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Well that's weird, but then it also looks like a Xorg or Wayland issue - or a desktop environment issue. I believe we found out at some point that under Gnome Shell, vertical synchronization was basically forced by the desktop environment because it would take our raw frames and push them at vsync - regardless of whether we wanted that.

Hi shmerl! 

Try adding this in ~/.config/Epic/HeliumRain/Saved/Config/LinuxNoEditor/Engine.ini.


This should effectively disable framerate smoothing, and ensure you can get higher framerate. 

We had to change the first Windows build after upload, IIRC :) 

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Great ! Apologies for the bug. 

We've released an update to Itch. Could you try with the latest version ?

Looks accurate so it's clearly our fault. We're trying on our end too.

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Well this is weird. We definitely build with SF_VULKAN_SM4 (and SF_VULKAN_SM5). In fact, we didn't change a thing ! 

Could you take a quick look in the game folder and confirm that /HeliumRain/Content/Paks exists, with HeliumRain-LinuxNoEditor.pak as a ~3.5GB file ?

Hi leafo, is that still the case ? Bank transfer would definitely be much more practical. 

That was the original plan, but we decided to go for something more manageable. A real map with actual trajectories would be pretty huge amount of work. 

Thanks for the feedback, I'll make sure we add an icon next.