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I definitely wish I had a little more time to refine the controls before the deadline. Looking forward to tightening up those parts in a post-jam build. 

Thank you for your kind words and thanks for playing!

Multiplayer games are always an ambitious choice for game jams, and it plays well with the theme. Having configurable controls was a nice choice.


Cool interpretation of the theme! Impressive amount of dialogue, and I like the blend of 2D and 3D art. The game has a bleak yet inviting tone that I enjoyed.

Wow, absolutely beautiful! Excellent mood, visually and musically. Agreed about it being difficult to judge where you are in space the further away you get from the center, but the camera action and controls were really, really fun. I found myself testing its limits and trying to barrel roll and zooming all over the place and really enjoying doing so, I was really immersed.

I'd love to see more in this vein, maybe with a concrete rhythm element?

Great work!

Neat! Really liked the use of the ghosts, cool take on the theme. I found a cool wall glitch where I could fly over the left wall at the start of the game. Spent more time than I'd like to admit trying to see if there was a secret area over there, but I always fell off the world instead XD

Cool entry!

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This feels very nostalgic, and the level of completeness and polish is insane! I feel like I pirated this game from the past. The introduction of the puzzle elements in the first few levels is nice.

Such a great entry!

Visually very striking. It reminds me of a pop up book. Also see the Don't Starve influence as some have mentioned, I like the grim vibe it gives. Cool!

Nice! I found myself playing more than I expected at first! Just the right amount of challenge and frustration to keep me trying.

Can definitely see where you're going with this. Nice working getting a 3D game working with this much content in so little time!

Would definitely like to see more of this game! The art style is on point, good character design, and the music gives it a great atmosphere. The game feels familiar, in a good way.

Really trippy in a way that I enjoyed. Dreamy and surreal. Nice work!

This entry is very polished! The character design is top notch, and everything from the game to your presentation on your itch page is very cohesive, which gives it an air of completeness that is hard to achieve  within a jam timeframe. Nice!

I was a little confused on what to do at first (probably just fried post-jam brain), but once I clicked around a bit I enjoyed it! 

Nice art for each of the planets, especially liked the zoomed in view with the summary card and character art. Also props for including a working save system!

I liked the diversity in the team make up, impressed with how much content you got finished as a solo in such a short period. Nice work!

I enjoyed the cohesive art style, and the game plays very smoothly! I like that you took the time to do all of the cameos in your own style as well, great attention to detail.

This reminds me of some web games I've played in the past that focused on kind of 'moral' choices (in a good way), and I like how you used this to explore the theme. The occasional cheeky commentary was a plus.

Really cool entry!

Impressed with how much of a full game loop you were able to put together in this time frame!

On my first playthrough I walked right through the shop and off the world (just to see if I could), but after I decided to follow your very clear instructions, I was hooked and delved more levels than I expected! Cool minimal style. 

I really like the direction this one is going! Art is really cool.

The text in in the tutorial overlapped which made parts of it impossible to read, but props to you for including a tutorial at all in such a short amount of time!

I really enjoyed the art style and music, they went together really well. I get kind of a 'Braid' vibe which I love.

I did get stuck by the flower as another user mentioned below, but overall a really cool jam entry! Would love to see more if you do a post-jam build.

I really liked the combination of the 2D bee in the 3D world. Cool art direction!

Everyone has been very helpful keeping it on top, but here's another reminder to anyone playing today: please READ INSTRUCTIONS ABOUT TIMER BUG for best experience 😅

A retro-inspired skating game where the goal is to tear up the streets, while cleaning them up too!

GAMEPAD RECOMMENDED! It's really fun to play with a Gamepad API compatible controller (tested with XBox One controller).

Controls (Gamepad or WASD) -

Press any key to start game (even if playing with Gamepad, must press a keyboard key to start)

Move: Left stick or WASD

Jump: A button or Spacebar

Grind: (while jumping on rail) X button or Shift

MUSIC CREDITS: LtBolo (with permission)

Music was not created during the jam period, so should not be considered for judging purposes. Everything else was made and coded during the jam!

ONE SMALL QUIRK: The game timer runs while the menu is on screen... so if you find it difficult to win, you may want to refresh the page and then start the game VERY QUICKLY. haha

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Thanks for giving it a run and for your compliments, and I'm glad you found it at least entertaining enough to play for multiple sessions!

Thank you for your kind words and for playing! I know it wasn't complete, but I'm glad some people were able to see its merits :)

Really good little puzzle game. I think your level design and the way you introduced different mechanics in the first few levels was excellent.

Nice work!

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Solid concept! I like the simple controls. Would probably translate well to mobile.

Really enjoyed the menu and interstitial art and the music. I like how the camera moves to reveal as much as possible in the direction of travel, but also found it made the game a little more difficult at times. Overall really cool entry!

I love this, glad to see a few other multiplayer games/games with a networked component. 

Really really cool idea and execution. 

Love the palette and the sounds, this feels like a very authentic retro experience.

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Hey guys!

I made an online multiplayer browser game for the jam:

So far the reception has been good, save for one thing: it's hard to get a taste of the multiplayer action with only a few players playing per day.

Now, I can already hear you saying "duh, it's a game jam game. what were the devs thinking?"

And I'm hear to tell ya, not much! I was more focused on if I could and never stopped to think if I should. haha

BUT! If anyone is interested in trying out the game and wants to get the full-ish (it's a prototype after all :P ) experience, drop a line and let's figure out a time to play this weekend!

I'll be on here testing submissions this evening and Saturday evening/night (from central US as far as timezone goes here), just reach out!

Challenging, and not my style of puzzler, but after I got more used to the controls, I found myself playing longer than I expected! Love those Pico-8 colors too.

Thank you for the kind words!

I'm thinking about trying to get as big a group as possible together to play this weekend and see what the server can handle, especially during some of the final hours of the judging period.

If you (or anyone else who reads this) is down, drop a line here and we can try to set up something! 

Glad to see I didn't make the only multiplayer entry!

Fun little game. I think the dynamic background helped elevate the simple visual style, and I like the muted but varied color palette.

I like what you did with the top-down pseudo 3d. The drop shadows are subtle and really sell it.

Nice work!

Really enjoyed this game visually. The color palette and art style work well, and your minimal UI is great.

Fun little game. Took two quick deaths to understand the mechanic fully, but once I got it I enjoyed it. 

As others have pointed out, the initial speed of the monster made it difficult to tell if it was moving. My first impression was that I was running into static trap zones in a maze.

BUT once I sat in place for a moment instead of running full tilt and noticed the screen shrinking as -it- approached, it got a little spooky!

Fun little game! My favorite part was the initial toss of the hot dog and the smooth animation from title screen to game. Very nice!