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I understand.

Of course. And if you change your mind ;)

I contacted the creator. Thank you

No it's perfectly fine.
This is a side project that has no time pressure.

that rotoscoping is frame-by-frame I understand, but if that process can be automated AND the processing time is low.
Wouldn't that work?

The set-up would be feeding the rotoscoping unit a raw frame (pixel buffer) and expecting a rotoscoped version of that frame.

Thanks for your time


I am the CTO of a company that would like to experiment with rotoscoping in RT.
Do you think this is possible, and what would be the obstacles/difficulties in getting it autonomous and RT?


ps: If I can give a demo and convince the team there will be a budget for the development of this plugin....

Hope you enjoyed the attention :D

Loved the message but after getting the four main GEMS I felt I was stuck.

Is there supposed to be a "Arrived @ Utopia" message?

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I haven't really looked into your version without nwjs (neither do I have the time the coming months).

But I saw you said cross-platform was a hassle, but also that you use node.js... So have you looked into / @
It "compiles" into mac, linux, windows....

Another idea: Share the source on github and you'll get lots of support I'm sure.