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Trying out Helium Rain on Linux!

A topic by shmerl created Oct 19, 2018 Views: 163 Replies: 4
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Just bought the game - thanks a lot for the DRM-free release!

Trying out the game - it runs well (AMD Vega 56, latest Mesa master, using -vulkan option). Not sure how to create some framerate counter HUD, radv doesn't have an analog of GALLIUM_HUD yet. Adding -fps parameter to the binary didn't help (UE4 documentation suggests it should show the counter).

I experienced one game hang so far (it didn't hang the whole OS but the game froze with stuttering sound), after traveling to another sector (Miner's Home) in the tutorial.

Also, the package on itch is missing game icon, which can be found here. You can just bundle it inside, it's useful for making the .desktop launcher.


Thanks for the feedback, I'll make sure we add an icon next.

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I know you mentioned that you don't plan to change the game further besides bug fixes, but just wanted to suggest an enhancement.

It could be a lot more interesting if the system (orbital) map was rendered in zoomable 3D instead of a 2D image. And traveling between the sectors would show trajectory of the ship and current position on it and etc.


That was the original plan, but we decided to go for something more manageable. A real map with actual trajectories would be pretty huge amount of work. 

Yeah, it sounds like a complicated thing to implement. Would have been very cool though :) I like how they portrayed space map in The Expanse series.