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Paint of Persia

Paint of Persia is a rotoscoping pixel-art tool · By dunin


A topic by dunin created Jun 24, 2016 Views: 1,623 Replies: 30
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Any suggestions, new features you would like?

Could you release it to iOS as well? Making a game but I'm not such a good pixel artist.. You're tool is perfect! Good job :


I know it is frustrating to have only a windows build, but my goal is to do a good and stable tool first, and builds for others OS after.

So this is not my priority...

But OneMuppet try to do it works on mac ( ), so stay tuned, maybe it will be possible soon...

Ok. I'll wait for the stable version. Thx!

+ 1 for the Mac build.

Developer (1 edit)

Hey, here is how to run it on Mac:

A palette box that holds the colours used in the cel would be useful! I love this program.


I have something like that in my to-do list: a panel where you can save and manage choosed colors (like in graphics gale for example). Is it that? Your version seems to be more automatic, is it a software that do what you think and that I can try to understand how it's work?


Hi, swatches are avaible in the new version, and I implement a function that automatically create color boxes according to colors used in a frame/animation...

how about making it work on 32 bit devices please i'm poor and i can't afford anything 64bit


Sorry about that, it's a shame. I do it asap...





the pipette-tool only selects colors already drawn with. Would be useful to select any color on screen.



That's a good idea!

I don't know how to do it right now, but I put it in my to-do list.


There is an implementation of it in 0.2.1 build.

For now, it's a test, you have to right-click on pipette-tool to launch it, wait a bit (sometimes) and after, when you pick up color on a transparent part of the canvas, you get the color behind...

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I haven't really looked into your version without nwjs (neither do I have the time the coming months).

But I saw you said cross-platform was a hassle, but also that you use node.js... So have you looked into / @
It "compiles" into mac, linux, windows....

Another idea: Share the source on github and you'll get lots of support I'm sure.




nwjs is cross-platform too, and current version works on all of them if you download nwjs on your on way (I must clarify that on the presentation), but each has small specifications on which I have to work

Yes, github or things like that is a good idea, but I have to clean my code before...

I didn't expect as much attention as it, so I am a bit overflowing at this time...

Hope you enjoyed the attention :D

First of all great idea for software! Just love it :)

I have few ideas: (I have more, but let's start some where)

- Toggle shortcut-keys for background/image visibility is sheet window.

For example: Button 1 goes down. Current state is saved and Background is made opaque. When button is released, it restores the state.

This would be much better than back-n-forth slider. And much faster to use.

- Mouse Wheel for Zoom and/or Brush Size

For example: Mouse wheel sizes the Brush and Mouse wheel + Ctrl key is Zoom for the Sheet, rather than sizing the window it self.

- Label some where which tell what frame you are and total frames count.

- Shortcut-keys for:

- Add Frame ( For example: Ctrl+F -> for to last, Alt+F -> After this frame )

- Next / Previous Frame

I noticed that the software captures some of the keyboard keys while it is running. For example I can't type all my letters and space while the software is running. I have to exit to get them back working.

But as i said, I love this. I hope you keep developing this!


That's a bunch of good ideas, thanks!

I have to look into all of this...

(and you allready have next/previous frame with arrows, this is written nowhere, but it exists...)


Adding the shortcuts for background/image visibility('N' and 'M' or ',' in azerty keyboards) , that's a great idea!

Add the label too.

I don't know what to do for the add frames shortcuts, because there are lot of possibilities (before/after/at the end, new frame/duplicate frame...), I have to think more about it...


Adding shortcuts to add frames:

Ctrl left / Ctrl right / ctrl Shift right : add duplicate frame before/after/at the end

Alt left / Alt right / alt Shift right : add new frame before/after/at the end

Ctrl+Y instead of Ctrl+Shift+Z


In 0.2.1 version, you can use both.


Here are a few ideas (you might've already implemented some of these since the old version I downloaded):

  • Palette box where you can save a color set.
  • Color picker that picks colors from the whole screen (so that you can pick a color from the background window).
  • Line tool to draw a line.
  • Onion skinning to view previous or next frame for smoother animation work.
  • The possibility of importing a single frame

Hi, thanks for those ideas, here is few responses:

  • Palette box will be in the next version (tomorrow, I think)
  • There is an experimental version for the color picker through transparent part of the canvas (right-click on the color picker icon to activate it, can take few seconds)
  • if you hold left click on pen icon, you could have a line tool (buggy but will fix in the next version)
  • importing things is a good idea, I write it in my to-do list. For now, you can paste an image from the clipboard if you want (I try with an image copy from photoshop, it's work)
  • I asked myself the question for the onion skin, but I was thinking this is not really usefull for rotoscoping, is it?

next version is out!

Hi, about the onion skinning, I figured that it's not a necessity buy some people might need it since their target framerate might be higher than the background video's frame rate so they might want to "fill" the in betweens by hand.

Thanks for the update, we'll go check it out!

Hi really great tool you have!

Would a feature where you can tween the size and position of the video so the subject stays relatively in the same frame for animating a walk cycle be useful


Hi and thanks, I don't really understand what you would like, do you speak about the little preview windows? You want to resize and move it? Or the thing behind the main windows (in this case, ptop doesn't manage what is behind it...)?