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Thanks a lot! It seems to work quite nicely, the only issue is when in fullscreen it's not quite correct as there's a space at the top of the screen that's blank, but apart from that it seems okay :D

Any chance of a Linux build?

Yo! Liam here from GamingOnLinux.

Love the style and art, will you be doing a Linux build?

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Can we get a build for Linux too?

Any chance of Linux support? :)

Created a new topic Linux build on itch?

Any chance of getting a pre-built version for Linux up here?

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Any chance of Linux support? Looks incredible.

Feel free to reach me directly for GamingOnLinux at contact@gamingonlinux.com :)

Any chance of a demo for Linux?

Are we going to see the Linux version here too? Seems Steam will get a Linux version going by the system requirements.

Thanks, itch app now works great!

Ideally you need to update to a later version of the Unity engine, so Linux gamers don't have to do this :)

Any chance of getting this on Linux? :)

Any plans for a Linux version?

Any chance of a Linux version? :)

That's a shame, but if you do add support I would love to cover it on GamingOnLinux.com!

Love the look of it, any plans for Linux support?

I'm guessing you're using an older version of Unity? As on Linux it always goes on my second monitor, no matter what's picked in the launcher.

That's amazing news, RTS is my favourite genre and it looks like you have something my readers would be very interested in!

Oh wow, can we get this on Linux? Would like to cover it on www.gamingonlinux.com <3

Will try it later, but why does it have a Mac apple icon? heh

Few days later, any news on this? :)

Any chance of getting a Linux build? :)

Yep the 64bit version is now up, thanks a lot :)

Since when? Unity has been able to since...forever? Tons of Linux unity games offer up both 32bit and 64bit.

Any chance of a 64bit Linux version so we don't have to hunt down 32bit dependencies?

Great, looking forward to seeing it in game :)

Thanks, as I wanted a quick bit of info on space stations, as I think they auto send you scrap, but I wasn't sure and wanted to look it up.

Created a new topic in game manual please

Ideally a game like this needs a simple in game manual with categorys you can expand to quickly get information you might have forgotten.

Doesn't run on Ubuntu 16.04 as it has a newer libXcursor, any chance of an update to work with newer versions too?

My graphics card is probably smarter than me :P

Is there any way I can help you track it down?

On Linux Mint with Nvidia 980ti, I seem to be getting weird graphical flashing? Anyone else seen that?