big noob, but I didn't see into the code, and didn't know what to buy, what do sell, and where to do it.

Otherwise, for me it had a really nice gameplay. I enjoyed the robot talking sh*t when I did something stupid, dodging the crystals and ghosts, and I really felt my computer working through the chunks of code. There might exist some small additions, like adding fuel so you can't just endlessly make money, tax gates, or some other things I thought of while playing, but since it's a jam game, I really liked how it turned out, and you shouldn't be too disappointed, since as you said in the introduction file, there's no violence or fnaf, and with that, neither the potential for an ordinary player to enjoy the game and make it a hit.

We learn from everything we do, and I'm sure you learned tons while making this, but don't forget one thing: enjoy yourself. You did a good job.


I will be very specific, to what exactly I noticed could be improved.

The animation of the box creation machine was shaking, but the inside icon wasn't. You either have the whole thing shaking (making an impression it's producing a crate) or nothing.

The mission picking was an amazing idea, but just wasn't followed through. I didn't see why I should pick either one of the options. It didn't tell me how many crates I need to make, or how much I get paid. I think this is the easiest thing to improve, since it's not too complicated, and it would add to the game greatly.

When in the spaceship mode, I got the asteroid encounter almost every time :( . I don't know the code, but I assume it's random, and I really didn't like that. Either have it always change, so no encounter can come twice in a row, or make it custom random, meaning after you already get asteroids, there's a much bigger chance to get shooting spaceships the next round.

But most importantly, the user interface. The first few times I got into the shop, I was extremely confused. And I read the tutorial first, so I more or less knew what each button does, but I really wasn't sure. I just think the whole things needs to be reworked. If you only want icons in the shop, make it so the player can mouse over the icons, and gets shown details about that upgrade. The text that made you buy an upgrade looked exactly the same as the text that was just there, and I had no idea if I click something what it's going to do. Also, there wasn't any way to reset after I make a mistake (which really isn't that important, but ^^reread my previous sentence and you see why I personally missed it).

I think these are the bigger things, that worsened my experience, but don't get me wrong! I very much liked the game, surprisingly spent a lot of time on it, and was grinding until I got all of the things on maximum. I really think if you rework it a little and polish it all the way to the end, it would have a lot of potential.

Anyways, thanks for reading. Hopefully, the feedback wasn't too long, too confusing, or made you angry, mad or sad. None of these are what I want, I would just love to see your game improved, since I really liked it and feel like it could get much better.

Keep it up!


Strange, buggy, and despite this surprisingly very catchy and a lot of fun. First game of this jam that made me laugh out loud. Loved the way it played, the humour, and would love to see more. Really cool.

Oh man, I had a blast playing this. My first thought was "The looks are kinda lacking", but when I started playing, I couldn't stop until I died so many times, I thought the fabric of time is going to overheat from too many captain's dead clones. The cute characters, the short but well done storytelling, those were bonuses. What made it for me was the enemy AI. Maybe I just have a kink for AIs, but I really loved how the baddies behaved.

Great idea, creative ways to build upon the idea, but for me there wasn't enough polish. Anyways, I very much liked all the parts that made this a whole, and can barely imagine all the code behind the scenes. Solid.

Was hyped for Taco's team submission, and although I felt a bit of dissapointment, I can really see all the hard work, sweat and many many hours that went into this. Sad of the time pressure, since I know this game would've been amazing. Still very solid, and all the creative ideas put into place make it a surprising 'I need to play more' kind of a game.

As it was said here before, the view was way too close up, but besides that, it was a really nice experience. All the particles and sounds immersed you into the atmospheric feel. Loved the references. Cute ✓ Fun ✓ Blood ✓

Although I barely got past the third room, I can really feel how well the game plays. Someone may say the controls are not very good, but I say the opposite. It makes you feel like you're in control, and that's important. This game was way too hard for me, and that's why I had to play it over again and again, and I could really see how many details went into it. Most people wouldn't even notice how all the treasures you collect go into the chest, not talking about all the particles and animations. Very solid work. Keep it up.

Loved it. Very simple, very addicting. Couldn't get to the end, but after a few tries, I got into it, and it grabbed me so well I had to replay it. Coolio

Although it needs a lot of polishing, I liked the idea, and the way the mechanics worked. I can see how much effort went into making this game, and appreciated that. It might not be perfect, but it's good for what it is.

This comment isn't very constructive :( 'decent game' or 'bizzare ending' doesn't give me any opportunity to make my game better. The thanks for playing screen closes after any input, so I don't think there's the problem. Maybe just didn't hit your taste?

Same here, can we change the game in a way that doesn't add any new content to it? I also have some bad bugs that need smacking.

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Thank you! I was afraid some people are going to not like the game because of the genre melding, but I'm happy you found it entertaining. Indeed, I was very time pressured and I'm sure there are plenty of bugs and you're absolutely correct the ending was very improvised, but I'm happy with how it turned out and I hope people will enjoy it nonetheless

Absolutely amazing work. Love it. The music, the idea, how it plays. Really well done. Keep it up