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I strongly recommend you take it to full size, same way as Tower of Archeos did. 

Kind-of. With non-pipeline mode. And just on top of camera as a script, no compatibility with effect stack. 

oh no, i don't think it is. I haven't implemented dither pattern scrolling yet, besides i'm pretty sure it will cut the eyes due to dither. 

Cheers, glad you like it

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Hi there folks. I'm looking for some remote work.

Here's my portfolio containing all the links

Keep in mind, it's my modelling is more like a hobby, so i wouldn't be able to deliver anything biological within sensible time limit.

Additionally: here's some more of my work, showing more system work in general.

  • Sizzle reel of most of my personal projects 
  • Working nix* like console, complete with sprak interpretor, virtual drive and very basic virtual network 
  • Impes - a UDMF map format loader for unity3d. Sadly, as many other objects - this one fell apart. 
  • This one is an oldie - adamant. Working ai, weapon systems, health systems etc 


  • General systems design and programming
  • Expanded procedural generation programming
  • Shaders and compute shaders on unityCG/possibly on HTML5 GLSL
  • Intermediate Game design
  • Baseline level design
  • Baseline sound design

Payment method: Via Paypal.

Pay: 15-25$ an hour or 100-250$ a task (a task within development cycle, not a whole game), depending on job/task complexity.

Only accepting paid work, no rev share.


[PS] No multiplayer jobs. If it's something rudimentary like building a simple app on node.js - I can consider it. But design and maintenance of a complex rpc server-client infrastructure is beyond reasonable timeline for me, as I would need to learn it first, and nobody wants to pay to someone for screwing around.

This game is essentially no man's sky. Same amount of content even. :D

Well i mean it is a bit more advanced than this - i can use any downscaler res (with any pixel ratio) and any palette you provided. note - you can buy it on unity store or here on, and it's only 2 dollaz

Guys, can i just use my shader?

I second this. Lots of countries have paypal only on payment but without an ability to withdraw funds from account.

Via combination of nagas and lots of meat i got to the end of stage with locked door, key dropped but door stayed locked. I recommend you to auto-unlock doors when stage complete.


P.S. God, such a good game.

Buh, but i wanted to go to a furniture destruction factory, i was promised a job there! Ah rats. at least i have a can of *FOOD* somewhere around here.

This feels like the game "normality". Visuals remind me of it quite a bit.

Not bad at all.

Although secret walkthrough would be nice. :V

Cheers, m8. :)

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Very nice game. although sound slider will be nice.

Question, what the hell do i do with nutrient injector? i threw 3 chems into it, it says "chems has been added" but it doesn't let me press the button. :B

Edit: oh nvm, i needed to add some more. Awkwardly it just doesn't explain itself properly. probably should type "you feel you might want to add something else here" rather than "chems has been added, now just press the button".

Edit 2: Okay, yea, i've beaten it. Very nice. Took me around 1.5 hour. Feels nice. I would recommend you to play something like "robinson's requiem" as it kinda expanded onto such ideas of questing/puzzling survival quiet a lot.

Too raw. Not enough nodes. Here are nodes which are missing:

  • Sharpen
  • Direct texture input
  • Apply glsl shader
  • Tile result (any of algorithms to tile resulting picture across, with seam fixing)
  • Masked blending (also show which blending mode does what)
  • Heightmap topology detection (all of them - height lines, edge detection, normal detection)

Multiple palette types are missing. using png as palettes is only one of the many -

  • microsoft PAL format
  • ACT format
  • Hopefully photoshop swatches format (ACO) should be there.

Additional :

  • Save/load icons on palette and in file dialog are garbage an not representative of what they suppose to mean - i strongly recommend to replace them with disk and folder icons you have
  • For each value which can be adjusted via sliding add vertical ^V (up triangle/down triangle) icon to signify user that (s)he should drag it up or down for desired effect
That is all for now. I might add some more suggestions in the future once these will be considered and hopefully implemented.

Please post your Gpu, cpu, browser, and then how much time it took for you to load it initially and then after you press begin button.

Also tell me what do you think about graphics.

Sorry Josey, but project contains a whole lot of copyrighted material. Moving it to free analogues gonna take time and resources which i currently don't have. Maybe later :<

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Okay if you got here, chances are you want to know how to get the secret and can't be bothered to detect it yourself.

Here it goes. Click Cancel 8 times. You'll hear wolfenstein 3d solder saying "Schutzstaffel". After that you'll get access to some wolf 3d textures, and also rat will turn into miniature ratte tank.

Then if you'll set all textures to represent wolf 3d first level ones (new grey bricks for wall, dark solid grey for ceiling an bright solid grey for floor) you'll get SS saying "Mein leben", "get psyched" loading label, it will start loading and then.....crash game to BSoD, with abilty to ESC back to menu.

Truth to be told i wanted to make a fully working wolf3d level. But then i thought about time i'll spend writing all the systems - hud, weapons, damage, etc, and time constraints and decided "Fuck it!, it'll just bsod".