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Woaw ! :D

Oh, I think "set WindowsPlatform.SupportWindowsXP to true in UnrealBuildTool" is something I don't know. I'm searching for a tuto or detailed steps to do it... If you find it, tell me! ;)

DONE, you can try this new version 1.5 and tell me if it's working now. ;)

Thx for your feedback.

I look at it right now!

Very cool ! Thank you for this relaxing experience ! :D
Going fast and brush against the surface of the water is super great.
Need to be more "powerfull" / "stylish" when I get some fruits, to increase motivation and renew the experience. ;P

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Hi! Can you send an email to contact @ or a private message on twitter so we can send it to you?

8mn of gameplay

J'ai téléchargé, j'ai joué, j'ai vomi

The tutorial is now fixed. You can play the full game! ;)

Nice video! We will look into that crash!


What about payouts to a bitcoin address?
This would clearly go in the direction of what stands for:
"Open marketplace for independent digital creators" and "We believe in making it easy for creators to collect money for their creations in a non-obtrusive way." (From the about page)

Is it challenging to propose a bitcoin payout method?