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Float RGBs are possible, and believe it or not the framework of the custom presets is in the app, I just need to wire it to the UI, I'll see what I can do about this.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Hi all,

My scene/object annotation tool for Unity, Grease Pencil, is now available on! It's also part of my Winter Sale funding drive, check it out here.

C&C most welcome!


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. I'll be dropping an update sometime soon.

I'm having issues downloading at the moment, from the site and from the link provided (modified for 23.6.3 download), I get to about 3mb then it fails. I can download source without issues though.

Any suggestions?


It's not impossible for me to convert this to an Electron app (ala Discord, Twitch, Slack, etc.) but I'd have to slice some time out for that.

I'll keep it in mind :D

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Can we get some sort of warning on this when we submit our games in the not too distant future? I've just released a paid game and already posted a few social announcements and had no indication that my game would be held up like this.

Please don't misunderstand, I 100% understand and agree with the policy, and it's an obvious safeguard on your part, but it took a bit of searching to find out that this was a thing, and knowing it before making any announcements would have been nice :P 


Edit: Removed some sass.

If there is any feedback on Texture Grid Generator, please feel free to send some feedback.

If you've used it in any Works In Progress I'd love to see screens or vids. And I'd love to include any works in the screenshots here ;)

Have fun!