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yeah the idea is to go in the dark on the shop level kill the slimes and that's is the end. I have technical difficulties and don't have time for tutorial and stuff to help guide the player overall unfinished 

do you try to go in to portal farm money buy upgrades get stronger and then kill the slimes in to the dark?

yeah the game try to help if you hit low row and give you more time to plan next move and opposite if you hit high role the game give you more challenge 

can you tell me which are the bugs to try fix them?

They slap themselves I just watch them  do it :D kind of not the point but I was find fun in that so great job. :D

Game presentation on point! Great job.

Unique take on. Great Job!

Unique take on. Great Job!

The game idea is executed perfectly maybe need some saddle music and it's ready to ship on some store. :D great job

Art wise is very good, and thee feel of the game is good. If I can suggest you something to upgrade it will be to add a score every time you role you get this points or coins or what ever that way I don't saddle on shooting and abuse one power only have to change them constantly for score. Great job very nice submition .

Art is amazing so much packed in great work on that.

That one is right on my alley. I like it a lot. Feeling of the game and simplicity make it very appealing to me. Great job. One thing I think maybe it's gonna be useful is the camera to follow the player it will give so much flow to the game play and became more addictive. Great job.

Thanks for playing. It seems common to players  don't try the tutorial first, maybe forcing them to play it may help witch I didn't think is a good but next time I will.

True story. Fun and creative enjoy it a lot. Thank you for creating.

Nice work on the feel and art of the game. 

Nice work on the feel and art of the game. 

Solid peace I like the mood and feel of the game. Good job.

Great game I enjoy it . Some faster pace at the begging will be great. Great Job.

Very nice game the polish is awesome good job!

Very nice take on the theme and beautiful art. Sound need it will boost the feeling a lot. Good Job.

Great visuals. The game will benefit a lot from sound and music. Overall solid game. 

Chill game and very beautiful, somehow for me the controls was confusing can't sync them well with my brain, but I enjoy it a lot. Great Work.

Art is impressive and game concept is creative too, but sometimes my health is spawned on places I can't reach. Great Job.

Nice experience.

So much screenshake  I'm getting old . Nice game  I like it.

Neat game Great presentation. 

Great mood. I just wish to be faster :D

Concept is nice. For me was hard to combine the controls. Thank you for creating Good Job.

Nice simple game. One thing confuse me was the timer I always look at and trick myself what will came but is completely different. Great job.

Nice level of polish, but need more content. I think you can try and develop more of this even if its not necessary the dice theme. Good Job!

Nice concept and art is great. I think you can work little more on the balancing stuff. 

Visuals and presentation of the game are very good. It would be cool if you can implement  where the dice  because the speed is kind a fast to react or maybe I to old for that type of games. Congratulation on the game. 

This game give me smile when I press pause and they just stop hitting the "center" but keep fly around. Good Job I like your game. 


I'm Pixel artist who participate in triJam's often want to try team up with programmer for this jam. My most used assets are 16x16px or 32x32px. My workflow for triJam is divided to portions of work so I prefer not to do the whole Jam at once. 

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My workflow is:

 first planing phase - think of an idea for main mechanic of the game and how  to make it. (this is not count as time). 

 I have to make it for 10, 15 mins max. Then I polish the game and stop at 1 hour. After playtested I take a break. 

second phase - it is polish for half hour playtest break and repeat till i hit 3 hours. Break can be as long u need to get back fresh. So overal I make the game for 10 mins then  just polish for 2hours and 50 mins .  ( polish don't mean add mechanics  it's oposite)

My general rule is if the game take longer then 10min to make it's to big of a scope. For 3 hours you can't make a game, but you can make your Core for that time. Often i can't even finish this 10 mins games. I apologies for the broken English. Good luck!

I enjoy play this it's fun game. Probably looking only one screen is better instead follow the ball. 

Nice Idea and well made. If you implement more exited pick up for the coin will be  great. Maybe you display the score in the level too. Good Job!

Great Feel of the game I like it a a lot and interesting mechanic to explore. Congratz to not giving up with this major bug. Deal with bugs it's important :D. One problem I run in to it's I can't past level 3 . Build up frustration  is very nice way to make the player keep want to play. Maybe the level design is to hard for some players give them time to feel the mechanic to play with it, maybe some non danger levels where I just learn to jump and not punish me with death. You know we people can't walk when we spawn ;D we need time to grow and learn.

Good game! Maybe you can add some lives so it not so brutal to start over again every time I die(it's dark and I die a lot XD).Don't think of the 3 hours as something you have to do it. If you continue to do triJAm you will get a lot better to organize your workflow, I think this is much more important then actually  finish jam game. I suggest to not go for 3 hour straight dev time, divide it to portions of dev time. Keep it UP ;D

Thank you for kind words. I'm happy you played it and you liked. Thanks!