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I had fun playing this, although I had to read the comments to solve the mirror mystery.  The little touches, like the custom icon were good. Music is pretty catchy, too, and the player character reminds me of ET in teenage disguise mode, haha.  

I'm not sure how flexible Clickteam Fusion is, but I think I skimmed the Discord and you were looking for something deeper. I just started recently myself (which is why my entry was missing a lot of things and pretty buggy...) and am finding Game Maker Studio to be pretty good, started out using drag and drop for about an hour then moved on to coding, there are a lot of tutorials and a good reddit community for learning. Although I guess a lot of devs say to skip it and learn Unity.  Here's a list of engines, maybe go through and see what you like the look of . Haven't tried myself, but Stencyl looks interesting for a bridge between drag and drop and coding.

Thx Man