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Too raw. Not enough nodes. Here are nodes which are missing:

  • Sharpen
  • Direct texture input
  • Apply glsl shader
  • Tile result (any of algorithms to tile resulting picture across, with seam fixing)
  • Masked blending (also show which blending mode does what)
  • Heightmap topology detection (all of them - height lines, edge detection, normal detection)

Multiple palette types are missing. using png as palettes is only one of the many -

  • microsoft PAL format
  • ACT format
  • Hopefully photoshop swatches format (ACO) should be there.

Additional :

  • Save/load icons on palette and in file dialog are garbage an not representative of what they suppose to mean - i strongly recommend to replace them with disk and folder icons you have
  • For each value which can be adjusted via sliding add vertical ^V (up triangle/down triangle) icon to signify user that (s)he should drag it up or down for desired effect
That is all for now. I might add some more suggestions in the future once these will be considered and hopefully implemented.