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Thank you for sharing here! Enjoyed the playthrough!

Thank you for sharing your play through!

Thank you!

Story is pretty loose, could probably remind people of various slashers. Story was built up around the Emulator, which as far as we know is a unique enemy to our game :)

Enjoyed the commentary!

Thank you, we're glad you enjoyed!

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed, do want to point out you can crouch to get the key outside. There is also an item in the computer room, and from there numerous items and steps to take to beat the game.

Thank you very much! Cool to see another playthrough after so much time :)

Thanks for sharing! Keys to winning the game include using the vents and knowing bathroom mirrors can open :)

Glad you liked it!

Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for sharing your playthrough!

Thanks for sharing your playthrough! Do want to let you know there have been a few updates since the version you played though.

Thoroughly enjoyed your commentary!

Yeah I figured that haha, enjoyed the commentary!

Thank you for the video! It looks like you missed a key near Sarah if you'd like to try again, appreciate the playthrough either way :)

Glad you persisted! Really enjoyed your commentary!

Thanks for sharing your playthrough! There have been some updates since the version you played, so we hope you'll give it another go with the newest version :)

Thanks for sharing your playthrough! Love your commentary!

Hey Michae! Enjoyed the commentary man, there have been a couple updates since the version you played so we hope you may give it another try in the future :) Biggest thing is probably making use of the vents and knowing that bathroom mirrors can open.

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Glad you played again! Ah, yes that is because you have to remove the cover on both sides of that vent (which I know isn't made clear on our end).

Thanks for the playthrough of the update! Enjoyed your commentary :)

Glad you've enjoyed it, and I'll hint that it is in the kitchen area :)

Oh that's odd, thank you for letting us know so we can check that out.

Awesome, and absolutely we love seeing playthroughs. Thank you!

Hey! Thanks for the playthrough! Unless I'm mistaken it appears you didn't see that you can access the vents once you have the screw driver, and that bathroom mirrors can open. We definitely hope you'll check it out again :)

Thanks for the playthrough! We actually just released another update last night with some changes including an end game cutscene, we hope if you play again you enjoy that :)

Hey! Thanks for uploading your playthrough, the update we released last night overhauled the blood and added/changed some other goodies :)

If by small view you're meaning the 4:3 aspect ratio, go into the options and change it to either SD or HD to use the entire monitor. 

I totally hear what you guys are saying, as of this moment I'm planning to include a FOV option in the next update.

Thank you PizzaMonster! The FOV was done how it is as a stylistic choice, but if others have the same feedback we may add an option to adjust it. We thought we had fixed clipping into walls, so it would be great if you could list the walls in which this was the case. You could do so here, or email me at :)

I have no idea why this would be the case, there isn't any network stuff going on in the project/game. If you want to give me more details including screenshots, you could email me at 

Trailer for The Emulator is now available!

Enjoyed your video!

Super awesome seeing you figure out and beat the game! We will absolutely be updating how the blood on screen works, and adding a little more direction. Glad you enjoyed over all, thanks for sharing your video!

Enjoyed the playthrough! Don't feel left out I just missed your vid, awesome you were able to finish the working version! Love the energy in your commentary, fun to watch :)

We put out another update today which fixed a number of bugs including the emulator going through the player. And the previous patch fixed the cursor not being visible on the game over screen as well. We love to see playthrough videos so definitely be sure and share if you do another in the future!

Really enjoyed watching your playthrough! We have put out another update that includes fixes for all the bugs you encountered, one of which we were unaware of until your video haha. Hope you give it another go, and if you do record another video we'll be waiting to check it out!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

Completely understand, with the time frame of the  jam we were unable to get to openable drawers and other things. 

Love this!