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Just found it on Bandcamp:

Thanks for releasing it DRM-free (and the game too!).

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I thought Steam Sockets is a FOSS project, so it's not tied to Steam:

So I suppose you should be able to use it like any other open source library even when releasing it in other stores?

But if it can't handle NAT, it would be the first example that I know, that lagging rollout of IPv6 caused a game not to be released in multiple stores :)

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Thanks. Why don't you want to release the full version on itself as well? It shouldn't be harder than current free version I suppose.

Did you try contacting GOG about DRM-free release in the future? If you don't want to sell the game here, GOG would be a good option too. But it would be pretty sad if you'll sell it on Steam only.

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> nonfree version of the game will hopefully be released on steam later this year.

Will you release it here too? I only use DRM-free stores and can buy it here or on GOG, but not on Steam.

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> The api protects the game against distribution to other platforms

Well, I bought the game on because it was DRM-free. It's a feature for me, I don't use DRMed stores at all.

> and adds functionalities to it.

What do you need it for, besides for multiplayer? It's a pity you need to rely on lock-in functionality which prevents you from releasing the game in DRM-free stores.

That's kind of unfair for those who paid for the game here. May be you can update the game without Steam features? Not everyone needs multiplayer.

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I purchased Ancient Warfare 3 a while ago. Now coming to the download page for it, all I see is something weird:

Nothing is available for download yet.
How can I download my game now? I'm not using Steam and bought the game here because it was available DRM-free.

Thanks for encouraging DRM-free releases!

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Game running in Wine + dxvk on Linux (see stats in the HUD).

~30 fps in open areas, and 50-60+ in more closed quarters.
Sapphire Pulse AMD Vega 56, 1920x1200.

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How do you perform jumps using a keyboard? I think I figured, it's forward + space, though it's weird since space also works as dodge, so it's very erratic and half of the time doesn't work. I can't get on the ledge because of it to get into he palace.

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I checked, it's using Unreal Engine 4. It also works though with some glitches in Wine + dxvk on Linux. Would it be hard for you to make a proper Linux build? If you mostly used stock Unreal engine, it should be doable, since the engine supports it.

You can also try making a Vulkan build for Windows (instead of DX11 one) - it would work better in Wine.

Very impressive! What engine do you use, and do you plan to make a Linux version? I'd gladly buy it.

To address fullscreen issue on Linux, you can also edit

$HOME/.config/unity3d/Droog71/Redshift 7/prefs

And set there:

<pref name="Screenmanager Is Fullscreen mode" type="int">0</pref>

Then just turn the game fullscreen with your window manager shortcut (F11 in KDE for example).

Yep, it works now thanks!

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I just tried the game (Debian testing, x86_64). It launches, but the mouse doesn't work at all in the game which kind of defeats the purpose. Any suggestions what's wrong?

When I manually set "Screenmanager Is Fullscreen mode" to 0 in $HOME/.config/unity3d/14HoursProductions/DeadHorizon/prefs, the mouse starts working (and the game runs in windowed mode). It's some kind of Unity issue I suppose.

At least I can still make it fullscreen with F11 (KDE), so it's kind of a workaround.

UPDATE: Just finished the game. Nice work!

Sky Rogue community · Created a new topic Linux packaging

Please use some package other than zip, since zip doesn't preserve executable flags. tar.xz is a good modern option.

I was trying to find it on the site by "Ohio Jack" and search didn't work :)