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Well this is weird. We definitely build with SF_VULKAN_SM4 (and SF_VULKAN_SM5). In fact, we didn't change a thing ! 

Could you take a quick look in the game folder and confirm that /HeliumRain/Content/Paks exists, with HeliumRain-LinuxNoEditor.pak as a ~3.5GB file ?

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Yes, the directory is there. As for the file:

du -b HeliumRain-LinuxNoEditor.pak
3548394868      HeliumRain-LinuxNoEditor.pak
md5sum HeliumRain-LinuxNoEditor.pak
9a8279a59b35ffcc847779c130514099  HeliumRain-LinuxNoEditor.pak

Looks accurate so it's clearly our fault. We're trying on our end too.

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May be something got corrupted, I can try re-downloading and reinstalling.

UPDATE: Downloaded again, retested - same error.