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Very nice game. although sound slider will be nice.

Question, what the hell do i do with nutrient injector? i threw 3 chems into it, it says "chems has been added" but it doesn't let me press the button. :B

Edit: oh nvm, i needed to add some more. Awkwardly it just doesn't explain itself properly. probably should type "you feel you might want to add something else here" rather than "chems has been added, now just press the button".

Edit 2: Okay, yea, i've beaten it. Very nice. Took me around 1.5 hour. Feels nice. I would recommend you to play something like "robinson's requiem" as it kinda expanded onto such ideas of questing/puzzling survival quiet a lot.

I'll definitely check out 'Robinson's Requiem'. Thanks for all the feed back. The Nutrient Injector is vague because the clues as to specifically what needs to be added are given through another puzzle. I do, however, understand what you mean by " just doesn't explain itself properly". That's a good point.

Oh, and the sound slider is a very good idea too!


Cheers, m8. :)