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I like your style. A hero made of firefighting foam is utterly fantastic and lent itself well to the theme. I also liked your graphics, animation and colour scheme.

Movement and shooting could use some tweaking. I died a few times because I didn't realize that ammo/health was so limited. It was hard to distinguish whether I had 3/4 hp and 1/2 hp. I had fun initially but got frustrated with the gameplay after a few levels.

Thanks so much for the detailed feedback! Yeah I took the theme a bit too literally and went with a Minimalist philosophy when I was brainstorming, and kind of missed the point of the exercise by putting too much effort into the aesthetics.

Since this is my first finished(ish) project I'm kind of attached to it and want to expand it in the future, fix the issues and weird word choice and tighten up the gameplay, so I really appreciate you taking the time to give some good directions on where to start. Cheers!