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That's exciting news, best of luck with it! Hope to see it continue Linux support, as I've loved it.

Just FYI, you should ideally bundle the dependencies for the Linux build to make it easier for users to run it.

Seemed to work great on Linux :)

Love the idea, do you plan Linux support?

Looking great! Can't wait to see the update out with all this in :D

Hope to see this expanded, such a wonderful game.

I'm excited to find out what the new stuff is, the game has come along so well. Works perfectly on Linux too. Would easily pay for it once it's ready for that :)

Will you be building the full game with Linux support? :)

You still gonna do Linux too?

Amazing to know this, thanks for the continued Linux support.

Hi, looks like you need to set the platforms correctly, as only the old version has icons which is likely messing up itch app downloads.

Hi, if you do plan to put up a Linux version be sure to reach out to us here:

No problem :) 

If you do look into it, happy to help. Reach out to us here any time:

Mixolumia community · Created a new topic Linux?

Hi, so this looks awesome! Will you be supporting Linux?

Awesome, when you do chuck me a mail for: would love to take a look.

This is so cool, any plans for supporting Linux?

Like I told you elsewhere sdhoigt, I'm not asking for Wine I'm asking about actual Linux support.

Any plans for Linux support?

I do prefer to support developers doing Linux proper though :)

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Great to know, happy to hear that it's going to continue :D

Some sort of sandbox mode with a huge map could be interesting.

Sounds good, lovely to see it coming along. Looking forward to trying out the new Linux demo :)

Such a wonderful game, been loving it on Linux. What are your plans for it?

Ah that's a pain, since Linux is only here I was using it to follow for what was new but I guess seeing it update in the itch app will help.

Will you add the Linux version to Steam too?

Hey, are you still planning Linux for it? Thought it had it recently but now I don't see it.

The Linux version has been running great!

Will Linux support be coming?

Awesome, when you've confirmed it, hit me up here:

Looks great, Linux support coming?

Linux version worked perfectly, was awesome!

Great, when it is, reach out to me here:

Awesome! When you do, reach out to me here: and I'll take a look!

This looks cool! Will you do Linux support too?

Hello! Any plans for Linux support?

Hi, noticed it has a Linux build but it appears not set correctly as itch still thinks there's only windows and mac :) - might want to fix that

Congrats! Looking forward to Linux support!

Ah, sounds like a bunch of broken shaders then, once you've got it updated give me a shout over on and I'll happily cover it!

Oh, wow! Brilliant :D

Will it support Linux?

Will this one be getting a Linux build too?