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Reddit flair was already granted. Discord has not been granted as you are on the Discord as of this message. But feel free to ping the mods to receive the custom role. Thank you. 

Good to hear that it was given to the correct reddit handle. Thank you.

Granted User Flair to (u/victori0us_secret).
Replying here because your URL goes to the one with an 0 while the one displayed is with an o. The flair was sent to the one with the (zero) I hope this is correct and if not please let me know. Thank you.

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Hi. Just want to say thank you for giving us the gift of many games and in turn giving us an opportunity to donate to a good cause. With that being said, 1,700+ board/computer games, game assets, comics and eBooks is a lot to go through alone.

The people at r/ItchioJusticeBundle made a Discord where you can discuss, ask suggestion on games to play and recommend games to others from the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. You can also discuss the same topics on their Subreddit if you like. They are also looking for resources like spreadsheets and sites that help gamers find that one game you will truly enjoy. 

Feel free to stop by and thank you.

Link to Discord :
Link to Subreddit :

Due to there not being a better means to verify if users from Reddit/Discord are the same ones as the one from This forum is partially converted into a means to verify Game Developers. 

Game URL :
Reddit Handle : 
Discord Handle : 

(If you wish to not disclose your Reddit/Discord Handle, contact the r/ItchioJusticeBundle to receive a special code instead.)

Kinda? They appear now and then probably because of issues contacting the devs. But these are just guesses so no idea XD

So long as the charge managed to get through, support should be able to assist but I don't know how backed up they are at the moment. for now ; w ; 

If you haven't already and you were sure you were charged for purchasing the bundle > contact support but they are pretty swamped with requests at the moment. 

Guess, just have to wait for support to reply then ; w ; 

Perhaps try contacting over twitter?

Usually to Documents folder or the Appdata folder. 

As long as you are still charged for the bundle, support should be able to help with connecting you to the download link. They are likely still backed up at the moment. 

It might be because servers are busy but I don't know for sure.
Also, you might want to check if you were charged or not. 

Np and good luck ; w ; 

Just have to wait, also they posted on twitter that they are not doing partial refunds so you might need to buy it again at the proper price.

As far as I know, you need to download directly from the bundle's download page and not the game's page. 

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If you have a paypal, perhaps try using that instead?
Also Twitter Post from Support :
Use this ; w ; 

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My Library > Purchases > Bundle.
For the app, you need to do the same steps and go to the download page and download it from there. 

I assume it's something something email > claim page.

Is this problem still going? Well for me it just has error and stops downloading due to servers being overwhelmed. Try again during off hours. 

Best of luck then ; w ; 

Not sure, so long as it wasn't a free / pay what you want / browser game I assume it's a matter of either waiting to see if the game is noticed or trying to contact themselves to be added.

Check to see if you got the email to attach the link to your account? Otherwise perhaps contact support?

True but the ultimate goal is to raise funds and that comes first before having exposure. Kind of why free games are no longer part of the bundle and will be moved to a collection instead. 

Jun 11 @ 12 PM PT

There is trying the Itchio App and download it via there or using another browser but it seems odd it's not working. I don't know if its server side or from your end either.

So something like this then?

I don't know if the following is helpful or not.

Still trying to understand what it looks like. Like where on the page does it say the error. Like a pop up or the small text near the bottom where download is with what message. 

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Try using*49kK-jQ6yvmWG3mH_0zQ1w#gid=782418878
I dont know if some Macs are different but it should make it easier to tell if it's mac supported or not. 

Hmm, does the error have any numerical value assigned to it? Like this.

Support is probably backed up right now. If you were charged then that could be a semi good sign. It will take a while until support can get back to you on the matter tho. 

Most games needs to be unzipped so you can launch the (EXE) - executable file. Try and extract the folder and then try to run it. Otherwise you can try to download the client and have it do the work for you. 

For the new time being there is a site that can filter based on genre and tags.

This isn't the best place to ask. Perhaps, make a new thread or comment via,

As for buying that many gifts, do be careful on how you distribute them and which account they end up attaching to. Apparently there are cases of people applying the bundle twice to one account. Support is swapped with request at this time so if something goes wrong it might take a while till they can get back to you. 

As for buying them at the same time in bulk. No idea. 

Hmm, what browser are you downloading from and was there any internet disconnect during the time of download. What happens when you download a game around a few megabytes?