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Really cool! We want more levels!

Post-jam version! Post-jam version! Post-jam version!

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Mince, on était presque sûr de connaitre tout sur Tizi Ouzou...

Il va falloir qu'on passe faire un tour pour mieux comprendre les coutumes locales et réparer notre erreur!

dg, dk & dn.

I have the same "data folder not found" issue on windows.

too bad, it looks great...

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Hey funny game, simple but awesome idea, and well executed!


here is a typo for french version (2players - rafale) : "gagnez par devinant toutes les photos correctement" -> "gagnez en devinant correctement toutes les photos"

(and even in this way it is a bit strange - strange but not totally wrong...)

Fun clicker!

the end (and the way we restart) is interesting...

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It took time, but mac version is avaible!


Importing color palettes .aco is avaible in the new version!

Replied to Faunatune in Bugs report

I finished the mac port!

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Hi, thank for reporting, it's fixed on the new build.

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Hi, I did a bug fix (v 0.3.1) that corrects this bug (test on OSX 10.10.5, but must work for all).

That's not the full support of mac spec (I want to set menu on the mac way and bundle an app...) but it is usable with nw.js, and you would be able to open your .ptop files!

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I see, I really have to look at mac specific aspects.

I will look at this asap.

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Hi, sorry for that strange bug, I have to investigate...

But normally if you could save, animations aren't lost (check if save files aren't empty, you can open it with a text editor)

What are your configuration and the version you use? Did you use a sandbox?

And just to be sure I understand well: can you tell me exactly when you get the error, after browsing and choosing a file I guess?

Ok, I will look this!


No problem, but I am not informed about the type of files used to save/export palettes. I have to take a look at it.

What type of file would you like to import?

Very clever one button multiplayer!

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No problem, it's a pay want you want thing. I send the request to itch team.

If the tool didn't work for you, feel free to report bugs,

If it did not meet your expectations, I hope you will find what you need!

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Hi, no read me file for now, I have to write one. Sorry about that.

If you hold left click on a tool, you can see the different options of this tool. Polygon is an option of the shape tool (the rectangle), lasso an option of the selection tool. You also have a line tool as an option of the pencil.

There are some options that are "hidden":

  • right-click on the colored square: set this color as background-color
  • Ctrl+click on the colored square or a swatche : select all pixel that have that color (to enable the swatches, click on the arrow on the palette window)
  • right-click on pipette tool: enabled an experimental pipette that allow you to pick up color behind the canvas.
  • If a selection is allready set:
    • Shift+do an other selection :add the new selection to the old selection
    • Alt + do an other selection: remove the new selection area to the old selection

Hey, thanks to share your work! It's nice to see people using it!

The points 1 and 3 are in fact in the tool (but must be perfect):

- with a right-click on pipette, you can activate the "click through" (it's hidden, because it's in test)

- the matches are avaible by clicking on the arrow on the bottom left of the color window (maybe this is not sufficiently visible...)

For the point 2, I'm not sure to understand (I never used this type of feature..): you select two colors and the program give you the median color between this two colors, that's it?

The king is dead!

Posted in Win XP?

Unfortunately, it used a window manager that is implement in Windows since vista...

I'm sorry about that, but can't do anything....

Wow, so funny game!

Just one thing: the purpple is harder to master, we see less where is the head...

Replied to reghyzone in MacOS/OSX

Hi, thanks for testing, is that the shortcut that doesn't work or even the undo menu has a problem?

Replied to xBread in Bugs report


Did you try to change your theme?

Classic themes disable transparent windows...

Replied to dunin in Suggestions

next version is out!

Replied to dunin in Suggestions

Adding shortcuts to add frames:

Ctrl left / Ctrl right / ctrl Shift right : add duplicate frame before/after/at the end

Alt left / Alt right / alt Shift right : add new frame before/after/at the end

Replied to dunin in Suggestions

Hi, swatches are avaible in the new version, and I implement a function that automatically create color boxes according to colors used in a frame/animation...

Replied to nilead in Bugs report

Hi, I did some tests with a VM, the bug is really strange, I have to investigate more but for the moment I do a little fix that works (I hope) but the risk is to lose the saved swatches...

Replied to nilead in Bugs report

Hi, that windows 8 bug is really annoying, I'm sorry, I have to investigate more on it...

Maybe if you want to help, you can download this version: https://framadrive.org/index.php/s/CtCk7uq0Qr7A2dV that opens a console at start and send me ( dunin(at)laposte.net ) what's this console show when the bug arrives...

