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Bundle hiding and lack of search/filter

A topic by meregeeks created Jun 06, 2020 Views: 3,982 Replies: 29
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First I wanted to say that I appreciate the new mini game of "what do I own and how do I find it?"  thanks?

  • Clicking through 25 pages of a bundle, which is not sortable, filterable, or in alphabetical order, is challenging. 
  • When looking for my games, I couldn't find them. I had to go to a forum question to do that.
  • Please let me see all my games...that I own... please?

For others, only a 14 step program can get you to "see" your games! :)

  1. In the app click on Library, 
  2. then realize it will not show your game in "Owned items", 
  3. then click on your name in the top right, 
  4. then realize you can't get to your games from there, 
  5. then go to "View Community Profile", 
  6. then be confused for a minute, then click on the NEW profile name (inside the browser iframe), then click "My Library",  
  7. then click "My Purchases", 
  8. then be baffled as it still doesn't show you your games, 
  9. then click "Bundles", 
  10. then click on a /link?/ of the bundle, 
  11. then see 25 pages of unsortable and unfilterable games, 
  12. then realize it isnt even alphabetical...or any other noticeable order..., 
  13. then stop caring because you do not wish to click through 25 pages of games because the descriptions of the game STILL dont tell you what type of game it is (though you do get some logos of operating systems that can download it... )
  14. wait... for what, I don't know. Good luck!

Completely agree. And it gets worse.

1. On the bundles page on itch app we cant open any of then on a new tab. Clicking either the name or download reloads the tab, in my case the back button doesnt even work, only clicking on ''back to bundle''...

2...wich makes you go back from download to PAGE 1. Not even where you were at. Always back to page one.

3. Opening the game pages on other tabs or the browser give no indication you own then throught the bundle

4. You cant download your version throught their page...

5. Clicking on the temporary link to the bundle on the games pages (wich will certainly disapear after the campaing stops) leads you to the purchase page, not the page of your purchase

The whole horrible interface and logical flaws could all be forgiven IF we could just download the games from their own pages like anyone who purchased then directly (either through the same links/buttons or a new one that only appears if you own a bundle that contains it). That way we would have a workaround at least. Forcing us to go through 25 unsorted pages, unable to check then and go back, and any operationg bringing us back to page 1...

I apreciate the good will and initiative towards a good cause. I apreciate the content. Heck i apreciate itch exists.  But the way its done sends a message of not caring, aftertough at best, or amateurish and rushed.

also sends some other bad messages:

1. That itch doesnt see nor treat bundles as purchases, or who buy then as customers.

2. That youre not supposed to enjoy or find bundles.

3. That itch or someone there wants people to forget about bundles, forget they ''own'' something from one and buy it again

I cant tell if someone trully thinks that way, i suppose not but thats what the experience tells us.


Yeah, if anyone from itch has time to add a 'filter by genre'/ 'search keywords' to the bundle, that would be pretty awesome.


Uhhh, man, I just did it went through all the 25 pages of this otherwise AMAZING bundle! I spent at least 2 hours with this and made a collection of the 100 games I am actually interested in, just to realize that the games are ONLY downloadable from the bundle game list. Is there really no solution to this? Do I have to manually find the games when I will have the time to play them?


I just got the bundle and I agree it's pretty annoying. To make things slightly easier on all of us, I've scraped the contents of the bundle and dumped it in a pastebin, along with the page number (within the bundle) for each item. That way, if you want to find something, at least you can go to this page and do Ctrl-F to find out what page it's on:

(I'm also considering making a Chrome plugin that will solve the problem more comprehensively, but that'll have to wait until I have some time to work on it.)

Sounds good! :D
I'm pretty new to Itchio and I was wondering what happens when more titles get added to the bundle? Are they put in at he back of the bundle and will  this mess with the page numbers you indexed?

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I'm also new to the site, so I don't actually know 😅

And I just noticed that I posted that pastebin without logging in, so if it does need to be edited then I'll have to post a new one. Welp. If that happens I'll post a new link.

ETA: Or not, since it looks like I've been rendered redundant by Ceege downthread.  Such is the way of all flesh.

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Wow, that's really useful- thanks for this :)


Thank you so much!


Thanks Joseph! This was a huge help, especially for finding games people recommended! :D


Awesome josephk. If we were able to scrap things like tags/genres it would be perfect.

The ''workaround'' ive found was via the browser and opening tabs:

1. In the browser ALL buttons and links are working properly- meaning we can open in another tab without loosing wich page we`re on.

