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oops my bad lol.

Did you have any feedback for my game Alien Scumbags? Not sure if you have rated it yet.

Thanks! I have continued working on it since but it's too far along to update it before the gamejam has finished.

I now have green lighting that emits when an enemy is near as well as a beeper depending on how close they are.

Fixed the issue with falling through the platforms on level 3 (I will remember to set background objects to obstacles next time haha)

Zoomed the screen out by two resolutions from 112x63 to 144x81 making the character a little smaller.

Lol I know that feeling too.

Sounds good to me! Maybe create a LORE for the game in a similar vain to No Man's Sky with different races and a history to uncover.

Yeah I would do that too as the 2nd one far surpasses the first, maybe do other ones based on other classic games like pacman, spaceinvaders,,snake etc.

By the way do you have any feedback about my game Alien Scumbags? Not sure if you have rated it yet but can't see any comments.

Great looking game, really enjoyed the music.

I didn't like the first mini game at all, but the 2nd one was cool and I could really see this turning into something pretty special if you keep working on it.

Interesting game, I feel like it could turn into someone really cool. The movement felt a little forced for me, but I did like how you could upgrade that (oddly it didn't feel like I kept my upgrade when I went to another planet)

I would try and work on tiles for the desert level too as they tend to blur as you run, maybe make the tiles larger and spread the pattern out a little bit or just less intricate patterns maybe.

Great start just needs more polish and a gun please, I really wanted to shoot something lol.

I have been having a think about what you could do to urge the player to explore, maybe add a little bit of information about each planet, for example so a planet was made up mostly of magma so you would buy rocks/coal from them at a super cheap price due to the planet being saturated with it, then go across to a cold planet to sell the goods that they themselves can't produce. You could have lots of planet with different specialisations and stats for other things.

Music wise again this could either be set to each style of planet to keep up the atmosphere or you could go down the Sim City route and have lift style lounge music in the background. Just a few thoughts.

Interesting idea but certainly not a game for me, try and make your art all of the same type, at the moment it looks like a mish mash of different artwork, also if you are using images that are not created in Fusion try and go around the edges a little neater as that really makes a difference.

Music would really help this in my opinion also I found the game needed more hand holding, as not everyone is used to that type of game.

Hi SZ thanks for the feedback, I will certainly be adding a sound when enemies are closer and will be zooming out the action a tiny bit.

No problem, I hope you continue with it as the idea could be really awesome, just think you need to lead the player through the experience more clearly.

Really nice graphics, gameplay was solid although Erik got stuck on the door that you open with the red leaver lol. I was hoping it was going to be a classic style platformer but still liked what you did with it.

I wasn't a fan of this, couldn't find a pause button, you had Vector graphics mixed with pixelart graphics and found the how 2 very long.

Improvements I would recommend are: Keep the art style the same throughout the game, either choose clean vector style images or choose pixelart, make a tutorial instead or as well as a how 2.

Check over your grammar, placement of full stops, capital letters etc.

I will keep playing and edit my review if a have further/changed thoughts.

Awesome looking game! Gave me a Megaman feel. Are you looking to build on this after the jam? Pixelart and music are great too.

Loved the non copyright infringement logo! Game presentation was excellent, feel the gameplay should be slowed down a little and naughty naughty using midi's of the Star Wars music.

Couldn't get along with this, needed instructions, got killed and then had no idea how to respawn, darkness is cool, my one is also set in the dark but have a little light around the character.

I liked the concept of this, graphics was cool as was the music but I found the controls tough to get along with. Nice entry and would be interesting to see how it would turn out if you continued with it after the Jam.

Thanks Mravec! :)

Cheers! Them aliens take some killing without the Shotgun. When the game jam has finished I think I will alter the window resolution a small amount to

Thanks Harri.

Yeah it is very close up, I think it would use a slightly larger resolution if I was to do a project like this again. Its in 112 x 63 which made using the mandatory splash screen pretty darn tough.

Lol I accidently put some of the platforms on level 3 on the wrong layer meaning the player just falls straight through.


I have a pretty bad issue in my game, can I fix the bug eventhough it is past the deadline?

Cheers :)

Thanks Aenever really glad you liked it! I feel it has an odd mix of comedy and horror :D

Hi All,

Just joined, this will be my first game jam, although I have previously released games. Looking forward to showing off my entry Alien Scumbags soon.

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Hi all,

I started this project after getting inspiration from playing several arcade classics on my Raspberry Pi, a lot of my ideas have come from the 1945 series mixed with bullet hell games.

The game has come a long way visually as well as gameplay wise as I realised that not everyone likes insanely hard games so I have added more settings to cater for more casual players and so gamers can train up to the harder levels for better scores.

Anyway below is some pics/video to give you an idea of how the game has progressed, looking forward to your feedback.

Hi I'm James,

I am one of the team at Monster Finger Games in the UK.

We use Clickteam Fusion, personally I have used Clickteam products for 15 years although I would same I'm really still only beginner-intermediate.

We started by putting games on the Ouya which went pretty good actually, went to Googleplay after and not enjoying that so concentrating on the PC Market now instead.

A few games we have made with links

Super Renegade Response

Our showcase on Gamejolt

Our games on Googleplay

Finally our most recent project Super Bombardier which is still in Early Access

Super Bombardier community · Created a new topic Feedback


I'm James one of the people at Monster Finger Games and wanted to get some thoughts on Super Bombardier as we are aiming to make this a fun game for retro gamers like us.

Anyway I will leave the rest up to you, I look forward to your feedback.