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That's pretty common to happen in GameJams. There's almost no time for balancing, and a fine tune comes with time and lots of experience in game design.
Yuo have a good game, and it will become better with the adjusts ^~^

The art is pretty solid and you have a lot of different features running there.

At the moment, is a bit frantic, but fit the quick gameplay premisse.
With a little more space for the player to breath, and some clues of where the goals are on the map, it will be a total pleasure to play!

The game is already pretty good! A bit more polishwill make it really solid and funnier to play!

Its cute and the imput feedback is on point.

The core Gameplay loop is simple, but pretty well executed. It's pretty hard although. With some balances and tweaks, it could become a pretty solid game.

Thanks!! I'm pretty happy that you find it fun to play! That's the main goal, in the end of the day, isn't it?

Thank you a lot!

It has a clean presentation and gives a pretty space to the player to engage in the puzzles!


Its pretty fun to play.

It took me some minutes to really figure it, but when it clicked, I got hooked.
Pretty fun core loop!

The playable menu was a cherry on top of the cake!

Game is clean, approachable and pretty well done!

Sadly It got down at my list, and the time was pretty short to implement it all.
There was some juice animations, and sound effects planed to reinforce player input feedback.

But it will come down the roadmap after the Jam Rating Period!
Thanks for the feedback (I'm taking notes on every points ^~^v)

It can improve a lot on visual apresentation, but the systems seem pretty fun to play! The interactions and the physics feel nice!

It could become a pretty solid game!

You can always come back to the start of the level with thr "R" Button, so you can pick another D'ice block!

I would implement a Key Rebind function on the game, but I've lack time... But you can keep sure I'm taking notes on the input scheme to build a definitive version later!

That moment when your game's name pun gets a better pun as a reply!

Great game as Always, Vimlark o/

Pretty solid, pretty well done!

Pretty fun game... Gets chaotic pretty quickly, in a  funny way!

Pretty fun game!
I Love how it fits different play styles with the different weapons

I'll slow it down later...
The tutorial was done with little remaining time! I'll Surely enhance it after the Jam!!

The game is nice. A bit hard to understand once you start, and sometimes, background art gets in the way of the reading of the Level.

It's a bit inpredictable, but nice and fun once you get a grap of the system!

Amazing Art, and a nice mood.
It's a bit "cheesable" at the begining, but is pretty solid for a GameJam!

FullGame material right here!

Its a pretty fun game!
May use a bit more Quality of life features, but is pretty solid for a Jam Game!

Congrats De la Cour!
(Still, I missed some Finger Knights throwing dices at each other)

Game is pretty funny if you like sudokus.

But, just maybe, it gets more visually apealing if the clicked dices get a different (less saturated) collor.

Also, you can put 3 or 4 fixed dices per game, so it becomes harder to Cheese by Playing like:
3,4,5,6,1,2 ... and so on

It may use some indicator about the dice faces when you play, but it's fun to play a lot!

The game is pretty chill and the puzzle is really fun to play.

It can use some more visual  indicators, but is a pretty solid start!


I'll try to explain a bit further

Can you Suplex that Train?

Jokes appart, your art is amazing!

Thanks OutcastGames!

It means a lot from a fellow Dev!

Thanks for pointing this!
I'm not sure why it did set 3 times the same link. They are all correct  now Thanks!

(1 edit)

Just get the info that Game Assets are also in, so let me drop those here!

We will be taking part!

Thanks for letting me know Pax Animo!
I wish you luck and succes with the project!!

Greetings! I'm Erivas, from Studios SoulAres.

I'm currently assembling some Game Devs, with Published Games here on Itch, that fits the thematic scope of Halloween!
We already have 8 Games on the Bundle and want to know if you have any game that's spooky or halloween-y and wants to join in, drop a message here, so we can discuss! 

I've been working on this Boss-Rush Rhythm-Based game for weeks, Now it come alive!

This game is a Evolved version from a project i've done for Rhythm Jam.
Since it scored #6 in creativity, I've decided to give it a shot!

Join KaraMaple and PunkPin on this adventure to save Halloween Town.
Defend it from the Old Geezer Gang, and their army of Cursed Candies!

Game is Currently on a Sale, and i'm also looking for partners for a Halloween Bundle!
The game doesn't have a Demo, but if you want to try it, I'll hold some community copies, just reach me out on <studiosoulares @gmail . com>(Spaces Removed).

Thanks for the attention!

Thanks for your kind words!
I've already tried to export for IOS before, but it's really expensive for me at the moment...
Still, thanks for your interest

This update is **REALLY** an improvment!!

The new assets are gorgeous! And loved your work with Graphical Interface.

Thanks, I appreciate it a lot!
The composer is Shiru 8Bit. They sure have a lot of great tracks!

Obrigadão pelo apoio! Fiquei feliz que tu tenha curtido
Thanks for the Support! I'm happy that you liked it!

It's a cute game, but it lacks a "Goal".
It flows casually and relaxing. Maybe it can be a nice base for a more complex game later.

Something like: "first we play a music, then the player guesses the instruments/icons used".
I'm just tossing ideas... is a nice project. Congrats for your work!

It's a pretty fun game!
Very well done and the mechanis are really well rounded!

The concept is amazing, but for me the arrows weren't appearing, so the game wasn't running. =/

Game is pretty fun, but i really want to send a Shoutout for your pixel artist. The art is pretty well done!!