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BUDGE CUT --- Trump, probably


You deserve the first place of design.

Shipwreck community » General · Created a new topic Non-ergonomic UI

For example, I cannot click on carpenter house to assign workers. Instead, I need to open another pop-up window.

Please do not use RigidBody in platformer! The character should not bounce of the wall! Use a KineticBody and write your own controller instead! Search for "platformer controller" on youtube.

awwwwww so cuuuute!

You may align every hexagon to a same grid.

You may bind keys "1 2 3 4" to actions.

This, is, awesome.

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Any update? I live in China and I really need a bank transfer option.

So difficult

The hit box are too tiny for the mouse. They are also not continuous.

In other words, the control scheme is bad. Please only use rectangles as hit-box. Also, use larger rectangles.

The game is great

OpenFL? I find it painful to add game UI.

Hi there! Which game frame do you use?

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Socialism = production resource is owned by society.

By this definition, socialism cannot co-exist with despotism, since a group of "leaders" cannot represent the society.

Europe is the most socialist place. As of China or SU, they are somewhat crony capitalism in nature.

Also, this game is not only about socialism. It is about human rights (e.g. the right to get education for free).

No. But if the warning sign appear in at the top corner, I don't know which direction the blade will come from.

This image looks confusing.

Can you add inner shadow/ outer shadow to those deactivated outlines? So players can know which part is solid or not.

Great game. Can you use an arrow instead of a warning sign?

I have a high definition display so the game window is small on my screen. Please add an option to zoom the game to 2x, 3x, as the game graphics is still pixel perfect. Thanks!

Great game!

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Great concept. Great Art. Great execution. I just wonder if I can magnify the game by 2x?

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The game was my tears. It happened to me.

Nice game!

BTW, the fox need a landing animation.

Great machanics, but you shouldn't really use pico-8...

The game mechanics is good, but the color pallete hurt my eyes so much.

You have "R" pointing left in the game title.

The idea of using physical object as a controller is great.

the internal chat (mouse wheel) scrolling direction should be reversed

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Why don't you accept any money?

Is there any possibility to export SVG or other types of machine-readable vector shapes?

Thank you!

FYI: Some of these games used Tiled such as Tangent and Shuriken. I checked them myself.