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Unfortunately, there is no zoom yet.

It's planned for the next release, but I can't give you a date, I don't have time to work on ptop right now....


Hi, here is an attempt to fix it:

Can you try it and tell me if it solves the problem for the palette window or for all windows or for none?

If none, you can try to press f12 with the focus on the main window (the one with the menus) and see if there are any error messages in the console....

setting.json was an idea, but if its deletion doesn't change anything, it's not that.

I suppose the bug happens even with a new project?

Which version do you use? I'm going to try a quick fix but I'm not sure that that solves the problem...

Uh, strange. Maybe it's the file settings.json (that keeps the swatches) that's corrupted...

You can try to delete it (after send it to me (dunin(at) so I can debug the program). The location of the file depends on the OS and whether you use the itch application.

For example, on windows, it is C:\Users\yourUserName\AppData\Local\Paint Of Persia\User Data\Default\settings.json

Thank's for reply!

I'm really exiting to play your games!

Sadly I had a hard week and can't finish my game for now (maybe in April?)

@simpleroot : a detective game is nothing else. And I think that compute papers have a good investigation feeling...

@MiniBobbo : Cool. In my mind, the tricky part is to have only one possible solution, without doubt, like a chess problem...

(now my secret hope is taht someone pick up the first idea but don't say it...)

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Hey, here are some ideas I don't do (I keep one idea for me, if I found time to do it),

feel free to take or comment it, I write this post because I think it could be fun little games and I am sad to not doing it.

idea 1: the Borges way.

Inspired by An Examination of the Work of Herbert Quain. A basic dialog game. A kinda bad game: not challenging and really linear.
But one sentence at the end, reveals to you, that the detective you was playing was wrong. And if you get it, and you think about it, you can found the real solution....
(in he Borges' short, the sentence is: "Everybody were thinking that the meeting between the two chess players was fortuitous" (my bad translation of the french translation I had)

idea 2: the Papers, Please way.

(and Last express way too). You are a papers detective. You never move to your chair, just read reports. The screen is your desk.
You have two detective who works for you, at the start of your day, you can give your orders (interrogate, follow, confront suspects, or examine some place, etc.) (give orders via phone?) , then you read the reports of the last day.
When you think you have the solution, you prepare the folder for the judge: you can only put a limited number of reports (4? 5?) in the folder. Then you will just be informed of the judge's decision (classified case, arrest but acquittal, etc.)

idea 3: the logical way.

more simple game. you have a map of the place of a murder (with a corpse in a room), and suspects to put on the map for three different moments (before the murder, during the murder and after).
Each suspects have one affirmation for each moment ("I heard something at the room", "I was in the kitchen", "I move on", "I was with one person", etc.).
The goal is to place each suspect at the right place: the combination where all the affirmations are right, except those of the murderer (who can lie or not). And so found the murderer.
This fit well for a procedural game (but the hard part is to generate problem with a unique solution).

That's all. If someone do one of this games, I will be very proud. If not, I'm already happy that this ideas are somewhere and not just forgotten (this is a sort of memo post too)...

(and sorry for the big post in bad English)

What a sad win screen!

Cool tiny game,

I don't think it's too hard (nor impossible), there is always a clever solution!


a good start is to search the first illustrations of sherlock holmes I think.

I found some here.

But there are more than that...

Yes! You just have to do few things:

Hi, I'm not a lawyer and I think it depends on a lot of things (is it recognizable? how do you use it, etc.)
In other hand, there are a lot of things to rotoscope in public domain, for which you are sure to have the right to use it!

Nice and original use of Paint Of Persia. I'm proud !

Works on linux, I just had to change some permissions

(open terminal on the folder, then type once:

sudo chmod +x NSFWare data/ags32

and to play:



I'm sorry to say that, but it's a bit out of the scope of Paint Of Persia...

But thanks for the offer!

Maybe you can check PixaTool that have a video exporter and could be more interesting for what you search (I haven't try it yet, but it seems promising)...

Hey, sorry about the delay,

Lot of work, and Ludum Dare..

I don't really understand what means "rotoscoping in Rt"

Rotoscoping is frame-by-frame work, so it's not very suitable for real-time stuff, no?

Or do you want to have a video player (or webcam display) in a paint of persia window?

Wow, really weird, I can't reproduce it. But sorry for the bug, I will try to fix it...