Replied to eliris in Bugs report

Hi, thanks for report, try to correct the first two for the next version.

For the third, I don't show loading on non-responsive part (so you understand you can always move or resize window during a waiting part), but maybe it's a bad idea...

Replied to Rybicon in Suggestions

Hi and thanks, I don't really understand what you would like, do you speak about the little preview windows? You want to resize and move it? Or the thing behind the main windows (in this case, ptop doesn't manage what is behind it...)?

Replied to eliris in Suggestions

Hi, thanks for those ideas, here is few responses:

  • Palette box will be in the next version (tomorrow, I think)
  • There is an experimental version for the color picker through transparent part of the canvas (right-click on the color picker icon to activate it, can take few seconds)
  • if you hold left click on pen icon, you could have a line tool (buggy but will fix in the next version)
  • importing things is a good idea, I write it in my to-do list. For now, you can paste an image from the clipboard if you want (I try with an image copy from photoshop, it's work)
  • I asked myself the question for the onion skin, but I was thinking this is not really usefull for rotoscoping, is it?

Hi, I just posted a short tutorial here: https://itch.io/t/28706/linux-and-mac-users

Replied to brewton in Bugs report

change the way that shortcuts works on the 0.2.1 version

Replied to codetive in Suggestions

Adding the shortcuts for background/image visibility('N' and 'M' or ',' in azerty keyboards) , that's a great idea!

Add the label too.

I don't know what to do for the add frames shortcuts, because there are lot of possibilities (before/after/at the end, new frame/duplicate frame...), I have to think more about it...

Replied to dunin in Suggestions

There is an implementation of it in 0.2.1 build.

For now, it's a test, you have to right-click on pipette-tool to launch it, wait a bit (sometimes) and after, when you pick up color on a transparent part of the canvas, you get the color behind...

Replied to Idgafo in Suggestions
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Hey, here is how to run it on Mac: https://itch.io/t/28706/linux-and-mac-users

Replied to Ajay in Suggestions

In 0.2.1 version, you can use both.

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Run Paint Of Persia on Linux is really easy.

post here which version works and will update if someone confirm that a more recent version works.

Currently known working versions on linux: 0.2.0

Here are the simple instructions to run Paint Of Persia:

Linux build

  • Download and extract nwjs here http://nwjs.io/
  • Download and unzip the ptop_x.x.x_without_nwjs.zip file in the same folder.
  • open package.json with a text editor and add this line : "chromium-args": "–enable-transparent-visuals –disable-gpu"
    (For example, the start of the files should look like this:
    "app_name": "ptop",
    "chromium-args": "–enable-transparent-visuals –disable-gpu"
    "window": {
  • run nw
  • (you may have to enable compositing)
Created a new topic Versions
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I will post here change logs:

(since 0.2.2, each version had a name based on the artist that I most listened during as I did it)

0.3.2 "Geneviève Castrée"

  • Official mac support!
  • add curve tool
  • add color swatches import (.aco, .gpl, .png)
  • bug fixes (shortcuts bugs, experimental pipette, etc.)

0.3.1 quick bug fix for mac users

0.3 "Pascal Comelade"

  • Real selection tools
    • add lasso and magic wand
    • change display of selection
    • keep selection and selection limit where you can draw
    • shift to add something at the selection, alt to remove
    • ctrl + click on a color (main window or swatches) select all pixels with that color
  • add lock for swatches
  • add a pattern possibility (with custom or random possibility)
  • the experimental pipette support multi screens
  • add grid display possibility
  • add pixel-perfect cursor possibility
  • lot of bug fixes (draw ion edge, historique, etc.)

0.2.2 "Bernard Adamus"

  • Add polygon tool
  • add swatches in the palette window
  • new shortcuts (Ctrl left / Ctrl right / ctrl Shift right : add duplicate frame before/after/at the end, add new frame if you use Alt instead of ctrl)
  • rewrite history: change frame isn't rec, but move selected area is.
  • bug fixes (multiple lines, focus lost, history...)
  • attempt to fix windows 8 bug (is it working?)


  • new management of shortcuts, don't keep key if no window has focus.
  • added some shortcuts (Ctrl+Y to redo works too, hold 'N' to show all the background, hold 'M' to hide all the image (or ',' in azerty keyboards...)
  • added label to see the current frame number
  • About menu display version and had a link to the game web page
  • fix dotted rectangle bug
  • added experimental pipette to pick up color behind the canvas (right-click on pipette-tool to enable and test it, can take time to init)