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Finished it just atm, 121/121 ;)

An instant classic! One of the best puzzle games in a long time. Steady increasing difficulty and new inventive mechanics have you keep your eye on the ball. is adding a feature to add all bundled  items to your/the library soon, give them some time, busy with bundle buyers, additions,etc.

Give devs some time, they are saying on the downloads page for the bundle that features to sort,etc. are coming when the bundle is finished in a few days.

Give the team some more time till the bundle period is over, they are swamped for sure.
There surely will be a solution for the app discovery coming. For now it's digging :)

leaf @

Jun 7
Lastly, since a few people are asking: All new content added will be granted to all existing people who bought the bundle.

Part of this top 5 from 29th May 2020 obviously did not expect to have that many contributors and this problem before, but best if we could sort them alphabetically. Otherwise it's not worth complaining as the deal is soooo good, just spent 2-3hrs going through the 25 pages. YMHO

There is also an option to gift it, so maybe a mate of yours can buy it for you.

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Leafo noted: Can I submit my project after the bundle has started? Yes. It’s okay if you come in late, we’ll credit anyone who has already purchased the bundle with access to your project.  (

How will this work? Will the extra content be added to existing bundle buyers' accounts or will you create another bundle? 

And a big Mahalo to for this donation drive, the creators for their work and all who donated! Seems the current $2M barrier will be broken soon! 

You get no keys, just the direct download to the bundled software, which you can find in your library (top right drop-down)

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And you get plus karma points for your extra donation ;)

Set smallest font size/zoom in your browser and search (CTRL+F) for your title.

Set smallest font size/zoom in your browser and search (CTRL+F) for your title.

Lots of fun! Got it on Android.

Nice one!