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UnMetal demo community · Created a new topic Linux version?

Any plans for the Linux version?

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That didn't work. I also noticed, that in windowed mode, it's not capped, it's only capped in fullscreen. Could it be something similar to this?

Though that issue linked above happened to me only in Wayland session with XWayland with other game, and now I'm running Helium Rain in regular X session.

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I tried to run some benchmarks using new Mesa-aco compiler vs regular llvm compiler with radv (on Linux) and Helium Rain. I use Mesa Vulkan overlay to measure framerate. Unfortunately, no matter whether vsync is on or off in the settings, the game caps framerate at monitor refresh rate for me, so I always get 60 fps. Is there some way to uncap it?

Version 7 is working now, thanks for fixing!

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May be something got corrupted, I can try re-downloading and reinstalling.

UPDATE: Downloaded again, retested - same error.

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Yes, the directory is there. As for the file:

du -b HeliumRain-LinuxNoEditor.pak
3548394868      HeliumRain-LinuxNoEditor.pak
md5sum HeliumRain-LinuxNoEditor.pak
9a8279a59b35ffcc847779c130514099  HeliumRain-LinuxNoEditor.pak
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And using OpenGL results just in black screen (AMD Vega 56, latest Mesa master).

Vulkan error looks like this:

Looks like you forgot to build it with SPIR-V shaders.

Yeah, it sounds like a complicated thing to implement. Would have been very cool though :) I like how they portrayed space map in The Expanse series.

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When in external camera mode (toggled with [C]), is there a way to steer the ship? Moving the mouse moves the camera, rather then turn on steering engines like it happens in cockpit view.

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I know you mentioned that you don't plan to change the game further besides bug fixes, but just wanted to suggest an enhancement.

It could be a lot more interesting if the system (orbital) map was rendered in zoomable 3D instead of a 2D image. And traveling between the sectors would show trajectory of the ship and current position on it and etc.

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Just bought the game - thanks a lot for the DRM-free release!

Trying out the game - it runs well (AMD Vega 56, latest Mesa master, using -vulkan option). Not sure how to create some framerate counter HUD, radv doesn't have an analog of GALLIUM_HUD yet. Adding -fps parameter to the binary didn't help (UE4 documentation suggests it should show the counter).

I experienced one game hang so far (it didn't hang the whole OS but the game froze with stuttering sound), after traveling to another sector (Miner's Home) in the tutorial.

Also, the package on itch is missing game icon, which can be found here. You can just bundle it inside, it's useful for making the .desktop launcher.

I'd like a GOG release too, but itch is fine as a DRM-free option.

Looks fun. Do you plan to release full version on too once the game is complete?

Just found it on Bandcamp:

Thanks for releasing it DRM-free (and the game too!).

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> The api protects the game against distribution to other platforms

Well, I bought the game on because it was DRM-free. It's a feature for me, I don't use DRMed stores at all.

> and adds functionalities to it.

What do you need it for, besides for multiplayer? It's a pity you need to rely on lock-in functionality which prevents you from releasing the game in DRM-free stores.

That's kind of unfair for those who paid for the game here. May be you can update the game without Steam features? Not everyone needs multiplayer.

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I purchased Ancient Warfare 3 a while ago. Now coming to the download page for it, all I see is something weird:

Nothing is available for download yet.
How can I download my game now? I'm not using Steam and bought the game here because it was available DRM-free.

Thanks for encouraging DRM-free releases!

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Game running in Wine + dxvk on Linux (see stats in the HUD).

~30 fps in open areas, and 50-60+ in more closed quarters.
Sapphire Pulse AMD Vega 56, 1920x1200.

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How do you perform jumps using a keyboard? I think I figured, it's forward + space, though it's weird since space also works as dodge, so it's very erratic and half of the time doesn't work. I can't get on the ledge because of it to get into he palace.

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I checked, it's using Unreal Engine 4. It also works though with some glitches in Wine + dxvk on Linux. Would it be hard for you to make a proper Linux build? If you mostly used stock Unreal engine, it should be doable, since the engine supports it.

You can also try making a Vulkan build for Windows (instead of DX11 one) - it would work better in Wine.

Very impressive! What engine do you use, and do you plan to make a Linux version? I'd gladly buy it.

To address fullscreen issue on Linux, you can also edit

$HOME/.config/unity3d/Droog71/Redshift 7/prefs

And set there:

<pref name="Screenmanager Is Fullscreen mode" type="int">0</pref>

Then just turn the game fullscreen with your window manager shortcut (F11 in KDE for example).

Yep, it works now thanks!

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I just tried the game (Debian testing, x86_64). It launches, but the mouse doesn't work at all in the game which kind of defeats the purpose. Any suggestions what's wrong?

When I manually set "Screenmanager Is Fullscreen mode" to 0 in $HOME/.config/unity3d/14HoursProductions/DeadHorizon/prefs, the mouse starts working (and the game runs in windowed mode). It's some kind of Unity issue I suppose.

At least I can still make it fullscreen with F11 (KDE), so it's kind of a workaround.

UPDATE: Just finished the game. Nice work!

Sky Rogue community · Created a new topic Linux packaging

Please use some package other than zip, since zip doesn't preserve executable flags. tar.xz is a good modern option.