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Thanks so much for the detailed feedback! Yeah I took the theme a bit too literally and went with a Minimalist philosophy when I was brainstorming, and kind of missed the point of the exercise by putting too much effort into the aesthetics.

Since this is my first finished(ish) project I'm kind of attached to it and want to expand it in the future, fix the issues and weird word choice and tighten up the gameplay, so I really appreciate you taking the time to give some good directions on where to start. Cheers!

You should definitely think about joining https://itch.io/jam/lowrezjam2017 if you haven't already, seems like you've got the style nailed.

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely felt that way about the shooting too, and also I didn't do a sign check on it, so when firing towards the left they fly about 50% further than when facing right. Maybe I'll give the projectile a bigger collision mask or something to make it a bit easier to hit things. I guess this is what happens when you try to put too much in a one week game - rookie mistake.

Fun levels and tight controls, that's a good platformer, minimalistic or otherwise

I really enjoyed that, fun music and awesome effort mocking up box art.

Maybe I'm just a terrible player, but that was HARD.  

That was really good! On the one hand I kind of wanted to know the AP cost of actions up front, but it adds to the realism compared to a lot of other squad-based tactics games. I'd say this is a game worth expanding in the future.

Thanks for the tip, I'll do that now!

That was fun, and I loved the music. Would be good to either make it possible to restart a level if you missed something, or move on to the next stage but not getting or losing some the points, as there was nothing to do if I fell off a platform and missed one of the goal things, except reload the page and lose my high score.