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Shader suplement

A topic by Smoke Fumus created Nov 29, 2017 Views: 165 Replies: 2
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Guys, can i just use my shader?

Host (1 edit)

I have just now checked your shader in Unity here, smoke_th, and since it has full support for a proper 2x1 pixel-ratio format that is quite perfectly needed for this game jam, you are *definitely* allowed to use it for your own game project!!  ;)

The only thing is, be sure to select the mode “64Commanders” and click in a checkmark right next to “Apply Resolution” and you are all good and set!  ^^

With all that said, smoke_th, I wish you the truly best of success on creating your game project for my game jam here!!  Let’s rock!!!  ^-^=b !!

Well i mean it is a bit more advanced than this - i can use any downscaler res (with any pixel ratio) and any palette you provided. note - you can buy it on unity store or here on, and it's only 2 dollaz