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[For Hire] [Unity][Programmer] /[C#] programmer/[Shader] artist

A topic by Smoke Fumus created Apr 30, 2018 Views: 120
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Hi there folks. I'm looking for some remote work.

Here's my portfolio containing all the links

Keep in mind, it's my modelling is more like a hobby, so i wouldn't be able to deliver anything biological within sensible time limit.

Additionally: here's some more of my work, showing more system work in general.

  • Sizzle reel of most of my personal projects 
  • Working nix* like console, complete with sprak interpretor, virtual drive and very basic virtual network 
  • Impes - a UDMF map format loader for unity3d. Sadly, as many other objects - this one fell apart. 
  • This one is an oldie - adamant. Working ai, weapon systems, health systems etc 


  • General systems design and programming
  • Expanded procedural generation programming
  • Shaders and compute shaders on unityCG/possibly on HTML5 GLSL
  • Intermediate Game design
  • Baseline level design
  • Baseline sound design

Payment method: Via Paypal.

Pay: 15-25$ an hour or 100-250$ a task (a task within development cycle, not a whole game), depending on job/task complexity.

Only accepting paid work, no rev share.


[PS] No multiplayer jobs. If it's something rudimentary like building a simple app on node.js - I can consider it. But design and maintenance of a complex rpc server-client infrastructure is beyond reasonable timeline for me, as I would need to learn it first, and nobody wants to pay to someone for screwing around.