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Why my game didn't show up on the page ?

A topic by HuskyDusky created Jul 20, 2017 Views: 710 Replies: 7
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I upload my project yesterday and set everything up.

But it didn't show anywhere on the  website. Help please.


If you mean The Final One, go to the Edit Game page. Next to the Public radio button at the bottom is a link labeled "configure settings". Click on it and make sure you haven't ticked the "unlisted" checkbox by mistake.

I'm sure I haven't check them. By the way, thank for helping me.


You're welcome. Other people have complained about a similar issue, but it's better to first make sure it's not from a simple cause.


We're requiring paid games to go through human review before they show up on our listing due to some recent scammers trying to take advantage of the site, it shouldn't take more than a day. Thanks

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Can we get some sort of warning on this when we submit our games in the not too distant future? I've just released a paid game and already posted a few social announcements and had no indication that my game would be held up like this.

Please don't misunderstand, I 100% understand and agree with the policy, and it's an obvious safeguard on your part, but it took a bit of searching to find out that this was a thing, and knowing it before making any announcements would have been nice :P 


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Just in case this wasn't clear, your game is still publicly accessible by URL, and you can send people to that page directly to buy the game with no issues. The review delay only prevents games from showing up on our feed and browse pages.

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How long does the review process take, I put up my first paid asset the other day and it's on a release sale but it doesn't show up when browsing on sale assets, or directly searching for it. I understand why, but I hope it becomes visible soon. Also, any advice on things I could do to get it featured? ;) Thank you in advance just for reading this.

P.S. Already read this thread

EDIT : Here's the link to the asset I'm referring to

It's up now! Thanks!

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