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Thank you! That was a cool Ludum Dare, we really liked it!

Thanks for the feedback imus! We planned to do more for this game after the initial jam it was created for, bot all of us got busy working. So for now, it  just stays  a simple game, but we are glad that you like the concept!

Oh, I am glad you liked it! :) 

Wow guys, awesome game! I am always afraid to develop a "simple" platformer, and you did it in a jam! Great game with a lot of different puzzles!
Oh and I loved the little comics at the start and at the end!

The writing is great on this game, it was like reading a good book. Thank you!

You are doing it great guys! :)

Hi, Player1 is 1,2,3,4,5, Player2 is GHJKL in the same keyboard :)
Simple but works well! 

Thank you! :)

Wow guys, engaging mechanics and sweet graphics! Love the vampire cat! :)

I did the same, and played a few games already. But it took ages to go through the list :)

Uhhh, man, I just did it went through all the 25 pages of this otherwise AMAZING bundle! I spent at least 2 hours with this and made a collection of the 100 games I am actually interested in, just to realize that the games are ONLY downloadable from the bundle game list. Is there really no solution to this? Do I have to manually find the games when I will have the time to play them?

Wow, very nice! Love the modular spaceship idea! 

Tank you very much! 

Thank you! :)

Hi, this!

A great little game! Clean mechanics and flow!