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Payout question & payment problems.

A topic by eliris created Oct 13, 2016 Views: 909 Replies: 2
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Hi, I am receiving the following message after I initiated a payout of $90:

"Warning: You've requested a payout but do not have PayPal configured on your account. is be unable to deliver your payment automatically. Please add a PayPal account below or contact support if you are unable to."

  1. I use the option " collects payments and then pays later".
  2. I do not have paypal but have stripe configured.
  3. I expect the payout/payment to be made to my bank account using stripe.
What went wrong? Will I still receive my payment using stripe?

Second of all, when I change my settings to have the money paid directly to my stripe account, someone sent me an email that the payment had an error, this is what she said:

Problems to pay with a card :(

That message appears:

There was an error processing your card payment:

{"message":"Your card was declined.","type":"card_error","param":"","code":"card_declined"}

We currently don't support payouts via Stripe. It's not something they support so I'm not sure when, if ever, we'll be able to do it. We do support direct deposit for US bank accounts but due to the additional overhead it's only for sellers above a certain volume.

As for the credit card denied error, I would make sure that there's nothing in your Stripe account settings that might be preventing the card from being accepted. Did you try buying your game with your own credit card to see if it went through. (You can refund afterwards) If you do want help testing the integration we can step through it, send us an email to

Ahh I see, I am currently outside the United States so I believe my Stripe still has some problems (I have set it up but and it didn't show any errors but it might be from stripe's side). I will try to resolve the Stripe issue.

Meanwhile, can we know what the minimum amount to payout if we wanted to initiate a payout via US Bank transfer?