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Pop!OS is based on Ubuntu so if it works on Ubuntu it should work on Pop

Yeah but after he takes the photo we never get it right?

Wait a baseball cap?

Don't spoil it how to get it!

And you can destroy the medal?

Is it the latest version?

And is the Mac OS version coming to

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Just a question

What happened to the Linux build that was offered to willing testers over e-mail a couple of years ago?

Did it work badly on Linux?

I'm pretty sure there are some coins, shells, flowers and fish not done yet but  I did all the main stuff unless the fisherman gives something special for all the fish

Another thing I am unaure about is the photo. We never get it right?

I felt like the ending was anticlamatic 

But I guess that goes with the chill theme of the game

Beat this in two hours

What?! How are you so skilled in the ways of the hexagon


At first this was such a wholesome happy game

I have never had so much pure enjoyment from a game before

Then when the game ended I was devastated

I was hoping.... for more

Now I know this is a small indie game for about $5 and I got it practically for free with the Bundle for Racial Justice

It was my fault for expecting something after Claire wakes up from the nap

I was hoping for the marathon, to climb the mountain with the rock climbers, to recieve the email of the selfie, for the hat seller to return to the island, the boat to sail, for the chair to be returned

And when I realized the game never went beyond the first day I felt emptier than when I began

I would gladly pay $60 to see a longer version of this

Please my heart is gnawing at me for more

Please just update it and add Linux and Mac


No difference

Thats nothing big...... right?

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Re-installed and still not working properly

Are we just going to spam here until we get Linux and Mac?

If so count me in!

Linux and Mac binaries please

Whats the difference between the two?

And the website hasn't updated since 2015 (at least for the Racial Justice Bundle)

Are you porting to Linux or Mac in the foreseeable future?

After trying multiple times it seems like a hit or miss situation where it misses more than hits

If it is working correctly New Game is in big letters after launching the game and if it isn't all the letters are in the same size

Not pressing the controller didn't make a difference

Should I reinstall the game?

A Short Hike community · Created a new topic Minor bug

I'm unsure if this a problem with the game or Linux but when I launch the game it says the the game is not responding and offers options to wait or to close the program

If I press wait the game launches without a hitch but it is still a minor annoyance

This isn't related but once the game stopped recognizing the joysticks and analog triggers of the controller

Relaunching fixed the issue and it never happened again but maybe you should be aware of it

I'm running the Linux version of Wildwoods through the app.

When I launch the game after all the logos are displayed a message appears claiming the game is not responding with options to wait or to close the app

If I press wait the starting menu appears. The game recognizes a controller but it is impossible to navigate the menu either with mouse, keyboard or controller

Do you have any plans to port this to linux?

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Did you use Proton or Lutris or else did it just straight up work?

Does this game use DirectX or something else?

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Do you have any intentions of porting to Linux or Mac OS?

And does this game have controller support?

I'm a big tabletop RPG fan as well!

Can you tell me some good ones you know of?