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First of all great idea for software! Just love it :)

I have few ideas: (I have more, but let's start some where)

- Toggle shortcut-keys for background/image visibility is sheet window.

For example: Button 1 goes down. Current state is saved and Background is made opaque. When button is released, it restores the state.

This would be much better than back-n-forth slider. And much faster to use.

- Mouse Wheel for Zoom and/or Brush Size

For example: Mouse wheel sizes the Brush and Mouse wheel + Ctrl key is Zoom for the Sheet, rather than sizing the window it self.

- Label some where which tell what frame you are and total frames count.

- Shortcut-keys for:

- Add Frame ( For example: Ctrl+F -> for to last, Alt+F -> After this frame )

- Next / Previous Frame

I noticed that the software captures some of the keyboard keys while it is running. For example I can't type all my letters and space while the software is running. I have to exit to get them back working.

But as i said, I love this. I hope you keep developing this!

That's a bunch of good ideas, thanks!

I have to look into all of this...

(and you allready have next/previous frame with arrows, this is written nowhere, but it exists...)

Adding the shortcuts for background/image visibility('N' and 'M' or ',' in azerty keyboards) , that's a great idea!

Add the label too.

I don't know what to do for the add frames shortcuts, because there are lot of possibilities (before/after/at the end, new frame/duplicate frame...), I have to think more about it...

Adding shortcuts to add frames:

Ctrl left / Ctrl right / ctrl Shift right : add duplicate frame before/after/at the end

Alt left / Alt right / alt Shift right : add new frame before/after/at the end