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Steam and Itch

A topic by shrek_cena created Dec 31, 2017 Views: 252 Replies: 5
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are the versions on steam and itch identical, or does one have more or less content?

(i'll delete after answer)

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You don't have to delete the answer, maybe other people have the same question. The steam version is up to date and the version won't get updates anymore, because there are steam features implemented which require steam.

ok thank you


That's kind of unfair for those who paid for the game here. May be you can update the game without Steam features? Not everyone needs multiplayer.


The steam api is integrated into game. The api protects the game against distribution to other platforms and adds functionalities to it. I thinks it's also against the legal agreement to put the game with the api in this store. However, since you can claim a free steam key on this platform its not that unfair.

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> The api protects the game against distribution to other platforms

Well, I bought the game on because it was DRM-free. It's a feature for me, I don't use DRMed stores at all.

> and adds functionalities to it.

What do you need it for, besides for multiplayer? It's a pity you need to rely on lock-in functionality which prevents you from releasing the game in DRM-free stores.