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The art style is what-i-can-never-paint-one. Commend.

why does everyone like to spell xml tag wrong?

why does everyone like to spell xml tag wrong?

why does everyone like to spell xml tag wrong?

why does everyone like to spell xml tag wrong?

Your game meets the baseline standard of a shoot-'em-all game. If you add more novel (read: not in any existing game) features or more content your game would be ready to be on sale.

PS: I can tell where that royalty free tileset comes from.

Oh, please use bitmap fonts in dialogues.

... not realistic

bug: if you go to the "company" screen and go back, that way is "CLOSED"

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So hard

Down-to-details 3d models!

Oh, please download this from a web browser, not itch.io app.

Thanks! Now the download is up.

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Reverb design 101.

Great game, but I would like to continue from the same level I fail.

Is it https://github.com/mxgmn/WaveFunctionCollapse ?

Glad to see that there are still people using python for game development.

Nice try! Keep up making games (if you have enthusiasm)!

Oh, excuse me and I've updated my comment.

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And you should learn how this game solves collisions around edges.

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a bug with depth sorting


The inter-restriction among three types of enemy is a good mechanic.


Now its $1.

hahahahahaha, there is two things you can not avoid...

"No Magic" is a feature?

Totally useful!

Ver. Win64

Error: The game was made for a different version... 0.9.1

Good work, but too hard. Must with luck.

Created a new topic Display bug with ADD command

The `add` command should print a `\n` after executed.

The entry: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-37/?action=preview&uid=88709

Great game!


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You cannot buy these maps, but you can find free assets and create them yourself.

FYI: http://opengameart.org/

Maybe @Mildy means 32-pixel wide tile set.

No I mean how do developer(s) of this game make money?

Really impressive, but is unity too heavy-weight for this?

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I don't like the idea of 'internal file system'. Why not just use the system file system?

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What does 'peek' or 'poke' do? Any document?

I don't think it is open-source for now.

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This crashes when 'print(nil)'.