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With the Linux build up on Steam, will we also get a Linux release here on Itch?

I might be interested. Any way for those of us who might not want to appear on-stream?

That got it working, thanks. Liking the game so far.

It is probably better to show you. Note that nothing on screen is clickable, I have to use Tab to highlight text fields and Alt+F4 to close. This is on Debian 9.

That is kind of what I was looking for thanks. Only, I thought there might be a way to search within all freely licensed games rather than per individual license. Perhaps more where the lay user might look for a filter like under "Type" or "Misc" category in the main Filter Results side bar?

I guess that's more of a suggestion than a question heh

I know you can browse by tag but the results are hardly complete. Can we maybe have a search category for libre/open source games? Or even mandate software license tags on game releases?

Hmm just tried like you showed but the menu options don't even highlight when mouse is hovered over them. It might just be a problem with the Linux build?

This needs to be made more apparent in the menu.

Patiently waiting for a Linux release.