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My heart! Thank you I'll die

I want to port this game to linux. Can I have access to the source code?

Just how  do find the stairs to the next floor? It's impossible.

After retiring, magical girl npckc tries  to make the best time-loop visual novel (???)

Jokes aside, this plot of this game feels so... 「平均」??? I don't know to react to it since it's so bizarre. It's unique in that aspect (?)

I want make the tavern keeper my teacher.

I skipped it. Now I can't skip back.

Also the engine room resets the level after dies. Is that the intended ending?

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The level before the engine.

I was found by the thing but it ate S and the game was softlocked (I was froze to the right of C and X continues to move). Race condition bug?

I couldn't beat that level because of that. Or maybe I'm solving it wrong.

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YES. Reminds me of ZZT World or something like that. But better.

The story seems like FRANXX so far.

I forgot to mention, great game!

wow what is this? Will try and come back to comment.

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you need to specify the LÖVE version to use and put a link to it. LÖVE's API break a lot. Good game.

Since there are odd tiles and even tiles, I think it's better to paint checkerboard pattern on the tiles.

Well, I did that because I couldn't remember all I wanted to say.

The splash screen uses the font OCR-A.

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I don't know if you can slow down music in Ren'py. You need to resample the audio sample to keep the pitch the same.

+ I added some more comment

what is that

Wow, you replied quickly! I am still playing it and updating my comment accordingly.

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I don't usually play this type of game. I like this. I think I need more of this.

If "galgame" refers to dating sims targeted towards a heterosexual male audience, what should this subgenre of visual novel be called? In your game the main character is the one being pursued; it's different from most dating sims. Anyway, it makes me scream out of excitement so it's good stuff. I think 5 years were added to my life.

I admire the two's mental fortitude. I'm way more easy to melt.

[carry scene] me: ohhhhhh the strength!!!

I can't believe I spent an hour on this. Good game.

Technical comment:

I'm surprised that the "Windows" archive works on Linux too. You can mark the download option as compatible with Linux on

The # looking symbol at top left of text box is always there, even if Lily is talking. That feels strange with her character.

The font size is too small for the options and small text (Lily's) in dialog as well. Please at least double the font size of (see below).

The music would stop when I scroll back (w/ mouse whell) the dialog. It seems like the music is triggered by certain lines of dialog only. You may want to fix this.

Typo in the game: "soemthing". Grammar too. I think there are open-source grammar checkers that can be automated.

I have a strange idea: what if you change the music playback speed depending on who is talking? For example, slow the music down by 10% when Beatrix is talking during the first scene.

I actually got lost of who was talking once. The name tag can be color-coded and place on the same side of talking character.

I'm surprised that the splash screen uses OCR-A. How did it get there?

Great game. I have no critique for this.

You should have used the sight system in Invisible Inc. Basically, enemies can't see you if you are hiding behind a wall, unless they are the other side of that wall. It's hard to explain. I believe there are articles about that game mechanic.

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That thing spawned in me.

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Good birb. The humor.

btw, your generator is well made. Is there a write-up for the algorithms used?

Also, the rivers usually have 1-2 bridges. There should be more along a long river, I think.

I think it can be prevented in javascript. Is it possible to embed custom javascript? I think you can contact the site support to get the permission.

When I use the mouse wheel to adjust the warp brush size, it scrolls the page too.

So... I cannot save the image with "Save Image As...", probably due to a bug like this. Please add a hot key to download the image.

I'm familiar with villages in developing countries like in India. They are usually formed over time one house at a time (what I mean by "not planned"). It's like spaghetti, as you mentioned.


The generate villages don't look real. They are way too "planned".

  1. It looks like the roads are built first, the buildings next. This is never the case for small villages like the ones generated. The roads should be built to fit in the buildings.
  2. Small villages (<30 buildings) should not have roads through them.
  3. The buildings are too sparsely distributed. For a village of population around 500, I would expect them to walk inside the village on foot. They tend to cluster like a circle, even on both sides of the river.

It says it requires ``, which is... an obsolete config library. The newest electron doesn't require that, but I see a blank page.

I can still remember there are 13 types of pentominos that I have to draw out on paper.

I actually made a similar game with the same title years ago as my first game. It's just one-directional.

Performance is a issue.

You need to make each "clickzone" larger. Mouse cursor sometimes don't change, so I have to click to update it. I played this with wine, so maybe it works fine on Windows.

Camera needs a lot of work. For example, you have to make the sun always on screen, e.g. set the origin of rotation of the sun different from everything else. Maybe you can lock the camera to only four angles and make each angle look good.

Dampen object movement.

Sometimes I get stuck. Putting the icons of each pillar on screen corner as UI would help as tips

The hat flew out of bounds. Please draw faint lines on the ground and use that as boundary. You can also theme that.

BUDGE CUT --- Trump, probably


You deserve the first place of design.

Shipwreck community » General · Created a new topic Non-ergonomic UI

For example, I cannot click on carpenter house to assign workers. Instead, I need to open another pop-up window.

Please do not use RigidBody in platformer! The character should not bounce of the wall! Use a KineticBody and write your own controller instead! Search for "platformer controller" on youtube.

awwwwww so cuuuute!