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That's awesome!

Thank you for your interest in the game, unfortunately I'm no longer updating this title as I'm busy working on other projects and I'm also generally no longer supporting mac as there are just too many hoops to jump through. Sorry about that, and again thank you for your interest I wish I had better news!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for sharing really enjoyed watching!

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing! Really enjoyed watching your playthrough so far, got me laughing haha.

Thanks for playing!

Enjoyed your play through! Sorry about that equip issue, we will look into it but you can also scroll to cycle between weapons. To progress from where you were you have to go around the back of the small bar building! We hope you'll try out the rest of the demo from there!

The issue that you ran into has been patched now! We've updated the download to the patched version.

Thanks for playing! Sorry we will have to make it so that doing that out of order still works!

This was modeled and rigged in blender so it should work!

Yeah sure thing!

Yeah go for it!

I would advise to not use this in something you plan on charging for. (Despite my previous comment saying to go for it, as I really just meant that I'm cool with this being used however.)

Hey thanks! Yes this can be used for commercial use, I just ask considering providing credit but it isn't required.

Could you explain the problem a little more, what OS are you running and what steps are you taking. I'm not sure if you mean its crashing or if something is happening in the game.

Thank you for sharing your playthrough!

You bet! Thanks for sharing, I've added it to a collection of games using our assets!

Awesome! Thank you for sharing, love seeing this stuff get used!

Thank you!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and sharing!

Thanks for sharing, enjoyed the playthrough!

Thanks! The song was composed for the game so it should be fine for you to use in a playthrough video.

Feedback noted for the full game, and thank you!

Thank you very much!

Thanks for playing!

The game hasn't been developed at all beyond this release, but aspects of it are present in another project of mine which should be released sometime beginning of 2020.

Thank you very much


Awesome! Best of luck with your project!

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Thank you! I actually already have the 1 - 4 key selection ready for an update so that's awesome to hear! 

EDIT: 1 - 4 selection now in the most recent little update!

Thank you for the feedback! Definitely would have done multiple unit selection and melee attacks for melee range if I'd had more time. The possibility of running all the way through was something I missed though!

Thank you!

Very nice! I was caught off guard by how much I got sucked into this game!

Yes the blood is permanent, but if we come back to The Emulator for a future update I think we will add healing over time. Glad you are otherwise enjoying!

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Hello, I went ahead and made the linux download available again. If you would like to test the game and see if it runs for you that would be great. Honestly not too large of a concern for us anymore, but if we were to find out it works then we would add a linux build to Steam as well as publicizing the build here. (I'm not sure if the linux build actually matches the most recent Windows/macOS versions..)

EDIT: If you would be open to trying the current build and maybe an additional build if it crashes after the splash screen, feel free to contact me from my websites contact form here

Thank you! I will definitely take a look at your project when I have some extra time!

Enjoyed your video, looks like you had a lot of fun making it! Definitely would love to see a letsplay, be sure to share it here if you do!