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It works great. But how can I remove debug information from the generated apk?

Thanks a lot, mtdev!

Hi, Marcamillian! Your point is valid I think. I thought about making the collision with black more forgiving by making the collision box smaller, and I thought about making the movement grid-based, like in hexa-gone, if you played it. I have to think about it.

Thanks a lot for the invaluable feedback!

Thanks a lot Sir_Silver!

I've already made this request some time ago, and I'm glad they're working on it. Thank you, team!

I live in Turkey, and afaik Stripe also doesn't work in my country. So Payoneer is out of the question I think. I'd love to have the direct bank transfer option available, although I don't think I'll earn any money :) But having the option still would be great.

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I tested it on 64bit Linux with openjre-8. The program runs, I can browse to the game folder. But when I click Play, the game doesn't start, instead it goes to a screen where there's Back and New Game buttons. If I click New Game the program crashes.


Thanks. I'd like it.

In the future, I want to use Pay What You Want model, but in my country (Turkey), neither PayPal nor Stripe works.

If there were some universal payout system, it would be great. Like using a credit/debit card directly.

I found your game through Godot forum, and tried the Linux version, but I couldn't even unzip it. The game inside might run, I couldn't test it.

I downloaded the Windows version to test under wine, but it crashes before starting.

This game crashes on 64bit Linux without starting. If it helps, it crashes just when it tries to go fullscreen.

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Just so you know, I couldn't find a way to quit the game on 64bit Linux. So I finished it instead. :) But even after finishing I couldn't quit. I had to press Alt+F4 to quit.

Nice idea, and a good game. But it feels like a prototype more than a game. It has the potential though.

Semicontrol is a simple puzzle game where you try to put the disc on the right in the red square by moving the disc on the left. Green squares reverses the movement relationship.

This game is a prototype. But the response I got for it was positive, so I decided to work on it more. There aren't much levels right now. No sound, no menu. But as it is, the game is playable alright.

Semicontrol is open source. If you want to see the source, download, rename it to and unzip it. A LÖVE file is actually a renamed zip archive.

Nice one! I spent some time to find the key to start the game though. You could just write it.

If anyone interested, press Z to start the ball, and arrow keys to move the paddle.

Nice! But I couldn't find a way to quit the game. I tried it on Linux 64bit, and worked great. But I had to Alt+F4 to quit the game.

Gnop is a rapid prototype made some time ago for a MiniLD game jam with a theme of Pong. While the name isn't very original, I think the game kinda is. It was made in under two hours.

It's like Pong, but instead of two paddles controlling one ball, there's one paddle controlling two balls. The balls are gaining speed every ten seconds, so you're trying to survive as long as possible. Use your mouse to move the paddle.

One Way To Go and Timers are prototype action puzzle games, and if enough people like them, I'm planning to make them into better and longer games. So, if you play them, please give feedback. Thank you!