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I believe I have found the issue. In the player.log file (link: Was this:

"with device OpenGLCore is not supported, no rendering will occur"

You're using the Unity HDRP, which does not support OpenGL so you need to use Vulkan for the Linux version.

I tried forcing Vulkan myself "-force-vulkan" as a launch option, but I assume you've not built it with Vulkan in mind yet and so it crashes to the desktop (log link:

Okay, since I have itch press access I tried it myself.

I believe that part is supposed to be a video right? If that's the case, the black screen is you using the wrong codec. Unity videos only work cross-platform if they're something like webm. You will need to change it to that to work across Linux, macOS and Windows.

Try setting this as a launch option for the game:

-force-glcore42 -force-clamped

If that does fix it, the Unity engine used needs updating. Until then though, the developer can just add it in their launcher (or make one if they don't use one).

Aww, just came to ask the same thing after itch promoted this to the front page :(

On Linux, are we just supposed to quit with ALT+F4? I don't see a quit button or a menu of any kind?

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Just confirming the Linux build as of the latest update still loads up fine :)

Ah darn, was gonna try it on Linux. Thanks anyway :)

Just wanted to check something. It has a Linux icon on the Mac download, is that an error?

Tried the demo on Linux, works beautifully. Love the idea!

No worries, if/when it happens do reach out to me here:

This looks brilliant, any chance of a Linux version? :D

No Linux version?

Looks super sweet, is a Linux version coming in future?

Great, looking forward to the next update!

Okay so first of all: It works beautifully on Manjaro Linux, no Linux-specific issues at all.

Love the lighting and style of it too, looks fantastic.

One thing I would like to see, is numbered buttons for character abilities. So I can quickly tap a number with the mouse hovered over an enemy, so i can click right away to use it. Having to mouse over the ability, click it and then mouse over the enemy and click it works against the flow a little.

I also think right clicking to cancel the currently selected attack would be nice.

Looks and sound crazy, any chance of a Linux build? :)

In future, if you ever want a Linux build tested give me a shout, happy to help.

Really interesting experience! Linux version worked perfectly so I gave it a shout out.

I take it when it comes to Steam it will support Linux as it does now?

Looks so sweet, could we get a Linux build? :)

For me, the Linux demo didn't work too well to begin with. I'm assuming due to having two monitors. It complained about software rendering and the mouse had graphical issues underneath.

Once I set into fullscreen and restarted it, then it worked great! Hopefully this can be fully sorted for release :)

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A few things:

  1. Melee combat feels confusing, also the same for ranged combat. I feel it would be much better if we just had the freedom to swing/shoot whenever we want. It's especially bad for melee, wasn't ever sure how I got my character to attack.
  2. Need a sprint ability with some sort of cool-down like stamina, takes too long to get anywhere.
  3. Linking into that, once sprinting is in, perhaps making zombies a little faster at night to give more of a challenge?
  4. ESC should bring up the pause menu.
  5. Zombies having some kind of loot would make it more interesting.

Did...did I see their hair turn into a fist? Is that an actual attack? :D

Cecconoid community · Created a new topic Linux support?

Just wanted to confirm that it will be getting Linux support? :)

Hah yeah the villager spawning tripped me up a little, perhaps it needs just a few bits of introductory text to mention stuff like that?

Can't wait to see what other buildings and tech you add in!

Looks seriously cool, just saw the itch folks tweet it out. Will it be getting Linux support?

Love the art!

No worries, when it does gain Linux support please do reach out to me at GamingOnLinux:

This looks really sweet, will it see Linux support?

Seems it's missing an option to change windowed/fullscreen? I changed the screen resolution, which made it change to windowed mode by itself.

Can we get that added?

Excellent, when you do pop up a Linux build reach out to me here: :)

Any plans to add Linux support? Looks like a fun game :)

Great, glad to know you're on it, can't wait to try properly :)

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Seems it will run with the 1.3 demo on Linux (Ubuntu 18.10), great...but it crashes during combat.
See here:
If you want any more details or for me to test another build, do let me know any time :)

Is the game basically finished or will you keep on adding to this one?

Okay, so no plans for a native Linux version?

No problem, if you do decide to support Linux do reach out to me directly as I would be happy to cover it:

No problem, if you do decide to support Linux do reach out to me directly as I would be happy to cover it:

Pretty big strategy game fan, will you be putting out a Linux version?

Looks nuts! Linux support coming?

Looks incredible, will it come to Linux?