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Redshift 7

Redshift 7 is an open world action adventure game taking place in a distant galaxy overrun by hostile alien life. · By Droog71

How to run the game?

A topic by sren created Mar 15, 2017 Views: 484 Replies: 13
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I bought Redshift7 a few days ago, but i am not able to play, once i am in main menu. Please, I need some help.

The game seems to be good.


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Hi Sren, to start the game, enter a name and password, then click "log in". Next, enter a world name and click "choose world". This is how the game saves your data. Once you've entered your name, password and world name, click "single player" to start the game. Entering the same information next time you play will allow you to resume playing with your current save. Once in the game, press F1 for guidance at any time. To view or customize the key bindings, press escape and choose options-controls-bindings.



This needs to be made more apparent in the menu.

Hi Droog71,

Thanks for your response. I tried that you told me, but it doesn't work.

The message is "Please enter a name, a password and a world name"

Again and again. I mean everytime i click on "single player"

Is it a capital letter problem or something like that?

Hi Sren, sorry for the confusion. I think it might be easier to show how the menu works rather than attempting to explain it via text, so i've created a short video which is posted below. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to improve the functionality of this menu. Thanks, Droog71
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Hi Droog71,

Thanks you very much for your help. It is working very well now. I understand how the menu works. It is all good ;)

Hmm just tried like you showed but the menu options don't even highlight when mouse is hovered over them. It might just be a problem with the Linux build?

I booted up Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to try this out and did not experience any issues. What OS are you using? To reiterate, you just have to enter something in the name & password fields and click login, then enter a world name and click choose world, you can then start the game by clicking the single player button.

It is probably better to show you. Note that nothing on screen is clickable, I have to use Tab to highlight text fields and Alt+F4 to close. This is on Debian 9.

Thanks for the video. I believe I have a solution for you. From the terminal, run the game as follows "./Redshift7.x86_64 -screen-fullscreen 0". The game should start up in a window and the menu should be working as intended. After that, go to the options menu and change the screen resolution to your native desktop resolution. You can then check the fullscreen box to return to fullscreen mode and the menu buttons should continue working. This is apparently an issue with the game engine as you can see here: and here: I was able to reproduce the problem in Debian 9 with Oracle VM and the above solution worked for me. I hope this helps. Thank you for your patience. If you need any info about other command line arguments such as -screen-fullscreen 0, all the information is here:

That got it working, thanks. Liking the game so far.

Ideally you need to update to a later version of the Unity engine, so Linux gamers don't have to do this :)

To address fullscreen issue on Linux, you can also edit

$HOME/.config/unity3d/Droog71/Redshift 7/prefs

And set there:

<pref name="Screenmanager Is Fullscreen mode" type="int">0</pref>

Then just turn the game fullscreen with your window manager shortcut (F11 in KDE for example).

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Hello. The current build of Redshift 7 was made using Unity 2017.1.0f3. The bug is not present with Ubuntu but does occur with Debian 9. I think that maybe the bug with Unity was never completely fixed for all operating systems.

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