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Created a new topic Display bug with ADD command

The `add` command should print a `\n` after executed.

The entry: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-37/?action=preview&uid=88709

Great game!


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You cannot buy these maps, but you can find free assets and create them yourself.

FYI: http://opengameart.org/

Maybe @Mildy means 32-pixel wide tile set.

No I mean how do developer(s) of this game make money?

Really impressive, but is unity too heavy-weight for this?

I don't like the idea of 'internal file system'. Why not just use the system file system?

What does 'peek' or 'poke' do? Any document?

I don't think it is open-source for now.

This crashes when 'print(nil)'.

What about SAVE command?

Need pixel perfect scaling.

How do you make money?

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Thank you.

BTW, Löve uses GLSL as well.

How do you learn shaders? Is there any tutorial or so?

Why there are so many shaders?

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I ended up modeling most of the tower in Blender, and then pixeling over the entire thing to get the vibe right.


Nice work!

I entered the game.

5 fps in main menu.


I know my graphics card is bad (inter i7 built-in) but you really should optimize this game.

no it's ok, but the game will not save, even in the first level

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when entering the level with two gravity pad: (Source)


the windows binary link is broken

Thank you! you really care about the community and 0.4% of all people!

great job!

No you cannot do anything ... unless you want to label all the colors.

ok, I am a color-blind and I stuck in the level with colors.

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why is the name of current release


do you mean "windows"?

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try changing "attacked" to "punched" or "melee attacked" (sounds strange though)?

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If I click on a equipable item when my inventory is full, I cannot cancel it but to drop an item.

Well I know it is not a bug, but I feel strange that I cannot perform any action. Maybe slow motion is better than freeze.

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If you use a bow to kill a monster, it doesn't trigger `if it is killed alone` event.

Thank you

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Yes they are.

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I need a restart button and a quick start button (which can let me skip the intro)

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When the hero upgrades, falling dead enemies freeze in mid air, and I can not interact with the game.

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The description of item `Mallet` is:

kill the most bottom Enemy in a column

But it does kill the door (if it is the bottom most thing in that column), make it impossible to advance


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The scale of the game resets to 2x after death. edit: in 0.82.

Now in 0.83 it resets to 1x