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Great! I couldn't figure out what was causing your problem. The first fix did solve something, though? I'll post it as soon as I find some time.
Thanks for the update!


I was afraid when I read the description that I was going to run into a copy of dicey dungeon, but not at all!

It took me a while to get to the "fin", and I loved trying to find optimal strategies! Congrats!


Sorry for the delay.
Maybe you used the program with two screens and the window is somewhere off the screen.
If you don't any preferences that you don't want to lose (palette), you can delete the file that holds the location of the window (among other things): C:\Users\yourUserName\AppData\Local\Paint Of Persia\User Data\Default\settings.json

Awfully cool! Simple, fast and fun, bravo!

I just had a hard time at the beginning to quickly distinguish the direction of my character. But afterwards, it was great!

Yeah, sorry, it takes a lot of investigation and I'm missing a lot of time... But I don't forget!

Oh, weird! Is it a performance problem (if you draw slowly all pixels are marked) or are the following pixels not displayed anyway?

Hi, can you try this build:

I think I found the problem, but I'm not sure...

Oh, yes, sorry! I've had a very busy week, but the bug fix is in my todo list!

Two evenings in a row that we play this game.
No doubt: it's a lot of fun! congratulations!

Wow, it's very strange! What exactly is the bug?

The cursor is shifted? You can't draw a line? or draw more than one pixel?
I don't quite understand the screenshot...

I'm so glad you like it! Merry Christmas giftee!

Hey, sorry, I didn't put any instructions... Smol Doggo has a double jump and there is a way to do something to the UFO, but not as long as he has his protection. How can I get it off him? We must find the solution...

It's very cool! We just spent an hour there commenting on the customers' choices. It was very funny!
Bravo for the idea and the effect of the hair and bravo to your giftee for this great request.

THis is really fun! and hard! and fun!


I'm not on discords dedicated to pixel art, I'm more on the side of video game creators, but it must exist!

This one is very strange! The window must exist but outside your screen...
Is it a problem that occurred after normal use or from the beginning?

Do you have a particular screen configuration (dual screen, recently changed screen)?
If so, you can try to delete the file that holds the last location of the window (among other things): C:\Users\yourUserName\AppData\Local\Paint Of Persia\User Data\Default\settings.json

Wow, looks really clever!

Oh too bad! But when the game will be a worldwide success, there will be plenty of players to play with you...

I'm not sure I understand.
Paint of Persia is a rotoscopy software. It allows you to draw over a photo.

If what you're looking for is a software that automatically pixelizes an image, look at the side of PixaTool for example.

What exactly is the problem? You can't draw in the transparent canvas?

Hi, a working version for Catalina is out!

Sorry for the (big) delay...


Your path seems weird.

The name box must be filled in with just the name of the files (pp). The path goes into the folder box.

Of course. Desert Child use it for example.

What you create with the tool is your property. Just be careful about the references you use, which may be copyrighted.
(and the tool itself is under GNU license 3)

Ha! Vite vite, les chapitres suivants!

(je trouvais tout de même assez intéressant que la manière la plus rapide de finir le jeu, oblige à ne pas lire la lettre qui demande de trouver la manière la plus rapide du jeu...)

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J'adore les petits secrets...
Mais j'ai l'impression de ne pas avoir résolu celui de la lettre, ça m'attriste...
(ou alors il faut que je refasse tout en speed run? Sans avoir la lettre, on peut aller très vite, mais soit ce n'est pas ça, soit je ne suis pas allé assez vite...)

Really beautiful game, and nice story!


I really love the idea and I liked my few runs.

upgrade weren't clear for me. First I was thinking I take the piece, not upgrading it (maybe highlight the piece involve on the right could be an hint...)



I can't investigate for now, but you can try to delete the local folder (for windows: C:\Users\yourUserName\AppData\Local\Paint Of Persia\ ) and relaunch the program.

BUT save yours files before and C:\Users\yourUserName\AppData\Local\Paint Of Persia\User Data\Default\settings.json if you have palettes or anything you want to keep in program settings (replace the file after relaunch).


I also thought that the problem would arise....
unfortunately, I don't know when I'll have time to deal with it; pretty soon I hope, but I'm a little busy right now....

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what a strange story!
Maybe a government department is currently testing Paint of Persia and maybe they find it good too!
Anyway, thank you for this encouraging message and good work with Paint of Persia!

Le premier indice du genre est très évident (d'après les tests que j'ai faits) et est supposé ouvrir la réflexion dans ce sens.
Après, je n'avais plus la place pour faire avancer les choses de manière plus didactique (des choses comme une arme du crime à numéro sur la scène du crime étaient prévues, mais ont été enlevées...).
Et sinon: Merci!

Merci. (Mieux vaut tricher qu’abandonner...)

Here is a debug version:

can you hit the F12 button after trying to draw and resize and send me the console logs ( dunin(at) ) ?


Sorry for delay, I don't have much time right now.

That's a strange bug. Can tell me what os do you use? And is the window transparent?

Really clever and interesting game.

The last though and the fact we have to go back on each part deserve 4 stars!

Being a cartographer is a difficult job, you know...

Here is a walkthrough, if you want to know the solution...


it seems to me that for board games, being able to sort by language is important. I can play games in English, but reading rules is too difficult...

Put a golden dice on ballista is allowed, but stays in place each turn (and then can be put on the round table, etc.)