Can you give-me more precision:

  • if you open the Quick Guide (in the "?" section), do you see John Steed?
  • Is the bug already effective at open or is it a thing that arrived after you move the window or resize it? 
  • Can you send-me a screenshot with an indication of the area where canvas work and where it doesn't?

Thanks, I finally won a game, but a terrrrrible bug took me away the taste of victory...

Computer is a bad player and say he wins...

Hy, thanks for suggestions.

 1: there already is an import option, for .aco .gpl and .png files (the little arrow on the bottom-right of color picker), if you think another type is missing, I will add it.

2: It's an hidden feature (because it isn't stable for now): right-click on pipette to activate and pipette will work with the image behind too.

3: In my opinion, it's out of the scope of this tool; I know it's hard but rotoscoping is handmade paint and have better result because you do choices...

Clever relaxing puzzle game, congratz!

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Nice version! Love the style!

I didn't know the board game, but it looks really great!

I just have two suggestion after my first game:

- can you show the hierarchy of colors somewhere (top-right?) ? After few games, it will be obvious, maybe, but it's hard to remember when we start...

- can you underline cubes added on cards (second line), sometime, i didn't notice them.

(oh and can you added "windows" on itch, for the itch app?...)

(oh(bis) the "discard" arrow (when you can use a card multiple times) is under the cards on the right)

Fun and impressive for one hour!

Cool game, I love THE END!

Really cool! We want more levels!

Post-jam version! Post-jam version! Post-jam version!

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Mince, on était presque sûr de connaitre tout sur Tizi Ouzou...

Il va falloir qu'on passe faire un tour pour mieux comprendre les coutumes locales et réparer notre erreur!

dg, dk & dn.

I have the same "data folder not found" issue on windows.

too bad, it looks great...

Hey funny game, simple but awesome idea, and well executed!


here is a typo for french version (2players - rafale) : "gagnez par devinant toutes les photos correctement" -> "gagnez en devinant correctement toutes les photos"

(and even in this way it is a bit strange - strange but not totally wrong...)

Fun clicker!

the end (and the way we restart) is interesting...


It took time, but mac version is avaible!


Importing color palettes .aco is avaible in the new version!

I finished the mac port!

(2 edits)

Hi, thank for reporting, it's fixed on the new build.

Hi, I did a bug fix (v 0.3.1) that corrects this bug (test on OSX 10.10.5, but must work for all).

That's not the full support of mac spec (I want to set menu on the mac way and bundle an app...) but it is usable with nw.js, and you would be able to open your .ptop files!

I see, I really have to look at mac specific aspects.

I will look at this asap.

Hi, sorry for that strange bug, I have to investigate...

But normally if you could save, animations aren't lost (check if save files aren't empty, you can open it with a text editor)

What are your configuration and the version you use? Did you use a sandbox?

And just to be sure I understand well: can you tell me exactly when you get the error, after browsing and choosing a file I guess?

Ok, I will look this!


No problem, but I am not informed about the type of files used to save/export palettes. I have to take a look at it.

What type of file would you like to import?

Very clever one button multiplayer!


No problem, it's a pay want you want thing. I send the request to itch team.

If the tool didn't work for you, feel free to report bugs,

If it did not meet your expectations, I hope you will find what you need!

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Hi, no read me file for now, I have to write one. Sorry about that.

If you hold left click on a tool, you can see the different options of this tool. Polygon is an option of the shape tool (the rectangle), lasso an option of the selection tool. You also have a line tool as an option of the pencil.

There are some options that are "hidden":

  • right-click on the colored square: set this color as background-color
  • Ctrl+click on the colored square or a swatche : select all pixel that have that color (to enable the swatches, click on the arrow on the palette window)
  • right-click on pipette tool: enabled an experimental pipette that allow you to pick up color behind the canvas.
  • If a selection is allready set:
    • Shift+do an other selection :add the new selection to the old selection
    • Alt + do an other selection: remove the new selection area to the old selection

Hey, thanks to share your work! It's nice to see people using it!

The points 1 and 3 are in fact in the tool (but must be perfect):

- with a right-click on pipette, you can activate the "click through" (it's hidden, because it's in test)

- the matches are avaible by clicking on the arrow on the bottom left of the color window (maybe this is not sufficiently visible...)

For the point 2, I'm not sure to understand (I never used this type of feature..): you select two colors and the program give you the median color between this two colors, that's it?