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Very nice! Kind of confusing to have the left/right player keys inverted though.

I like the tileset. The enemies were a bit OP until you figure out the right place to stand and you can kind of just gank them while taking no damage.

Be careful which highway you drive down at night...

Thanks! This was very much an experiment in atmosphere.

I like your style. A hero made of firefighting foam is utterly fantastic and lent itself well to the theme. I also liked your graphics, animation and colour scheme.

Movement and shooting could use some tweaking. I died a few times because I didn't realize that ammo/health was so limited. It was hard to distinguish whether I had 3/4 hp and 1/2 hp. I had fun initially but got frustrated with the gameplay after a few levels.

I like the combination you have of top-down shooter and roguelike dungeoneering. I also like that you added a melee fighting ability as well as ranged, that saved my butt a few times. Only thing I found difficult was dealing with the view-field and aiming/fighting at the same time. Looking forward to see the next version!

Nice take on the Fishy / flOw style game. I liked that you could determine what was edible by colour. Easy to figure out. After a while it becomes too easy, but that's okay. Would be cool to compete against other galactic whales after you reach a certain size. Nice job!

A palette box that holds the colours used in the cel would be useful! I love this program.

Please disable shortcuts while the focus is away from the main screen, such as in the "Export" dialog.