2. Opening *download* in a *new tab* ACTIVATES the game in the library *even without downloading*;
Just opening the tab with the download links count as activating/import to library

The way im browsing is opening a games tab, checking it out then opening the download of the ones im interested right now (simply because activating everything is really a lot)- but if anyone wants you can just open in tabs every iten, page by page, and sort things in the library... but its really a lot, i dont recomend.

Im amazed by how many different things are inside- in the bundle page i noticed there were some tabletop rpgs but i had no idea how many (and i freaking love indie rpgs). I blindly bought just because of the charity and so far its better then i expected (by sheer quanitity and variety alone).

But of course i didnt had the time to check on quality- i spent some hours yestarday doing the tabs malabarism and i was completely tired by page 20... at least theres only 5 pages left today BUT i had to rush past lots of stuff and only focused on the ttrpgs for now.

I'm a big tabletop RPG fan as well!

Can you tell me some good ones you know of?


I would also like to chime in to say that a basic sort/filter would be really useful. Just stuff like, sort alphabetically or by file size, filter by video game/PDF/other, filter by OS for video games. Not just in bundle purchases though, I don't see a way to do this in my library either?

A search by title would also be nice if you're feeling fancy, or just being able to set the layout to see everything on one screen (with smaller/no cover images) would allow CTRL+F searching.


I put together a more comprehensive spreadsheet you can use to search/sort/filter at

Very cool! May I ask where you got the data from? I just scraped the pages you get when you look through the bundle after purchase, but the spreadsheet has a lot of information that isn't in there (e.g. Steam URL)

That data is from each games page


Oh my god, this is SO useful! Thank you so much! My system has been to manually add each item to a custom Collection. I run Linux so for now I'm just ignoring anything that's Windows-only (I'll go back to those at a later date). Your spreadsheet makes this process much easier!


I did the same, and played a few games already. But it took ages to go through the list :)

You are the best. Thank you very much!
Does your code update automatically?

(+3) obviously did not expect to have that many contributors and this problem before, but best if we could sort them alphabetically. Otherwise it's not worth complaining as the deal is soooo good, just spent 2-3hrs going through the 25 pages. YMHO


I know I'm super late to this party, I got the bundle the day it came out and went through and opened every single game in a new tab to add it to my library. Now my library is flooded which isn't a bad problem to have per say, but it would be nice to be able to sort that too. Now that I've come back and there is literally double the games from when I got it, I don't know what to do to find the new stuff.

ceege did amazing with their spreadsheet, even having information from which bundle they came from and ect. It would be super appreciative if there was that sort of sorting from itself. Like if this data is stored somewhere it would be useful if they can give the users access to sort by it or even bulk add to library/download by it too. 

Actuall suggestions tho:

1. Have a button to just add all to library. I know its set up so that you can't flood your library or so that users don't accidentally do that, butWANT to do that. So even if its just gonna ask me 20 times if I'm absolutely positive I want to do what I'm doing, it would be super helpful to say yes. 

2. Have a setting to auto-add new additions to library. That way these new 700~ish games that have come out in a few days and are lost in the mix of no real order don't have to be sorted out just by memory.

3. Maybe have a little check box on the side that lets you say if you want something or not. Or maybe even a "I don't want this" button so you can trim it down and not just have to open everything in a new tab like I did especially when you have to only ctrl+click since sometimes right clicking or middle clicking just doesn't work. 

4. Anything listed above that could be easy to implement and will help with all future projects as well as making people more willing to support this great cause and bundle


Well, they are probably working on making improvements but I feel that this was a sudden need so it might take a while for Itch to implement a better way to sort and display the games effectively. Here's hoping I guess.

(+1) is adding a feature to add all bundled  items to your/the library soon, give them some time, busy with bundle buyers, additions,etc.

Yup! I figured they would be working to add stuff for this, I just wanted to give a bit of condensed info and some suggestions as well. The Itch peeps are doing great and you are all appreciated <3


I hope they are working on a genre filter for my library section... this is an utterly chaos


Haha, yeah. I'm mostly focusing on making sure people can get all their games since its a limited time thing to buy and knowing that you can't sort might be a turn off to some. But after that yeah we need some Library sorting features ahaha

I am glad to hear they are working on this issue... because as is, it is just about completely useless.

For the time being you can use this to sort out games based on their metadata like genre, game tags, etc


For the new time being there is a site that can filter based on genre and tags.

was thinking it'd be great to have public wiki or even Google drive sheet of all the games that would be slowly filled in by the community as people play. It could include titles and 2-3 tags for each game.


Title - Platform - Genre - Tag(challenging, great story, etc..)